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Anivia Build Guide by ExtremelySexyMan

Anivia: Dont Lay A Finger on My Egg! (Begginer-Advanced)

By ExtremelySexyMan | Updated on October 29, 2012

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Ability Order


Anivia is one hell of a champion! High damage output, an amazing (and somewhat cheap) passive, and all out epic! Anivia is best as an APC mid. She has great range, and with the right items, can be unstoppable. Anivia is SUPER fun to play, although a bit hard to learn, with practice you'll get the hang of her, and she'll be a blast.
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I suggest starting with boots for Anivia because of her painfully slow movement speed (at least early game). 3 health potions are also a good choice because she is somewhat squishy early game as well. There is no need for mana potions, as running clarity will solve most of the mana problems you will encounter. I then suggest purchasing a sapphire crystal, so you will be closer to a catalyst. Then purchase sorcerers shoes, as magic penetration is very good on Anivia. Once you purchase a catalyst, get some AP and build a blasting wand, followed by a rod of ages. For some pure AP, build a rabadons. This item will make Anivia much more powerful. Late game, I suggest building a Rylai's in order to build some more health, while still adding more AP. The last item purchased can be interchangeable, depending on what the other team has, in terms of having more AD, AP, tanks, etc. If the other team has lots of AD, I suggest you build a thornmail, as this will make you much less vulnerable to their attacks. If the other team does not have lots of AD, or has a balanced team composition, I suggest building a Lich Bane, for some magic resist, mana, and yet even MORE AP. This item also comes with a nice passive :) Obviously any of these items can change, depending on what the other team is doing/building.
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Skill Sequence

First, level up Anivia's Q, Flash Frost. This ability is great early game, as it has a lot of range, can slow and stun, and has a nice amount of damage output. This is a great ability for poking. Then level up Anivia's E, Frostbite. Frostbite is a GREAT ability. This ability will do Anivia's most damage output. I suggest using Flash Frost, followed by Frostbite, as Frostbite does much more damage when the enemy has already been slowed by you. I suggest maxing Frostbite by level 10. At level 4, level up Anivia's W, Crystallize. Crystallize forms a wall of ice, that nothing can pass through. This ability is useful for getting out of dangerous situations, or blocking off enemies from critical objectives. I suggest maxing this ability last. Level up Anivia's ultimate, Glacial Storm, at level 6, 11, and 16. This ability has a short cooldown, and creates a circle of ice that slowly damages enemy champions, minions, etc. Use this ability for farming, it is a great tool to use when killing minions! This ability also slows enemies.
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High damage output
Has stuns/slows
Good amount of range
Powerful in team fights
Great at staying alive, with her wall and passive
Can save teammates with her stuns, slows, and wall
All around fun champion!


Squishy early game
Vulnerable to ganks
Not the greatest movement speed
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Should I Use Her?

YES! This champion is SOOO fun to use, and once you get the hang of her, it will be so fun! I highly suggest you play this champion! :3
Make sure to thumb this build up if you enjoyed it! Feel free to thumbs it down if you think it needs work, and leave a comment below on what I need to do better. Thanks for checking this build out!

League of Legends Build Guide Author ExtremelySexyMan
ExtremelySexyMan Anivia Guide

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Anivia: Dont Lay A Finger on My Egg! (Begginer-Advanced)