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League of Legends Build Guide Author pussalhoum

Anivia more than supporter

pussalhoum Last updated on October 14, 2010
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Hi again everyone this my second build i post here now lets talk about anivia.

As you may read on tips this champ is mage/suppporter, strong with spells average health and hard to master.

First lets talk about masteries; I use this combination for this reasons, anivia is mana dependent so ill take mana regen and increased my mana and i take advantage and take a bit of more speed and more reduce cds since i have already in offense thats good.

Now the spells i choose; well you can get many combinations since your a supporter but one thing in mind you need mana to do dmg and support since anivia is very mana dependent ill prefer clarity so i can stay on my lane or mid or even in a team fight and harass and help the team get those kills.
But if you like you can go for ignite to combine with your combo. Second one i use flash or ghost since anivia his a bit slower, even with slow and stun having ghost helps you to get away fast or go to help a team mate.
So on masteries you must coordinate the points with witch spells you gonna go for.

Now runes; i go for offensive magic pen and ability power, no health no mana regen and no cds reduce, i go for this one cause i like but if your new with anivia i'll advice mana regen and cds reduce or only mana regen(you get instead of void staff the deathfires grasp).

Now skills; Flas frost(FF) is the stun you have and its dificult to use it on the begining but with practise you will control it.
So FF works like this you click then you aim to a target or aim to a direction that the target might be going for then you shoot it and when you see the floc of ice very near him you click again and it will explode and stun them.
FF as you may read deals dmg on every unit its passes throw and more dmg on the explosion remember that on team fights.
FF also chill's the targets thats the main thing if they get chilled thats when you strike.

Crystalize; the amazing wall! well if you are low health and with no egg up run to the jungle so you can wall a path and your enemy can't reach you, its other skill you have to learn and practise! The more lvl you have the bigger the wall will be.

Frostbite(FB); well this is your strike, it works simple you chill your target then FB and they take DOUBLE dmg + % AP.

Finaly the ultimate Glacial storm(GS); this is great for farming and huge spell on team fights and it as the chill efect so you can combine and do alot of dmg doing something like this GS + FF + FB it makes your enemy stun on the GS so you will continue to do dmg before you do FB very nice :D

PS: The thing with anivia its you have to be faster with the spells and get them right if you do that they will die in a matter of seconds.

Now items; well since i chosse ofensive runes i go for a bit of mana regen and health, Rod of ages provides me health and mana + arcangel staff perfect! (if you read the tips of arcangel staff you see that more mana more ap you gain so rod of ages will provide you 80AP and more the 3% of mana that rod gives on the end will provide more ap.
Then i go for Zhonia ring cause will give me more ap and more survivel since i have the egg i can use zhonia too thast great will keep your more dificult to kill.
After that ill go for Void staff cause it gives 40% magic pen if they have magic resis if not i'll just stay with the Sorcerer shoes, but if they havenĀ“t any magic resis i'll buy shoes of swiftness but i think sorcerer would be better.
I refer void staff but you can't forget Lich Bane and his bonus passive and that 300 mana adding will increase your ap(arcangel staff :D).
You could go for mejai if you are going with great assists and kills.
So a must have is sorcerer shoes, rod of ages, arcangel staff and zhonia ring, after that you can choose what you think will be more effective against your enemys.

Personal; I'll go for sorcerer, rod of ages, arcangel, zhonia, mejai or (void staff), lichbane.

I think i explained everything if not leave coment what you think will be more effective and questions too thanks ;)