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League of Legends Build Guide Author EunJung101

Anivia How I build her

EunJung101 Last updated on March 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Anivia is a slow flying AP(Ability Power) killer, with great burst damage, fun and medium skill to use.

Some quick combos -> Skill order

Q -> E -> R -> W (Behind him)


R -> Q -> E -> W (Behind him)

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Pros and Cons

- Good Support and killer
- Is a utilized champion
- Make and break fights
- Requires low to medium amount of apm (Actions per minute -> how many keys you click per minute)

- Slow movement speed
- Targeted alot more often than other champions
- Harder to use than some champions

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Spells and Mastery

The Spell Clairvoyance is not necessary but I like to use it for solo queue, useful for ganking and to avoid facechecking bushes.

If you decide not to go with clairvoyance, I would sugest putting 1 point into Utility Mastery 15% increase in duration of neutral monster buffs. Just because you are going to need blue rune alot.

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Rune Build

In my opinion, runes don't do too much, I mean they do help but before rune, it goes down to your skill level. Runes make a difference once skill levels are matched with the same champion. Anyways, I chose hp and Spell pen runes so you can still do as much damage as possible for the heroes with more hp early in the game and you survive longer early game (Slightly anyways) and the AP runes. The ap runes total up to about 22 AP witch is alot its basically an amplifying tome for free on top of your extra mana from the saphire crystal (mana stone +200 Mana)

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For the last item, it is optional to get void staff, if you notice them having a lot of magic resistance go for it if not, you may want to get some AP/Cool Down Reduction. If you realize that Mejai's Soul stealer is losing its stacks and you are low on stacks as in 0-8, you might consider selling this item for something else because, if you aren't building up stacks and you are losing the chances are you wont be gaining any , anytime soon.

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Early Game

Early game as anivia, I just haras with her at mid by using the Q Skill to stun then E Skill to deal that double damage. At level 6 you should be able to combo some one down pretty easily. You may find champions with high hp and champions who buy mercury treads harder to kill. During the early stages of the game you are a killer/support, you offer a stun and 2 slows for your team and a wall if you have it. You also have your passive egg form early game so you can play aggressive with Anivia. You also want to use your ulti to push lanes quickly with a q skill shot through the creeps to push fast and gain quick money and experience. After I get First blood I usually quick push the lane with ulti then back and get my items.

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Mid Game

Usually in mid game I have about 6+ Stacks and always losing my mana because of my ulti. Well to solve this problem you may want to go get a blue rune. Not only does it help with mana but it also helps with CD reduction. That extra second you needed to kill the enemy before you died. Well now you don't have that problem :).

I usually end up ganking till level 12 or so from level 6-7 from early game till late early game. When mid game starts with team fights, you are very important. You can make a fight or break a fight. Your can initiate with a stun and ulti then e skilling them to low hp where your team goes in right after making it a 4v5 before the fight even starts, Not only that but your ulti does create an AOE damaging slow in a small circle radius. This forces the enemy to either charge at you or run, usually running.

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Late Game

In the later stages of the game you are still a killer but also great support. You stop enemies from getting away, or keep enemies from chasing you. You have a slow with great dps on your ultimate. Once you reach late game you should be the first to have all your items, if your doing decent. What you should try and do is just get enough money for consumable potions then just stop trying to kill people but rather setup so your teammates can quickly grab the kill so they can farm up to your point. Usually the game is decided before this point anyways.