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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kas

Anivia the Ice Pigeon

kas Last updated on August 26, 2010
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**Format of post applied from other guides created inside of MobaFire**

Created by Coldboltage (EU)

Anivia, probably in my eyes, the best hero in the game. This hero can be used to do some many holes. As a 1v1 killer, group fighter, controling specified people and locking people out of fights for five seconds.

Before we go in, let me make this clear, that this isn't going to be any easy guide and it's only to be used if you have used her before and want to make yourself as a huge threat, this is the guide for you if you want that, but if you don't, I would look up the High rated Guides from other Anivia players.



Has great potential in First Blood at level 2.
Built in Guardian Angel with five minute cooldown.
The only environmental blockage in the game.
Jungle Fighter.
Two forms of slows and one stun.
Best Middle in game.



One of the slowest champions in the game.
A Physical Damage Bird isn't advisable.
Low AP ratios.
No self healing spells.
Can't use spells whilst in egg form.

Summoner Spells


Because of the aggressive start game you will be playing, you will need to be able to fight for a good long time and stay in lane for a while. Because of this, you are going to need to have clarity to make sure you don't get caught out without any mana and it's also a good way to trick enemies to think you are vulnerable.


This is to be used in conjuction with Clairty as the last resort if you can't keep mana as this will also be your escape spell and ganking spell. If you believe Mid is starting to drain your mana, by all means teleport back, get an item and teleport back in. By this time your clairty should be ready to be used.

In the advance section, I will be talking about the uses of teleport in more detail to justify why this spell is indeed better than Flash and Ignite.


**Ripped from Mobafire Database**


Upon dying, Anivia will revert into an egg. If the egg can survive for six seconds, she is gloriously reborn.

Probably the best passive in the game, this gives you the chance to keep Mid lane better than most champions and gives you an insurance policy. In conjuction with teleport, you should always survive even if ganked in start game.

I believe the cooldown is 5 minutes or somewhat near that.

Flash Frost

A massive chunk of ice flies toward target location, dealing 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 (+50% of ability power) damage, slowing movement by 20%, and chilling any enemy it passes through. At the end of its range or if Anivia activates the spell again, the missile detonates, doing 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 (+50% of ability power) magic damage in a small area and stunning units for .75 seconds.

Cooldown 13 / 12 / 11 / 10 / 9 seconds | Cost 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 mana | Range 1100

On of the hardest stuns to land in the game, it takes skill to use this in it's full potential. Because of the through damage, you have to try and detonate the Q slightly behind the hero, so maximum damage is committed, making this a fearful stun.


Anivia summons an impenetrable wall of ice 400 / 500 / 600 / 700 / 800 units wide, blocking all movement. The wall lasts for 5 seconds before it melts.

Cooldown 25 seconds | Cost 70 / 90 / 110 / 130 / 150 mana | Range 1000

The only eviomental blockage in the game, this is going to turn jungle fights, into breakfast, lunch and dinner time fights for your Soulstealer. You will be able to lock one-two people in and successfully keep out the rest of the enemy team, so that you have a prompt escape and easy kills for yourself. This is one of the most underrated spells in this game.


Anivia blasts her target with a freezing wind, dealing 55 / 85 / 115 / 145 / 175 (+50% of ability power) magic damage. If the target has been chilled, they take double damage.

Cooldown 5 seconds | Cost 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 mana | Range 650

This is the damage spell which will land the kills. Alot of people think that you have to use this only when they are chilled but trust me, if you need to get a last hit, you can use this spell to increase the range, which is further than a normal attack and then grasp on first blood. Of course use this spell as much possible when they are in chilled form but do not forget it's always possible to use this as a last resort.

Glacial Storm

Toggle: Anivia calls forth a driving rain of ice and hail, dealing 80 / 120 / 160 (+25% of ability power) magic damage per second, slowing their movement and attack speed by 20% for 2.5 seconds, and chilling them.

