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League of Legends Build Guide Author iluvanivia<3

Anivia - The ultimate carry

iluvanivia<3 Last updated on March 20, 2011
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You wanna dominate the enemy team? Well your at the right guide.

This guide is basically, the summary of all my time using anivia and is my first one as well. Ive been using anivia for over 3/4 of all my games which is about 200+ games, ive tried MANY guides, some worked, some didnt but at the moment ive settled down with a build that I use every game and can constanly dominate with massive damage.

The only REQUIREMENT for this guide is...

TAKE MID, you need, the XP, and GOLD, to facerape the enemy team. If your anivia isnt mid, your then you might as well use another Champ. When you see an Anivia in your game, PUT HER MID, Anivia one if not the best mid, yes better than vlad, as long as you push hard enough, better than kass, so long as you stun him with your Q. You have a counter to every champ with anivia

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Your mindset

Yes, there is a certain mindset you need to gain, a certain way you need to play with this build.

Your a little soft, you have your passive for more survivability, and Enourmous AP, for huge damage. You need to think where you going, be slightly cautios if there are mias. Dont over extend, your slow. You can tear apart anyone, as long as your not the one being focused.

Be cautious, Dont risk too much, make sure you have someone to take the heat if your going to go deep in enemy territory.

Just dont do anything stupid, your somewhat squishy, dont facepalm bushes, where chances are high that someones there.

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Pros / Cons

My build, and anivia in generalPros - HUGE NUKING POWER, the enemy team will hate you
- Great passive
- One of the best farmers
- Infinite ult, after a couple of AA

Cons- Your always slow
- Glass cannon, indeed...
- Takes a while to get used to anivia
- You need good positioning, you need to know and have LOL (intuition)of where the enemy might be.
- In general, anivia is hard to play, but youll get used to it

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Passive (Rebirth)
BEST passive by far. When your HP reaches 0, you turn into an egg for 6 seconds. You gain negative MG and ARM resists, and if you havent been killed in your egg form, you are revived after 6 seconds.
Once again BEST PASSIVE, this lets you be more aggresive then any other charecter in the laning phase, as well as other situations.
Flash Frost (Q)
Your bread and butter skill(skillshot), a medium moving ice ball that can be detonated in mid air, the explotion has a small AOE , and stuns anyone within its radius. Basically the damage is doubled if you hit the enemy and then detonate it after the first hit.

Gives the *frosted* status, that lets your frostbite deal double damage.

This skill is your first priority, after your ult.

Ult> Flash Frost > Frostbite > Wall

Wall (W)

This, is something very special. In my 140+ games so far I can very well say that I haven't mastered using her Wall, but ive gotten ALOT better at using it then i was when i first started. This is one of the best utility spells, basically makes a huge wall, to either block in or slow your enemy, or block off a path to let you escape. YOU CAN if timed perfectly put it over an enemy to stun them, they absolutedly cant move, and are basically stunned while stunned inside it. Ive only done it about 3 times, but it can happen.
This skill is a last priority.

Ult> Flash Frost > Frostbite > Wall

Frostbite (E)

This is just your mini nuke, its a auto lock on, so just select and click.
It does double the damage to enemys if they have the *frozen* status, which flash frost, and your ult gives. This is basically just something else to increase your damage output. I used to max it out first, but its been a while, and ive found Q to be MUCH MUCH more effective, and deals ALOT more damage.

Ult> Flash Frost > Frostbite > Wall

Glacial Storm (R)

Anivia ult, a nice AOE, that takes a large amount of Mana to sustain but deals good damage. Glacial storm also reduces attack speed in an aoe effect by 20%, and slows the enemy, make use you use it against a dps. Basically, always use it, but dont be stupid and waste all your mana. The more you use anivia, the easier youll understand what i mean.

Ult> Flash Frost > Frostbite > Wall
Just remember that.

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For Marks take, MAGIC PEN, more Magic Pen = More damage from your abilities. 8.5 MAGIC pen in total

For Seals, take Mana regen per lvl, so at around lvl 18 You gain around 10 MP regen.

For Glyphs, absolutdly, get Cooldown reduction per lvl. By lvl 18, youll have about 8.62% CDR, very useful.

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Go with the usual 9/0/21

Obviousily get magic pen From Offensive masteries.

For utility, its self explanatory. Take expanded mind to get a boost to your MANA, supply and damage output. Youll be using AA so it helps a little.

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Summoner Spells

I take Clarity for Mana, You need mana, well here you go. No other explanation, ive run out of mana at mid before, and this skill is a lifesaver when you need to finsih off the enemy but dont have enough mana. USE IT. Dont say "Manage your mana" Anivias, attacks use alot of mana, that a meki pendant just doesnt regenerate fast enough. Manage your mana, but youll always run out of it, untill you get your first AA. Basically Clarity, is your *lane as long as you ****ing want* Ability. You wont run out of mana with it.

Teleport. Very, very ,very useful. Your a slow charecter, and getting back into laning will take you a while, well not anymore. You can also teleport to WARDS, and Minions, ive gotten quite a few, epic kills becuase i teleported behind the enemy since they pushed passed our minion waves.

You COULD get flash, still your anivia, you need good positioning, if you dont have it, your not going to be a good anivia, well you could, but Flash isnt what you need, its good. But not better than clarity or teleport.

