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Build Guide by Chuck Noriss

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chuck Noriss

Anivia Support, No Deaths

Chuck Noriss Last updated on November 8, 2010
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1. Introduction
I have played Anivia for a long long time! I was terribly confused how to use her when I first bought her. It took me around 10 games to understand her better, and feel more comfortable with her. So, do NOT expect to do great with her quickly. It will take a while to master the ice bird.

I have experimented with numerous amounts of different item builds, runes, and talent points to know what the best way to play her as for my liking. I have done DPS, mana-regen, tank, etc Anivia builds. A lot were for fun, trial and error. Now you know my experience with her moving on...

She has such good cc (crowd control), and is a nuketastic animal on squishys. With the items, and your skill, you can 2-3 shot kennen, twisted fate, twitch, leblanc, and among others easily!

I decided to write a guide, because I have read a numerous amount of guides explaining how to play her. I felt a lot of the guides out there were just flat out wrong in what items to get for her, and how to play her. Some guides I have read talk too much about theory, and number crunching. To me thats over the top, and I take experience over all that of knowing what works and does not work. Also, knowing how to counter your enemy.

Yes, there are different styles of play for any champion, including Anivia. This guide is to play Anivia as support, and not like a carrier or an aggressive birdie. It is all about defense with a mix of offense, and knowing when to attack and not to attack, when to run and not to run. Of course, team kills are not everything!! Teamwork brings success. Anivia is always the backbone of the team when I play her.

I will say this if you get Tear of the Goddess after reading my guide, please do NOT take my advice how to play Anivia. Tear of the Goddess and Archangel's Staff is fail in my book with Anivia. You do NOT need it, it is a waste of an item when you can have more AP (Ability Power), or a counter item in place of it. I will go into more detail later about Tear of the Goddess, and Archangel's Staff.

In this guide I will explain how to have zero deaths with her, how to manage mana efficiently, how to own the jungle, and most importantly how to support your team and preventing them from dying!

This guide is written with TT (Twisted Treeline) in mind. Obviously, you can use my advice for the 5v5 map as well.

If you see me (Chuck Noriss) in game, let me know you read my guide, and maybe I will lighten up on you. Remember... Chuck Noriss never loses. XD

Comment, rate, and enjoy!

2. Abilities
This passive cd (cooldown) is 4 minutes. 4 minutes does not change even if you are at 40% cd reduction with items. If you follow my play style with Anivia, you should not be turning into an egg often. Once, or twice is acceptable in a 3v3 or 5v5 in my eyes. More than that, you are doing something wrong, or your team is failing you.

If you do turn into an egg, make sure your teammates are aware of this and they protect you. It is absolutely crucial they do so. You can change the team battles if your teammates keep you alive in egg mode, and thereafter.

Also, let your teammates know when your egg is off cd. That is important as well for both you and your teammates. This can allow your teammates to be more aggressive if your enemies are focusing on you. Think of it like being Tryndamere, with him letting himself & his teammates know when he has his Undying Rage available or not.

If your egg is on cd, play really defensive until it is off cd. As time goes on playing with Anivia, you will hopefully get a feel how to use the egg both offensively, and defensively.

I am not a fan of Anivias that try to bait there enemy into attacking them near a turret and going into egg mode relying on the turret to get a kill for them. If you face a Mordekaiser, Vladamir, and other non-squishys, and pull that stunt, you will have to sit back and watch your egg get broken into pieces with Anivia dead on the ground. End result will be you feeling like a newb, and embarrassed.

Again... you should not be turning into an egg a lot!

Flash Frost
ALWAYS get this at level 1. If you get any other spell at level 1, you do not have the right to use my advice listed in this guide by me!

This is your bread and butter for Anivia. If you cant ss (skillshot) with this go do a few practice games with bots. Learn its range, and how to pre-aim with it. This spell is all about timing, knowing how fast your enemies are to travel from Point A to Point B, where they will likely run to, etc.

Katarina, Vladamir, Warwick, and others can avoid this easily (if they are good). It is up to you to figure ways out how to out smart the types of players that can dodge this attack. A smart Anivia player knows its enemies ablities/play style, and is not ignorant to them.