Cooldown 10 seconds | Cost 50 / 70 / 90 mana | Range 625

If I am to be brutely honest, this isn't the greatest of ultimates in the game, but in conjunction to the abilities which Anivia.


-- Greater Mark of Insight
-- Greater Seal of Clarity
-- Greater Glyph of Potency
-- Greater Quintessence of Potency

If I can be honest with you, I am not that great with the mechanics of the game, but I believe a Hybrid approach to masteries is best used for Start Game AND Late Game as you need the Ability Power to be applied to the Magic Penetration created.



The items shown here are mega important to buy. To make sure Anivia is useful in late game as a nuke, you need to make sure you have around 200 Ability power in the 20 Minute Mark to make sure you can be properly useful. The Ring will be used in conjuction again with egg and teleport to show why it's useful in roaming stages of your match.

Match Situations

You want to make sure you start off with your book of Amplifying Tome and a health pot to make sure you can stay in lane and give out another damage to make yourself a threat. This should give you alot of power at the start to deal around 200 damage at the start with flash frost. Do make sure you harass the enemy at level 1 as by level 2, you are going to become a mega threat to mid if they don't dodge you.

After making sure the enemy doesn't kill you and maybe getting first blood or pushing him back to tower, by level 4 - 5, you may have used your clairity and if you haven't, you haven't harassed enough or farmed creeps enough with Flash Frost (don't be scared to use Clairty, it's only a 140 second cooldown.

By Level 6, you should have at least half of your mana pool to do something, if you don't, wait until you do, your Mana Per 5 runes will make sure you get Mana fast. Because you don't have the wall, but a Level 3 Frostbite, we need to work on trying to get Frostbite off 2 times or at least 1 time, this is how I do it.

To ensure a Frost Bite two times, I do the following.
I suggest with the Glacial Storm, to not to use it too early, until the point he's just about to move, so you store as much Mana as you can, your just waiting about 4 seconds so you can fire the second Frostbite which should ensure a kill. Make sure your also Physical Attacking them when you have the chance.

Obviously that's in level 6 the combo but it's not that much different when it comes to level 7, here is the rotation to what you should be doing,

Skill usage 1


Using the wall is easy as you just wait until the enemy champion is about to leave, and you cut the exit of the Ultimate off, to keep them in there for a tad bit longer, enough for you to hit him a bit more and for the ultimate to do more damage.

Of course it's not possible to of load the Flash Frost all the time so that's why we leveled the Frostbite to Level 3 so the easier rotation can be made. Here is the easier version.

This is a one oppurunity burst which will not lead to anything else from yourself so you have to know you can kill him or if the fight will continue. Take out the wall if you don't have enough mana, this is just keeping them in position for a bit longer to Physical attack them.

Skill usage 2


If you believe you team can stun after they leave your Glacial Storm, the following is used.

Skill Usage 3


Remember you want to get your Flash Frost out as it does huge amounts of damage so that's why in Skill Usage 2, we make sure right after Glacial storm, we use it, so the damage has been done and he's in place for an easy Frost Bite.

Going on, after you believe you need to go back, I usually have enough to get Sorc Boots but if that isn't the case, then I get Normal Boots with 2 health pots and 1-2 Wards (this being because you don't have the speed to avoid damage.)

With 1100 Gold, you should have the following. If you have enough for 2 health pots, get them but no more and if you can get a ward, get 1.

With Less than 1100 Gold, you should have the following.

Now I have to explain why I setup wards.

Because you are a nuke, you have the ability to burst people very very well. Because of this, you can literally destroy people but you need to get close to them, this is where wards come in.

Wards are invisible and when you teleport to an invisible target, the teleport animation is not seen, so you literally are popping from out of no where.

So moving on, you would want to setup the ward as close to their side of mid as you can, enough that the tower can't see it and good enough so you teleport right on them or behind them, not infront, thou you can if you are confident enough about their health.

So when you teleport, you need the strongest setup possible to just break him before they run back to tower, this is how I would do it.

