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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheNomz

Anivia Frozen KFC Update V2

TheNomz Last updated on April 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Anivia, oh the frozen fried chicken lover cannot be more satisfied. She has incredibly high burst damage, a sneaky passive that can save you early game, a high DoT/AoE ult with virtually no cooldown, and a massive amount of crowd controlling capabilities.

I understand that this build may not be perfect or the best build for everyone but this is what works for me and I believe that if you follow this guide properly you will be able to pull of a pretty good Anivia.

Feel free to leave constructive responses and criticism and/or praise.

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Summoner Spells

Clarity: Riot "nerfed" Anivia? Not really they just made their summoner spell clarity more useful. To be honest clarity is next to useless after 30 minutes in the game since you should be able to keep either blue buff or a chalice most of the time. The reason I use it, is the HUGE early game utility it gives, it allows you to HARASS, FARM, and stay in the lane for LONG periods of time without going back. As well as get some easy kills on people who assume you are OOM. Recently I realized, clarity limits you a bit more.

Flash: The only way to stay alive as Anivia while still fighting is flash. It will save you on many occasions allowing you to escape your enemies as well as using it offensively to put your wall down, setup an easy Flash Frost/Glacial Storm, or to get in range for those last two shots with your autoattack to get a kill in mid. Also the great utility it provides in escaping into jungles is enormous because you have a placeable barrier you can flash through!

Ghost: When running a utility type build as Anivia, ghost is extremely useful for engaging, stunning, doing a tiny nuke, and getting the hell out of there. Using your wall in conjunction with ghost is a HUGE way to ensure your team cleans up kills as well as seperating your teammates from unwanted fights and ganks.

Teleport: My favorite replacement for clarity, used to get back in the lane quick, run around, and get some sweet cleanups via warping to minions, wards, and... MUSHROOMS?

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Different Builds

The three builds all have a purpose.

The first is extremely general, and will probably be what you should choose most often, it provides a large amount of damage, As well as the ability to survive well early/mid game. The so called "problem" that many people have with this build is as follows, 1. Too squishy to be a carry late game. 2. Doesn't do enough damage to get all the kills after around 35 minutes or so. My reply to that is, Anivia isn't intended to be a carry, she is a nuke, which makes her more of a support, which late game with her incredible CC and AoE along with the still pretty ridiculously high damage nuke makes her an AMAZING support for any team. Teleport brings you back in the fight so you can get items, making you a devastating laning partner.

The second is a bit more risky. It's what I used in premade ranked matches, because I like to carry as Anivia. This is the full game carry build. It starts you off with MASSIVE damage so you can get those 10/0 scores within 20 minutes that will allow you to get so far ahead of the other team they can't do ANYTHING about it. Obviously if you don't get fed like you intended the build will ruin you. Otherwise this is the optimal build and it will allow you take on pretty much any champion.

The third is the least popular. Although it is arguably the best. Early game Anivia doesn't rely on AP items to do damage, if you outlevel your opponents you will do extremely well. This build is usually meant to solo a lane against two opponents, but can be used in a normal lane (while the other ones are specifically for mid/solo 1v1 encounters). This build provides an incredibly strong support to keep the enemies rolling their eyes the entire game, using both FLASH and GHOST's utility and the large cooldown reduction and mana regen keeping you in the fight more often.

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Anivia has arguably the most reliance on landing her skillshots. From level 1-6 she is virtually useless without hitting her Flash Frost. From 6 and onwards if you have to use Glacial Storm over and over again you are going to run out of mana every couple of attacks.

Flash Frost:
This ranged skillshot moves at the speed of a snail. It deals damage to everything it passes through as well as slowing/chilling it, then if detonated by pressing the skill again it will do the same amount of damage a second time and will stun for 1 second all units in the explosion range.

This HUGE range skill is a little tricky, it uses the angle between your mouse and Anivia to create a wall that units cannot pass through.

Frost Bite:
The Nuke... When chilled it does DOUBLE the initial damage, and has decent range.

Glacial Storm:
The ultimate that has barely any cooldown and creates a AoE blizzard that does massive damage to units inside of it while draining your mana faster than sonic the hedgehog. It also chills and slows everything in it's range.

This passive helps sometimes, it's a hard counter to Karthas's ult and pretty much tanks damage for awhile in team fights. It is extremely helpful but should never be relied on unless you are able to accurately predict damage output of an enemy.

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Amazing initiator. (Your wall, Don't start the attack)
Amazing farming.
Can carry or support.
Highly under-rated.
If skillfully played will never die.

Squishy Early-game
Cannot lane against certain champions that can cancel spell effects or silence *cough cough "Screw you malzahar!*
Less useful in long games.

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Being able to play regardless of your team's abilities.My youtube channel: More Screenshots soon!

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Special Thanks

DannyMagick (BK Magick): For helping me write this build and being a good teammate.
Retraceable: For getting me into this game and also being a good teammate.
many jews: My account for matching me up with all the noobs I pwnzx0rs
Doran's Pants: For being the best non-existing item of all time ("Not beyonce's music video")