Alawys lead off with this attack, you can use this attack both offensively, and defensively. It is a great attack to gank with. If your teammates are in the brush in TT waiting to gank in your lane, make sure you press Q until it goes behind them just a smudge, then press Q again. Doing so will dmg them once, then dmg them again and stun for extra dmg. Once they are stunned, they are helpless for a short period of time and your teammates go in for the gank!

Again, always use this attack to lead off into your other attacks. Always!

Also note that using this spell do not spam this attack. Mana efficiency is key when I play Anivia, and should be key to when you play her following this guide.
Remember, this has the capability to STUN your opponent.
What am I getting at?
Simple, use this to counter your opponents ultimates like Nunu, Amumu, Galio, among others. You can cancel there ultimates out with it, and saving your team from any deaths that could've been caused by it. ^_^

This is such a great cc ability. It is a wall of ice. This can be used both offensively, and defensively. It will take lots of practice to use this efficiently, and prevent yourself to wall fail.

Wall failing consists of: walling your teammates in with the enemy trying to save him & you end up causing your teammate to die, walling your enemy away from your teammate and end up saving the enemy from dying, etc. Champion level 6 and greater, I start to combine this for offensive attacks in lanes. The greater the skill level, the wider the wall gets.

The mana consumption to use this is low, but it does have a long cd. So use it strategically, not randomly.

For offense use, when I have my ultimate at level 6 and greater, I stun the enemy with FF (Flash Frost), then place ultimate underneath there feet, hit them with a FB (Frostbite), finally I place a wall behind the to prevent them from running out of the Glacial Storm quicker. I place behind all the time because naturally they want to run away from you, even seeing the wall is there. So they are forced to run around the wall, yet still in the Glacial Storm.

There are glitches with this wall. If playing against ww(warwick), teemo, Jax, and a few others. You can actually get them stuck in the wall, where they cannot attack or move. I call this the Dead Zone. You can drop a wall directly on ww, and teemo directly on a certain angle they will get stuck. When Jax does a Leap Strike, you place the wall right before he lands at his enemy, and he will get stuck in the wall until it melts.

The wall does not stop everyone from getting through it until it melts. An example is that Shen can use his Shadow Dash ability, and go through the wall. So play wisely, and know your enemies. You will know this by trial and error using Anivia.

For defense use, you can save your teammates, and yourself a lot of times. To save your teammate(s) from dying, ping on the map to give them a path to run to. I always ping on the map to give them a path in the jungle. That way I can meet them there if I am not with them, and wall the enemies away. It is all about communication, and have your teammates on the same page with you using this ability. Why wall an area you think your teammate will go, when he didn't? Doing so will cause your teammates to die, and they will QQ about you not helping. I love the top part of TT of the jungle, just because it is a straight path back, and is the easiest lane in the jungle to wall the enemy away.

For champions that are melee, like Udyr & Garen you can prevent them from attacking your teammate or yourself by placing the wall of ice between the two. Do this if you know for sure that your teammate is about to die, or if your Q ability is on cd. If you have a couple of teammates that are about to die, and you see Garen is or think that he is going to use his Judgement spell, place a wall in front of his path so he has to spin around the wall and is useless.

A trick I do with the wall is placing it right on the opponent/teammate either slightly behind or in front to kick them back or forward a little bit. That trick can be used to give your teammate a jump start to escape, or keep the enemy closer to your teammates to finish him off quicker.

Tip: Similar to Lux's Power Ball (E ability), you can use the wall in the brush, or if your in top lane you can put the wall where dragon is, and light it up to see if anyone is there. I place random walls in the jungle, if people are mia (missing in action)! That not only helps you, but your teammates! The range for placing the wall is fairly large, so try it out!

This attack is great if used properly. When I see a teammate/enemy Anivia using this by itself when who they are attacking is NOT chilled, I know they are a fail Anivia. Never ever use this by itself, unless you are terribly lom (low on mana), pretty much oom (out of mana) and it is the ONLY thing left you have to try and finish off your enemy. Otherwise make sure you use this as a follow up attack. Use FF to stun, then this attack. If you use the FF stun, and FB combo you can bring there hp down a lot more than using FB alone. It is worthless by itself if you have mana to play with, which you will always have, unless it is an unusually long team battle.

Glacial Storm
This is such an awesome ultimate! This is a toggle ultimate. So, do NOT forget to turn it off by pressing R again. It will also turn off if you run out of range from it, which is what I do at times while escaping from enemies.