Mid Ward Skill Usuage


If you can get another Frostbite out, this is the time to use it even if the chill effect isn't on because you should have enough power to take him on UNLESS you didn't get the Sorc Boots, in that case, keep you mana to continue lanning.

This ward tactic works obviously with other champions but it just works so much better with Anivia so ask your team mates to setup wards in their enemies lane bush so you can jump in and wait for them or go to your bush, either way, the same skill usage used for mid can be used here also as you need the kill fast, basically your nuking combo.

Hopefully you have got about 1-2 kills and you should be able to go for the final laning items shown here.

Final Laning Items

Health pots are great btw, only 35g for 200 health back.

Mid Game

By this stage you should at least be level 11 and if you have stacks on your Mejai, then you should go for Blue Buff on your side, make sure the team understands you are going to be Mana hungry for most of this game so you really really need it so make sure they know need it.

When you get it, pop those health pots and start thinking what you want to be doing, you want to try and get those stacks all good because Anivia isn't a great tower pusher thou she can do it, but with the mana not being great, we want to focus on killing.

You want to try and keep teleport nuking if possible but if it's not, your going to have to hope your team get's pushed back so you can go up and down, thou you will get miss called so that's why you need the teleport to get up and down fast.

To make you more useful, you need to get stacks and by the 20th minute, you should have 200 ability power but you should not be worried in getting AP by Elixirs and such, that will come later, just concentrate in getting Needless Large Rod. Yes you could go fast and get blasting wand but it's only 40 AP and it's going to take a good long time to get 1600 gold again so just be patient and wait, this tests you.

Roaming Stages and unleashing the teleportable egg


Now at this stage, you should have the following

So by now you should have in the region of 130AP so this is enough to start going in lanes regardless of who you are against.

Before we go on, the teleportable egg is an easy skill to get used to and it's going to get alot of rage. You must note the stuns, taunt, siliences and such which can stop a teleport, as physical damage don't nothing to stop a teleport.

So you go in and do whatever Skill Usage you believe is needed, up to you, I'm not playing for you. If you get in the situation that you are about to die, here is what you do.

1) Stay Calm, trust me this works.
2) Find the closest but safest tower to get too.
3) Teleport to the tower.
4) Wait for yourself to be reborn.

Now there is a better version which will be unleashed but that's the Romaing stage way of using this spell, you can do it from any level, but I wanted to add it here. This will make your life as a ganker a bit easier, knowing you can get away. Don't be hasty to do this, as you might have a team ready to save you and if you teleport away, it might end up going worse so use the head.

Mid-Late Game

I would hope you would have at least 5-6 stacks by now and this should be around the 20th minute mark. This what I would hope you would have.

If you have this, then we now do Teleport Egg + Zyhona's Ring

Now this isn't going to be an assured save, but it's going to be pretty dam hard for them to kill you so here we go.

1) Stay Calm
2) Look for safe tower
3) Start Teleporting
4) Use Zyhona's Ring
5) Pray you don't die

Now I find it hard for them to kill you as the egg lasts for two seconds and if you go to egg form after that statis goes away, there going to have to try and kill you in 1.5 seconds (3.5 seconds to teleport and 2 seconds statis = 1.5 secs open time to kill you)

After this, you should be going for 3 Blasting Wands, because it's the cheapest and most effective way to gain 120 AP for 2580g and with the Ring, that just goes up to 150AP. So lets look at this without masteries and stacks.

Ability Power always obtained in worst situations.

Ring = 120
Wands = 120
Mejai = 20
Total = 260
Percentage Bonus = 65
Net Toal = 325

So without any masteries or runes or stacks, you are getting 325 AP already. That is an INSURANCE policy, you will always have that, and it's fast to gain 2580g fast with Anivia.

So now we need to make a picture of what this should be like don't we :)

Late Game

So with three blasting wands, you have the choice in building alot of AP items depending on the fight. We are going to focus on the worst situation and theres tanks, because this build works for most situations.

