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Anivia Build Guide by Kaiserstorm1122

Anivia, the Heavy AP Build (Harassers Guide to PWNing)

Anivia, the Heavy AP Build (Harassers Guide to PWNing)

Updated on August 16, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kaiserstorm1122 Build Guide By Kaiserstorm1122 33,154 Views 2 Comments
33,154 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kaiserstorm1122 Anivia Build Guide By Kaiserstorm1122 Updated on August 16, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Anivia is a very hard champ to play because she isn’t very beginner friendly. She requires a lot of skill in spell combos, skill shooting, and almost the most important skill: wall placing. But what I have noticed a lot of bad Anivia's doing is: farming incorrectly, wasting mana, and getting harassed to the point of death, therefore losing their lane, getting behind in CS and feeding the enemy mid they are laning against. The main reason this is happening is because Anivia players are relying on their Ult to get them farm kills and not last hitting for CS. This is a huge mistake because by using 1/3 of your mana every time you Ult, you soon OOM yourself and then become very susceptible to harassment/ganks. Another problem that arises is not necessarily human error, many guides tell you to get Catalyst ASAP and then Rod of Ages, but what I’ve noticed is that although these items are very good when sustaining, they are horrendous when laning against someone who can out damage you. That is why in this build I will be showing you how to create a fast, AP heavy Anivia that will destroy whoever you are laning against mid, and get you fed to the point that mid game you can 1v5. Please continue if you feel inclined to read the in detail reasons behind items, runes, masteries, and skill order.
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Runes, oh where do I start? These runes are pretty sustain and not really offensive, that is because for Seals Anivia needs the mana regeneration desperately early game and it helps a lot late game. For Marks, Magic penetration cause AP Carry = Magic penetration, For Glyphs, AP per level because just like magic penetration, AP Carry = AP per level, for quintessence’s, you can go all Fortitude or all Resilience or all Warding, but I like a split for all three, this is really up too you but remember, Anivia is the overall weakest Champion when it comes to defensive stats, so choose wisely.
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This mastery build is pretty standard when it comes to AP Mage or Carry, so I don’t think there needs to be much explaining here, considering this is already an "advanced" guide but if I get enough comments complaining then I will add more detail.
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Item order is key here. Always assume that the mid you are laning against is better then you at skill shooting, therefore grab boots and three health pots to help you dodge them and avoid potential deaths due to over harassment. On your first time back go buy a ring. Now this is where it gets complicated. If by 10 min you have about 60-80 CS then go and by your second ring and then start building for Catalyst, but if you have too low CS or your lane is being dominated then try to end up with 3 rings before building Catalyst. Or if you have been totaly dominationg your lane and have 1600 by the time you need to go back then skip right to a needlessly large rod and build a death cap before catalyst. Right after Catalyst, grab your sorcerers shoes and then build a Rod of Ages ASAP because by 15min you should be at the very least above 100 in CS if not you better start practicing last hitting. After the rod you should build for your cap and then Void Staff, deathfire grasp and zhonya's ring are either late game or fed items for you to boost AP even more.
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Skill Sequence

Put points into Flash Frost because it is really important to land a good skill shot to open up a kill on a target. Max it ASAP because it hits like a truck and it will promote you to get better at skill shooting. Frostbite should be maxed second because early and mid game this is your pressure/harassment spell and late game it is the majority of your burst. Put points in to Crystallize moderately because it is useful in all situations but most helpful late game. And of course please put points into your Ult at all the available times because it is a slow and can help you land Flash Frost and once you get a bunch of AP it ticks really hard.
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Summoner Spells

Flash to make up for Anivia's pathetic movement speed, and Ignite to seal the deal on kills and give you a sturdy AP boost when fighting.
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Biggest thing about farming as Anivia is to not get too Ult happy, in early game before you have adequate AP it should not be used because it just burns mana. Rely on last hitting to get your CS equal or past the enemy champion you are laning against and never forget that once you have 80+ AP your Ult can destroy whole waves of minions relatively fast, which could help you overtake your foe in CS and allow you to harass harder and more often than not, place a kill.
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All in all you need to rely on your farming/last hitting skills as well as spell combos, harassment, skill shooting, and walling to get you kills during your games, remember that the best way to land Flash Frost is when your enemy is in Glacial Storm and has a Crystallize behind them. Remember that although you have a built in Guardian Angel, you are far from invincible. Never forget that Anivia takes a lot of practice and patience to play and requires a high skill cap. I hope this guide helped and made some of the errors in most builds omitted. Good luck and I will see you on the battlefield.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Kaiserstorm1122
Kaiserstorm1122 Anivia Guide
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Anivia, the Heavy AP Build (Harassers Guide to PWNing)

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