When you use this ability, I recommend setting it up with FF first. You should stun your opponent first, then lay this down underneath your enemy, and hit them with a FB. Doing this should do enough damage to them to raise a flag from them to start running away from you. I used to use this first, then use FF, but I have changed my way of nuking due to enemies getting smarter. After changing how I nuke, it has improved my team play style as Anivia.

Also, this is a great farming ability. Once you have this, you can farm minions, creeps, etc with this using the FF then following with this quickly. Anivia, to me is one of the best farmers in the game to this day. You will see gold flying around on top of the minions heads so much using this with FF. :D

I leave this on for around 2 seconds, or until majority of the minions die. People I read have rule of thumb to use it only for 1 second. Well, I like to use it for 2 seconds or so for minions at around level 11. Play it by ear imo (in my opinion). It is all about mana awareness. If you see you are lom, then you don't want it to be on for a long period of time.

I cannot stress enough that being mana efficient is key to being a team player, and not having your teammates wonder why you were not doing anything during the team fight if they die!

3. Summoner Abilities
The Summoner Abilities I get always as Anivia are Flash and Ghost. The bird is terribly slow, and needs help in that area. Getting Flash and Ghost are the best choices to staying alive, and helping your teammates catch runners. I never get Clarity, to me that is not needed for Anivia, except until level 11. Beyond level 11, you shouldn't have mana issues anymore. If you cannot manage mana propery, you will be a fail Anivia.

4. Masteries/ Talent Points
Here is my Mastery build for Anivia:

I use a 9/0/21 build. I do NOT put a talent point in "Greed" because for TT a game usually lasts no more than 30 minutes. If you do the math that is 180 gold total from the talent point. Obviously, that is a waste of a point.

5. Runes
Here is what I use currently, and feel that this is the best way to have Anivia setup to my liking for runes:

18x AP per champ level
09x Magic Penetration
03x Quints AP

This setup helps beginning game with AP for the quints, and level 8+ for the champion level for AP. As you can see I do not use mana regen runes. I dump it all into AP. Anivia does not have mana issues after level 11.

6. Elixirs, Oracle, Mana/Health Pots
Elixirs are good. I primarily get the Elixir of Brilliance if I know there is going to be a team fight happening. I also get ALL elixirs at end game so Anivia can have a huge white aurora glow around her. It looks kool. I do that if the game is being dragged out over 35 minutes, and I have a lot of gold to play around with before my last item.

Oracle's Elixir I always get if there is a teemo, twitch, shaco, akali, or any other type of stealth champion on the opposing team. Anivia is the support, and should never die. So the oracle should last you the entire game.

Mana/Health pots I never get. The amount of mana you get from a pot is not worth the amount of gold. It is that simple. I do not get health pots because you should not allow enemies hit you. Your teammates should be preventing them to do so!

8. Levels 1 - 5
I get Amplifying Tome to start, unless there is stealth on the other team I get Oracle's Elixir instead. You can solo a lane fine. If I solo a lane, I never go beyond half because Anivia is brittle, and can get killed easily. During the laning phase use FF to hit minions, and do not forget to press Q again once it goes right behind them slightly to apply additional damage. Do not let it run all the way through its max range, unless the minions are that far back. Do not focus on hitting your enemy(s) during the laning phase because if they dodge it, you are wasting mana, and on top of that you are not focusing on minions and being a bad mana hungry birdie! You are also a great laning partner. If you plan to gank with your laning partner, then that is fine to try and stun. Otherwise, don't spam it at enemy(s). At 800g I always go back and get Mejai's Soulstealer. If laning and leveling Anivia right, you should have 800g by level 5.

9. Levels 6 - 11
Great, you now have your ultimate! This is when it becomes easy to gank, and to push lanes. Use ultimate to clear minions off your turret, help teammates gank, push a lane, etc... Usually by level 6, teammates start to gank. So, make sure you are with your teammates and push lanes with each other, and gank with them at all times. Let your team be aware of your mana. My rule of thumb during this time in the game, if Anivia has half mana, then Anivia can only nuke one enemy. In other words, if you and your team are deciding to do a team battle early on, make sure Anivia has 3/4 or full mana. That way, your teammates do not QQ at you for not helping, and they die due to Anivia being oom (out of mana). You need Mejai's Soulstealer stacked as much as possible. So make sure you are involved with all team fights. Once you become level 11, you should have your Rod of Ages. If you don't have it yet, consider yourself behind in gold. Make a goal to have the Rod of Ages by level 11.

