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Anivia Build Guide by kd17

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kd17

Anivia: Mid is mine

kd17 Last updated on October 16, 2011
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hello every im here again and this is my personal anivia build and i hoe it helps new players and experienced anivia imo is the or one of the best mid characters in the game because of her early game dmg and her nuking ability
i will be putting some explanation with skills through out sorry if anyone gets confused
since anivia is now a tier 2 cost champion (for me tier 1 is 450/1350 tier 2 is 3150/4800 ans tier 3 is 6300) and more people will be playing her here is my guide to how i play her

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Pros / Cons


anivia early game can hit extremly hard agains most chamiopns

the double hit from flash frost will stun and do massive dmg with its radius
can be built as an ap tank (even though im not showing it in this build ill put it later)

anivia has emence survivalbility with her passive


Mana ***** even late gaame full item build i have still ran out of mana clarity is a must

early game egg sucks -40 magic resist/armor egg should only happen next to the tower or not at all

skill shots for q is a slow nuke and leading gets verry annoying
your wall "w" has to be perfect placement or it can loose a kill or kill your teammates

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For marks i take magic penn ans with most/all ap casters it is a must it will make you hit harder espicaly early game

For seals i take flat health i usually take by level but at times it is helpful if you are low on ip

For glyphs i take flat ability power it is great to have but as i have noticed even with clarity and other mana items i may swich these out for mana regen but only if needed

For quints i take 3 different ones the armor and magic resist for survivability with my egg and the CD by lvl quint for the fact that it helps most champions

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For masteries i take the normal 9/0/21 but i do take good hands because less death time who doesn't want that
I take the exp boot from awarness because being mid and with a catlyist it helps the leveling and keeps you there longer then
I take greed and meditation i dont take insight because its mostly used personly and really isn't needed
and finally i take 3 3 1 the normal quickness intelligence and presence of the master

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items for anivia are pretty easy to get up but are most defiantly situational for order but really for the early game

Dorans Ring: this is good for the AP health and the mana regen but spaming early shouldn't happen

Catalyst The Protector: i especially love this because with the mana and hp regen every level can decide between clarity to save you and a waste of an egg or death

Sorcerer Shoes: its speed and magic penn what else do you want i also take these because of runes and other items i get about 22% all together

Tear OF the Goddess: this is situational item if you arn't getting alot of gold for a ROA get this it will help for late game

ROA: the rod of ages i either get this before the tear because im either not doing well in lane or im not hitting hard enough which rarely happens

Void Staff: the magic penn is always worth it when you get about 50% with this

Frozen Heart: i get this for the plain fact it destroys with anivia it gives you the armor needed to survive longer the mana to keep you in the fight and with archangels more hitting power

Archangels Staff: yes this is a must because with all the items giving mana this just makes you hurt...a lot

Rabadons DeathCap: other then the sheer over powerness of this using this with archangels gives you more ap with your mana

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With my "W" CRYSTALLIZE i get this at level 9 because imo it is not really needed because people runing let you farm easier

With my "E" FROSTBITE this is the second skill maxed because of the sheer fact that if a champion/creep is chilled this does double damage and this is the main champion killer

and finaly with the Ultimate GLACIAL STORM this is an awsome skill but the initial mana cost the the mana cost to keep it toggled on it isn't that good early game except for killing champions but when alot of mana is ocumulated for the tear this just destroys minion waves verry fast and for tank minions use your "E" to get rid of it comletly but watch how long it is on for because if not you WILL BE mana taped and a verry easy target to everyone

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Farming with anivia is considerably easy after level 6 because your ult just destroys creeps but it isn't worth it with low mana and a verry high mana cost before level 6 using skills isn't worth it for the costs of mana its really easier it use basics to last hit and maybe your "E" if you have a tear of the goddess before lvl 6

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Summoner Spells

the spells are clarity for the fact that mana is needed and skills take alot of mana to use

the other skill i take is ghost i mainly use this to get to my lane if needed or to get out fast because anivias slow movement speed

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and thats my build everyone and comment if you have any questions or comments