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League of Legends Build Guide Author Woofa

Anivia the imba nuker.

Woofa Last updated on January 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I decided to make a guide for Anivia, she is one of my favorite champions and in my opinion one of the strongest casters. Feel free to correct any spelling errors or other mistakes, I live in Amsterdam so English is not my first language. This is my second guide and the first serious guide, so advice or suggestions will be appreciated, unlike downrates without a comment. I will update this guide and make it better when I have some free time to make it look as tight as my abs.(LOL)

So you've bought the expensive but lovely Anivia? Or maybe it's her free week, cheap bastards! Well I have to be honest here, with this build she is a great champion for a lot of reasons.
I will add an elaborate tips section at the end with some sweet tactics you could use to humiliate your enemies.

Acronyms used:
FF - Flash Frost

Strong nuke.
Good survivability.
AOE damage and slow.
If used correctly she has a unique and very good utility.(Crystallize)
Strong mid laner.
Excellent ganker.
Longe range stun, if they don't expect it or are just bad players.

Just like any other champion she does have a few drawbacks.

Golem dependant.
Only magic damage, except for early game.
Can be difficult to play if you are bad at skillshots.
Bad wall placement can ruin a teamfight or let an enemy champion escape.

So let's talk about her skills.
Very nice passive, if you don't play too recklessly this will usually give you a second chance. Especially early game when it will be impossible for 1 champion to destroy the egg before you rebirth, letting you escape or kill them if they are greedy. You also return to life with the same % of hp the egg has, so if your enemy doesn't damage the egg you will return with full HP giving you a nice advantage.
Flash Frost
This is your long range stun/damage dealer/farming tool. Great if detonated right after passing through an enemy champion, dealing double damage and stunning them. Of course you will want to follow that up with a Frostbite for a strong nuke/harrass. Can be used for farming but your ultimate will take care of that with no problems.
Referred to by my enemies as the wall of terror. Your effectiveness with this spell will determine if you are a nuisance or a blessing to your team. It has many uses, you can shield yourself from chasing enemies, split up the enemy team in a fight or trap fleeing enemies. It has surprising range, making Anivia a good chaser if you place a wall and throw a FF (with your wall in front of them it's easier to hit).
If used after hitting an enemy with your ultimate or FF it will deal double damage, so you Should always use it after either of those. There are a few occasions where you might want to cast it even though your enemy has no chill effect on them, like if they are very low health and your other spells are on cooldown.
Glacial Storm
This spell can be toggled on and off with a 10 sec cooldown. It applies a chill effect, slows and does damage, IN A BIG AOE. What more could anyone want! The drawback is that it slurps mana like a hummer gasoline. That is the main reason you will want to have golem buff all the time. It can be difficult to always remember to toggle it off as soon as your opponent has run out, but this will make sure that you can use it again ASAP.

Summoner spells:
Flash: Great escape/chase/close-in-quick. Just a great summoner skill to have and with these masteries the cooldown is quite low making sure that it will save your *** on many occasions or get you a lot of kills.
Teleport: Very good spell for multiple reasons. In early game it let's you have a stronger laning phase, which will result in a better late game. In mid/late game it can save towers, allies, get you kills and push towers.

Masteries: I go with the standard 9/0/21 caster build with teleport and flash masteries to match my summoner spells. This helps you with some bonus XP, mana regen, Magic pen, very important neutral monster buff duration increase, nice cooldown reduction and some movement speed, giving you the maximum advantage you could possibly get out of your masteries.

Runes: You can change the health quints to flat AP if you feel you don't need the extra HP, though it is very good to have some extra health. You could also switch the AP/lvl glyphs to cooldown reduction, according to your preference but I would not advise changing the seals and marks.

Alright, I didn't include a Mejajs Soulstealer in the item build. This is because it is only viable to get it if you think you can manage to stay alive and rack up kills/assists. This is something you have to decide for yourself based on your skill level compared to your opponents. Anivia is a champion where it has a good chance of succeeding though, after my first game I have always gotten a Mejajs and never had much trouble stacking it up. Anivia's great survivability with Rebirth, wall, a slow AND a stun, makes it so much easier to not die. If you're doing well I would recommend getting it after boots.