10. Levels 12 - 18
Now that you have your Rod of Ages, I get Boots of Speed next. I get boots 3rd item in because getting Mejai's Soulstealer stacked is very important, along with getting the Rod of Ages to help out with Anivia's mana problem. Once you have Boots of Speed, you now will have to decide what type of boots to upgrade to. I either get Boots of Mobility or Mercury's Treads. I get Mercury's Treads, if i am focused on, or if there is a Galio, or Lux on the opposing team. Otherwise I primarily get Boots of Mobility.

By level 15 or so, I am usually 20 stacked with Mejai's Soulstealer. I press tab, and I look at the opposing teams items, and see what they have. If they have MR (Magic Resistance) items, I will get Abyssal Scepter, and Void Staff. If noone has MR, I get 2x Needlessly Large Rod. I then build them into 2x Zhonya's Ring. If you are getting focused on by magic damage dealing enemies, I get Banshee's Veil as the fourth slotted item. Again, it depends what is going on in the fights. This is where/when you decide what items to get in the 4/5/6 slot.

Simply put, if you are getting focused on by magic get Banshee's Veil and Abyssal Scepter; if you are not getting focused on get 2x Zhonya's Ring, and Void Staff.

The games should not last that long to where you are maxed item, unless your team is not working together to bring down the turrets and all.

11. Level 19
Only I, Chuck Noriss may obtain this level in League of Legends. I make the not possible, possible.

12. Item Summary
For those who do not want to read my paragraphs of text. Here is a breakdown of item builds I do in TT:

The first 3 items I recommend getting every game:

First item: Mejai's Soulstealer
Second item: Rod of Ages
Third item: Boots of Speed

Beyond the three items listed above are decided on you, and the opposing team.

If the opposing team does have MR I recommend getting the following 4 items:

Boots of Mobility
Abyssal Scepter
Void Staff
Zhonya's Ring

If the opposing team does have MR and has high Magic Damage teammates I recommend getting the following 4 items:

Mercury's Treads
Banshee's Veil
Abyssal Scepter
Void Staff

If the opposing team does NOT have MR, and is NOT focusing you I recommend getting the following 4 items:

Boots of Mobility
Zhonya's Ring
Zhonya's Ring
Void Staff

13. Understanding Anivia's Mana With This Build
I have mentioned it above, but I feel I should make a dedicated section to it. Understanding Anivia's mana pool can lead to winning team fights, and saving your teammates majorly. Levels 1-10 know if you have less than half mana, you can only nuke an enemy typically one time before being drained out. After that you will be auto attacking. It may sound rough, but you will be rewarded a lot by mid to end game.

The Rod of Ages is key to making your mana work with this build.

14. When To Run, When Not To Run
This is common sense for me. It is being map aware, and team aware. Never, I repeat NEVER get tunnel vision while playing Anivia. You must know what is happening around you at all times. During team fights, know how much mana your teammates have, how much mana your enemies have, along with everyones health. If you see you are oom, and the fight is only half done and teammates are about to die. You simply run. You are support, so what good is Anivia if you have no mana to support them with? It is better to not allow the enemy to get an ace, vs you staying alive.

Play smart, help the team as much as possible before running away. If you are thinking about running away, make a full 100% commitment to it. Do not start to run away, then go back to the fight. Doing a 50/50 runaway only will bite you in the end.

It is not that you are ditching your team or team fights, it is the fact that you are surviving, and that you cannot help them due to lack of mana or surprise attack.

Make sure you let your teammates aware of this, and ping on the map for them to run away with you to. That way you can wall the enemies away, and hopefully save your team or what is left of your team.

15. Being an Escape Artist
Saving yourself/teammates is what Anivia is there for. Doing so can result in your team dying less, and saving your turrets from getting destroyed.

Anivia has a lot of CC so use it to your advantage while running away, or meeting up with a teammate who is running away from the enemy(s).

