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Anivia Build Guide by Smowling

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Smowling

Anivia the Charming Ladybird

Smowling Last updated on September 25, 2011
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I'm finally managed to add my Anivia build here. I've played this champ since I could afford her (some about 7 summoners lv) and she is still my main champ. All of these is my personal experience with her, it might help you play better as Anivia!

//eng is my 2nd language, so if u have spoted grammar mistake let mi know about it.

Reat whole article before comment or rate - thanks

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Pros / Cons


  • very HIGH burst damage
  • preety good stun
  • egg
  • dat wall


  • dat wall is f**king hard to aim and need a lot of practise
  • she is slow
  • one of 1st to focus champs in teamfights

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The only thing here, that u could not like is glyphs, u can change it to ap/lv, but I tried that and imo burst ap at start is way better to get your first kill at lv 3 or 4 and in late game that ap/lv difference isn't so awesome, so this is up to you. And btw, you could switch quints to 3x movement speed or 1x flat HP + 2x flat AP.

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Summoner Spells

I always take flash.

I take Exhaust or Ignite as 2nd summoner spell. that depends on your team, if there is at last 2 exhaust I take ignite and opposit.

If you forget to use it you can take teleport, it's always great to backdoore with it, and Anivia is preety good in killing creep wave to protect your towers so u can use it to do it as well.

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Skill Sequence

always get [Q] as your first skill, then maximize your [E] > [Q] > [W] (you can take [W] on 5lv to bush check); remember to take ulti if u can.

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Your first and the most important goal here is Tear of the Goddess, so get it as soon as you can, but if u doing great and get some kills you can wait and fart till you could afford tear and lv1 boots. After that you can take or boots lv2 or catalist, it depends what you need. Usually I take Hextech Revolver to get some hp drain from ulti (highly bust your survi) right after 2lv boots and before rabadon. If u get revolver at about 6lv u can go get blue if not, don't even border, ure going to do that, but it isn't worth it yet. After one of these items I take rabadon, and if you doing great ure going to have that at 12-14min so get it tiger and thats gg for your opponents, your hp drain is incredible.

After rabadon your items depends on game. If you need more survi go get Banshe or thornmail, depends on opponents. left Zhonias on last slot item. If you ovn that you can sell revolver and get real survi or upgrade it to Will of the Ancients. and after that if you can afford upgrade your tear to Archangel. My usually build looks like that:

pedant + 2hp pot >> tear >> 1lv boots >> hextech revolver >> lv2 boots >> rabadon >> banshe >> void >> Archangel >> will of the ancients.

If you feeling self-confident you can take soulsteler right after tear, but if ure going to stack that, everyone in opposit team going to hate and focus you for that, so be aware.

but ofc it all depends, but core is: tear, magic pene boots, rabadon.

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ALLWAYS go mid, or solo top if u feeling self-confident.
Well it isn't hard to get, that Anivia need skill to play. But its easy to get that only if ure hit opponent with your [Q] u can left him with 30%hp with no problem, the goal here is to use your combo, right after [Q] hits u have to be able to use your [E], then lay ulti to slow opponent and put wall on his/her escape way and then use your [E] again, (cos you can!) and 1 to 0 for you here.

You can use [E] and when it is on the way to opponent cast ulti under his/her feet to froze him before [E] hits.

If youre afraid of geting ganked check bushes with your [W], its working a bit like ward for an moment.

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Tips and advices

  • Do not use skills to farm on 1-6lv, keep your mana to your opponents.
  • Try to aim well with your [Q] and if you think thats it gonna hit use [E] to do as mutch dmg as you can, repeat that untill your opponents die.
  • Do not greed and turrent dive. you're too slow to do that.
  • Try to get blue buff, it is your must have.
  • Using wall is terrible hard, but after practise its going to be your beloved skill.
  • Use your wall to check bush and everything else.
  • Be aware of loosing lain in front of Malza or Kassadin.
  • If Xin raping you wait with your ulti till he knocks you up, if you don't you loose that fight.
  • In teamfights try to use your wall to seperate opponents, it helps a lot.

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Playing Anivia is preety fun, but needs a lot of pratctice; but after few matches youre going to rape your opponents with no problem.

thanks for looking here! Cheers and good luck!