I'll do a walkthrough of a game now:

buy a mana crystal and 2 health potions and head to your lane(preferably mid). Focus on last hitting and avoiding your opponents harrass until lvl 2, now you can start throwing FF>Frostbite combo's. Don't get me wrong, last hitting is still your main focus, but by harrassing your opponent you will be able to push him back far enough for you to freely last hit. You should watch your opponent carefully and predict his movement so you don't miss too many FF's, because that will drain your mana. Your combo paired with an auto attack during the stun is a very strong harrassment tool, when combined with rebirth and teleport this will almost certainly give you an advantage on your lane, quite possibly resulting in a kill. If you did not have to use Flash defensively you can use it when your opponent is low to be sure to hit FF and finish him.
When you are low on health and mana pop a blue pill and buy Tear of the Goddess, boots and some more health pots. If you are lvl 7+ and made your opponent press B or killed him it is very good to kill golem before returning to your lane. You should port to base and buy items > walk to golem and kill it > port to base again > port to your tower, probably returning before much damage has been done to it.
Some people might rage at this, but Lizard buff is great for anivia in early-mid game where she will always use her auto attack during harrasses. If you can get it, great, it will help you a lot getting kills.
Keep harrassing your opponent and farming minions. If you get a chance you could help out another lane with teleport or just by walking there. oh, technically flying there...:p
Now you can buy Mejajs Soulstealer if you are doing well and then start building your Rod of Ages for some much needed HP/Mana and AP. I would usually start with Catalyst, unless you are really confident that you will have no problem surviving and have golem buff. These items give you a great mana pool, with golem you will have no problem spamming your spells a LOT. Don't be afraid to farm entire minion waves in a matter of seconds with your ult, getting gold really fast. If you can't get access to golem buff you will have to be more careful about wasting your mana and might have to port to base a bit more often to replenish and buy items. Go around the map assisting your allies only when you are sure that your tower will not get pushed. Help them by nuking, stunning, slowing and throwing up walls.
Now you can complete your Archangel's Staff and start building either Zhonya's ring or Guardian Angel. If you decided to go for Mejajs Soulstealer I would highly recommend GA first to protect those precious stacks. Otherwise go with Zhonya's ring to further beef up your AP. In case the enemy team has 2 or more people stacking Magic Resist you could decide to buy Void Staff ahead of Zhonya's, Though the active can be a lifesaver. Don't forget to buy Elixir of Brilliance and wards in between your big items.
Now to adress team fights, You have strong damage and CC. You are a caster so you should never be on the front line, but in the back casting your spells and killing everyone. Flash can help with positioning issues and wall can get you out of a tight spot. The way you should deal damage is pretty much the same as before(always follow up FF or your ultimate with Frostbite). Try to place your Glacial Storm in a good spot where you will hurt more than 1 enemy or gain control over a certain area.

Wall can make or break a fight. It can be used to seperate the enemy team and create chaos among them. It is important that you are careful with your wall placement because it can also split up your own team or trap a teammate that was about to land a finishing blow when your plan was to trap the enemy. This requires practice and some awareness.

Some tips:
Wall: In many cases it is advisable to level up wall before Flash Frost because it is so versatile. Wall is especially useful in the tight paths in the jungle, where you can easily trap enemies. when you are being chased you can throw up a wall in front of your chaser to make him walk around it. In a fight where you are being targeted by melee champs you can use wall right between you and them to save you. It's also great to save teammates. When chasing you can use the range of your wall to catch fleeing enemies.

Brush: Use the brush! The brush is a very effective thing to abuse as anivia, if you are being attacked by an auto attacker you can go into the bush to make them stop hitting you and it's nearly impossible to dodge a FF when it comes out of the brush. You can be at <40% health fighting with a >80% health enemy and regain the advantage really fast by going into a brush and throwing your combo at them. You can also lure an enemy into the brush if you are low health but have Rebirth up to wreck him with an undodgable nuke. Which is good for you even if he kills you since you will only go into egg-mode anyway.(WARNING: do not take this risk when your enemies are at a high enough level to deal a large amount of damage your egg or if there are many misses)

Thanks for reading my build, I hope you got through the WALL of text alright, get it? WALL...
Good luck and I hope you have as much fun playing Anivia as I do!:)