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Anivia Build Guide by reizzz

Anivia, I Don't Lay Eggs

By reizzz | Updated on December 21, 2011

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Ability Order


This build is to use on Anivia when going to the mid lane, on a 5x5 game. It's very easy to build but it's a bit expensive. Blue buff is allways yours!
And remember... Anivia has two lifes!
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On runes, I use Ability Power per level (Seals and Glyphs), as I am the mid character, and I level up faster than others. On Quintessences and Marks I use Magic Pen. This runes give me an extra 14 Magic Pen and 45 Ability Power at level 18.
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On Masteries I spent 2 points on Flash and Ignite. The others gives me cooldown reduction, mana regen, ability power and gold.
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Starting the game, I buy Doran's Ring to an additional Ability Power and a Health Potion. This way, I can spend more time on my lane killing the enemy. When I reach 1600 gold, I recall to buy the first item on the build. The Needlessly Large Rod which gives me +80 AP. This way, I can continue killing my enemy easier. If I die before the 1600 gold, I spend my money on the Blasting Wand and Boots of Speed.
If you can't kill your enemy because you can't hit him, start with Doran's Ring and Health Potion but at this point try to buy Boots of Speed and then Sorcerer's Shoes. This way, you can move faster and now you can start hit your enemy.
From this point, you just need to follow the build.
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Skill Sequence

I choose everytime the same skill sequence, to do easy combos. The stun, ultimate, the frost bite, and the bareer to do like the enemy spends more time inside your ulti.
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Don't play defense. Don't play offense. Play at mid term.
The blue buff is allways yours.
Stun - Ulti - Frost Bite - Bareer
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Team Work

Kill your enemy and gank the other lanes.

In a team fight, you will never go first. You go second to stun the enemies, active your ulti, give a frost bite and protect yourself behind your team waiting for cooldowns. Then, do it again!
League of Legends Build Guide Author reizzz
reizzz Anivia Guide

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Anivia, I Don't Lay Eggs