If you don't agree with me that AP is countered in most cases with Magic Pen, here is a Guide which shows the advantages of Magic Pen over AP GUIDE

To give you that Flat AP reduction and Magic Res, I go for Abyssal Scepter. It's just a nice item, gives you +30 AP from your blasting wand, you are weaking their tanks and squishes and your AP resistant, what's there not too like?

After that I would go for Void staff, not this is only to be used if I can see A tank or Hero over 95MR which is usually the case as the Mathematics starts to kick into AP's favour. This again is giving you an extra +30AP plus kills 40% of the targets magic res AFTER the Flat Magic Pen takes effect.

So after this, you are effectively are able to start harming the tanks, maybe not for too long, but for long enough so that your DPS can do things. You must always stay aware if you see people trying to go for you, it's just not clever going in the middle of a fight not knowing all the information you want to know.

Now we have one more Blasting Want which can be converted to 3 Items. For this Guide and situation, we are going to go with Rylai's Crystal Scepter. The Slowing effect, extra health and AP gives you the ability to keep DPS and even tanks in the fight for longer. With 2 spells which are 1-1 based and 1 spell which is AOE based, you can safely say that without adding the spells slows, you are going to do 85% of a slow if all spells hit one person and again, that's not adding spells.

If we believe we don't have a tank and it's caster based damage which is killing you and the team, we could go and get another Abyssal Scepter. Yes the UNIQUE Passive will not take effect but we're not caring about that. We're looking for items which is going to give you Magic Res in conjuction to Ability power, which is going to still give you the power to hurt people.

Another Item I would go lastly would be Litch Blade which a one man push item, you ask why? Quite simple really. The Litch Blade passive gives the user the ability to convert all the Ability Power into Physical Damge. Using the lowest point of AP you can have without adding the AP of Litch Blade, you will have 425 Physical Damage to hit a tower with. Thou this is not adding the Armour of a tower, you will have more AP than this and this is just a quick example. So deploying any spell bar FrostBite, will proc Litch Blade which will give you that extra damage to break the tower faster.

I have other builds which I will show which will be fun to use but also effective also depending on game situations but heres the main items ends you should have.

Ending setup to give you the ability to keep tanks in place and DPS in place also. Alot of slows via your spells so that you can do Skill Usage 1 to full potential.

Anticaster setup. The extra Magic Res should keep you from dying and suggest it's not worth wasting mana on you, even with low health, you have an egg which will be brought back to the fight.

Last setup is created if you are in the situation where you think you will be the last one to ace and you need a setup to break towers fast.

My last build is one of fun but can be used if you believe you are being targetted too much and need a way too keep enemies from getting to you and keep them also from running away, here it is.

As you can see, i've taken three Crystal Scepters which aren't UNIQUE Passives which means, it's time to slow like a *****. Your AOE already does a 20% slow and in conjuction with three Crystal Scepters, your going to do 65% of a slow, there not going anywhere, and with you Frostbite, it will do 105% as well. Lastly we have your Flash Frost which would do a 20% in the through part of the spell which adds up to 125%. Applying this all together, your doing a 295%. Rammus in his full potential of power ball, with 1000 movement speed, will be put back down to around 350 movement speed if you can hit him with all spells. With 400 movement speed, they will be brought down to 120 movement speed. I like this :D.

My last build is an insurance build, which should be able to keep you in the fight without any trouble, it has no magic penertration but it will give you the chance to still hurt towers, do partial damage to tanks, slow people and push towers, this is
basically the old recommeneded for Anivia.

This is a very long game setup, you must know what you are doing because it's extremely hard to make your items actually viable. You could always switch the ring to be the last Item, which I would agree be fine but I'm so used to the ring but that's your choice. I call this the DPS staff setup as you have 3 staffs which is giving you Health, Mana, Ability power, slows, Magic Res, Tower Damage usage, Mana Per 5 and statis. You give up your Mejai but you then know, you will always have the ability power you have, it's just going to take much longer to win.

I hope this hasn't been too much, but for me to get my point out, I've had to do it like this. Hope this is all good and happy fighting.