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Anivia Build Guide by AznricebowlXD

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AznricebowlXD

Anivia IS BOSS

AznricebowlXD Last updated on February 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello my name is... lets just say Rob. This is my first guide so please comment and what not on stuff before you vote down so I can fix it. TY

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Her Q is a slow AND stun
Her farming capabilities skyrocket at level 6
Shes a bird
Built in guardian angel
Can block separate enemy teams with her (w) crystallize

Her Q IS slow and noticeable
She tends to be very mana-hungry early game(can be fixed with mana regen runes)
Her guardian angel reduces her armor instead of increase it at lower levels
The wall used by un-skilled players could possibly kill your own team or save enemy players.
Very slow

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Summoner Spells

Man I don't know how the fiddlestick to enter pictures in XD so bear with me

Flash: Your standard chase, escape and (insert witty comment). This could be the diffrence you need to land that frost bite or basic attack to land the final blow.

Ignite: It does a good amount of damage early game to guarantee kills when their HP bars are less then two and you get the sweet 5 AP and AD when on cool-down allowing you to do even more damage to farm while he's dead or recalling back to base.

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Man I don't know how the fiddlestick to enter pictures in XD so bear with me

Greater Mark of Insight: Flat mana penetration runes because they increase your damage significantly in the beginning. More penetration=more damage=?=profit.

Greater Glyph of force: Gives good amount of Ap to increase damage overall to your skills. Glyphs give you plenty of free Ap, 3.06*9= 27.54 that's like free 475 gold!

Greater Seal of Clarity OR Greater Seal of Force: since not much seals are great for mages like Anivia just go with the Clarity if you want to be less mana-hungry early game or greater seal of force for just the extra oomph you need.

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Skill Sequence

Flash frost is your standard first skill because frost bite does little damage unless he has been chilled by his other abilities(unless you have Ashe on your lane that can frost arrow them, and yes the bonus DOES APPLY!!!XD) Just put it in first and max it out last because this won't be your main damage skill.

Frost Bite is your big nuke for this bird. Just a flash frost to slow/stun him and land this blow to cause frost bite to do DOUBLE damage. It has a relatively low cool-down so feel free to use it to harras (Don't make yourself mana-hungry though)

Crystallize is your most versatile skill of all champs because it is able to save teammates, separate carries from tanks and even reveal terrain where you place it (like baron). Although if you do not trust your skills do not place unless you are SURE you won't do the following in order from most important to least important:
1. saving yourself but killing off your entire team
2. Blocking off yourself from escape
3. Accidentally blocking off a enemy from a teammate causing enemy to escape

Glacial Storm your ult can farm minions like crazy. It causes an AoE slow & damage based on your AP. Use this right after you stun so you slow then pop your frost bite then with still your blizzard on use crystallize to block the enemy pushing him back to your storm causing any squishy to either A)Gets killed by you or B)gets finished off by Tyrandamere turret diving

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Unique Skills

Anivia unlike champs like Tyrandamere, Master Yi, or Xin Zhao who requires little to no thinking to use Anivia you actually have to think. You have to be somewhat Passive-aggressive(Omg whoever thought of that word is god) which means to stay back but when you see an opening you gotta BLAST YOUR COMBO immediately or you might lose your chance because your REALLLLLLLYYYYY SLOWWWWWW. So here is all you need to know to be a successful Anivia, Be very patient because if you just go spamming your spells like Ryze your going to run out of mana :P

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Well this is about it for my guide. Hoped you liked it XD. Please comment and rate once i learn how to put on all those icons like you guys it will look much better :P