If you have excellent mana, and the enemies are stupid enough to try and chase you down, stun them with FF quickly, then keep running away. I try to lead them in the jungle, and wall them away. It is one of the best tricks to do when enemies try to chase you. Some enemies will get smart and try to strafe your Q ability, if this happens, use your ultimate just a little bit in front of you so they get movement speed reduction, then turn it off. Now you are aware of them trying to avoid the stun, just pre-aim it where you think they will go. All of them have a certain pattern, figure it out!

If you are lacking mana, do the math to see if you can do both a FF and a wall. If not, then do a wall in the jungle. If you are in a lane, then FF them to stun.

If your teammate is about to die, and they are melee who are hitting them, use a wall to separate the two. If the enemy is ranged, then FF them to stun.

Do whatever it takes to save you and your teammates. Please, try not to wall fail!!

16. How To Nuke With Anivia
I say "nuke" a lot. You may be wondering how to do it. Well, this is how I do it. Always.

Stun enemy with FF (Q), then FB (E) the enemy, followed immediately after with a Glacial Storm (R), placing a wall of ice (W) directly behind them.

If you have a Nunu or an Ashe on the team with you, you can have them setup a chill on the enemy and use your FB attack first. Otherwise never use FB alone. It is a severe waste of mana.

17. Owning The Jungle
Anivia can, and will own the jungle. I recommend team fights to be in the jungle when playing Anivia. Mastering the wall of ice can determine a good Anivia vs a pro Anivia player. Using the wall correctly in the jungle, Anivia can seperate the two enemies from the one. Doing so allows you and your team to kill the one enemy on your side of the wall while the other two enemies are helpless watching there teammate die, or running away/around the ice to try and help.

Not only that, but you can ping on the map a route for your teammate who is trying to escape a gank. Doing so you can meet him halfway and wall him away from the enemies. You can also put random walls in the area that the dragon is in. Doing so will let you and your teammates know if someone is doing dragon, or if he has been killed recently. The wall of ice does not use a significant amount of mana, but does have a long cd time compared to your other skills.

Having consumed Oracle's Elixir, you can now eliminate the hassle of Teemo's mushrooms, and enemy placed wards. That will help you and your team.

Farming in the jungle is something I do, but not too often. A lot of MIA's are happening, so it is not to safe to be by yourself. I usually farm in the jungle with a teammate, or when I know where everyone is at. Anivia to me is the best farmer in the game.

18. Support, With Carrier Numbers
Remember, that this guide is for support and not being a carrier. If played right, the KD (kill to death) ratio may look like a carrier, but you are not. You cannot 1v1 anyone really well, except squishys. That is if you do not fail with a stun. If you miss your stun, then you will most likely die or they will escape you.

The team play is what carries you. If your team is all support, do not expect to have high numbers. If you have two carriers, or a carry and a tank on the team expect to have high numbers.

Anivia again is the backbone of the team. If the team sucks in team work, then Anivia will fail. If the team is doing great in team work, then Anivia will be unstoppable, and will have carrier numbers. I may have went 39-0 before in TT, but to me that does not make me a carrier. Without the team work, I would have not done that well at all.

19. Why no Tear of the Goddess?
Tear of the Goddess to me is a waste to get. Yes, it helps with mana issues. Yes, getting it upgraded to Archangel's Staff gives you AP. So it is a win win right?

Wrong. Getting Archangel's Staff is not worth the gold, or the item slot. By level 11 you do not have mana issues anymore really. By end game, you kill everyone so fast you just cannot run out of mana during team fights. Having a counter item, or even more AP, is a lot better than having mana regen for Anivia.

Rod of Ages greater than Archangel's Staff for Anivia. If you are Sona, I do recommend the Archangel's Staff. Since this is a guide for Anivia, do NOT get the Archangel's Staff!

I have seen plenty of Anivia players get the Archangel's Staff, and I am baffled by it. The endgame graph/stats show it. I have even seen a few Anivia players get 2x Archangel's Staff.

Trust me on this, do NOT get the Tear of the Goddess!

20. Summary
So there you have it. My style on how I play Anivia. I hope you do give this style a try, and learn to appreciate the things Anivia can do for the team. She is such an incredible champion, and hope you do give my guide a shot, and pwn with Anivia the way I do.

Thanks for reading, hope to see you in LoL.

Rate, Comment, Enjoy!

Chuck Noriss