Second, is ghost. Ive tryed it, but id rather have the ability to teleport anywhere on the map. Than a short burst of speed. You dont need it to chase, there are faster Champs suited for that. You dont need it to escape, you should be able to tell, when its time to leave, so do it.
Its a great, but the only speed you need is from your boots. Your team, should have stuns and taunts on there team, which will be more than enough to slow down the enemy for you to catch up.

Ignite, then you lose, your map control, or early mana supply, its okay, for higher damage potential, but you really dont need it on anivia...

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For items

Early game start off with a Meki pendant and 2 health pots.

Once you have 1150 gold, you CAN go B, and buy boots of pen, or feel free to save up another 450 gold for a ruby crystal for your haunting guaise.

Once you have your boots of pen, and haunting Guaise, start building your Tear of goddess from your Meki pendant. Then build your blasting wand, and finally AA.

NOW immediatly, save up for a needlessly large staff, buy it when you can, then a blasting wand and finally Rabadons Deathcap. Your Set, Youll be dealing massive damage from here on.

Now you keep building 2 more AA staffs. By your 3rd/ last one you WILL have over 800 AP

Now from this point, its late game, usually 45 + minutes, you will be the dominater, the nuker, let your tanks take the damage, and destroy the enemy team while there focussing your tanks.

Bascially, Boots of pen > Haunting Gauise > AA staff> Rabadons deathcap> AA > AA

After this, if the game last longer, you CAN trade in your haunting gause, and Boots of pen for 2 MORE , AA ive done this...Its just rofl... You gain about 1349 ap, but just remember your going to be soft. Thats why you have tanks though, and since your going to be raping, and one hitting enemy carries, while destroying 3/4 hp of enemy tanks with a full combo your still squishy. but thats okay. Everyone is dead by the time they get to you.

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Other items

ROA - Its good, HP, MANA, and AP. Its a great item. AND I USED IT ALOT, in my early time of playing anivia. Ive found AA to be a much better substitute.

Ryalis - Hp and AP, slowing down the enemy even more. Its good, once again, AA is more effective for your needs.

Dorans ring - Whatever, your already kicking ***, you dont need something to buff you up, you deal enourmous damage as it is.

Mejais - Ive used it, ive dominated with it, ive used it and found it difficult to net kills at TIMES. Its a great item, and i USED to use it. With my current build, i can very well say goodbye to mejais. With AA, you gain mana regen, and mana, with damage as well. My build current build is much more stable. You dont need to gamble, with mejais which is basically what it is , a gamble. You could do well with it, but you could do worse.

Basically to close things off, ive found that going with an AA gives you a Great start. Its not as good as mejais, but its not as bad if you fail with your mejais. Or the enemy carry, simply hugs turret, you wont get the kill, and you wont be able to start your dash of destruction, its happend to me.

This build like is said is VERY stable, 800+ ap at the end of your 6 items. AND YOU WILL die, atleast once, ive had games where ive went 20 something and 0 deaths, WITHOUT mejais. Yet when you die with mejaus you lose your stacks. Late game everyone is dealing alot of damage. Your bound to die atleast once by then.

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How to lane properly and gank

Early game, you harass with your Q, follow up with E if you want to add more damage, but dont scare them away, you want the kill. Just go ahead, and last hit minions but select your Q, and keep aiming, for the perfect time to fire it.

Tip, when you fire your Q, move TOWARDS the enemy, so by the time your Q hits and stuns you will already be inrange and be able to fire your E. Then back out, or keep pushing if there really weak.

For ganks, just make sure your Q hits and stuns, then follow up with ULT, and E, wall if there not dead yet. And let your teammates handle the rest, while waiting on your CD.

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In mid game, you have your ult, and you have your AA, go get golem...

Go farm the **** our of everything with your ult. Yea your good to go.

ALSO, early - late game, use your flash frost, on the last 3 wizards on minion waves. They'll be close together, and it only takes 2 hits from your FF to get all 3 of them.

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You dont initiate, you could.

When its a stalemate, and the only thing that your doing is throwing abilites at each other and back out. Use your Q, it has a far range, so go ahead and harass. Feel free to rape minion waves while your at it.

When ***** going down, go for there carry, youll easily take them out, or a large portion of there Health. After that go for the tanks, basically target , the ones dealing the most damage. The will be weak, and you can easily net yourself a kill off of them.

Put down your ult when the enemy DPS, are facing your team, your ult helps alot.

Wall if you can cut the enemy team in half, or if you can block them off from there buddies, and start a good ol ********.

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Flash frost - Ult - Frostbite - Wall if you wanna keep them in your ult longer

Flash frost - Frost bite

Ult - Flashfrost to keep them in ur ult - frostbite- Wall if you wanna keep em there

ult- frostbite

Those are your offensive combos. You can put down a wall, flash frost, and ult, if your escaping. The wall will block em off or slow them down, the ult slows them down, the flash frost, time it and stun them. Continue escaping successfully.

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TIPS ( your bound to learn something new)

You can use your wall to check bushes *gasp* Yea, its quite handy.

When chasing, make sure your constantly, moving towards where the enemy is head, what i mean is.
Keep moving forward ahead of your enemy, if there running, just go in there direction. There probably faster than you anyhow. Try to get ahead of them, you never will since your slow but youll be able to keep them within your abilites range this way.

Wall, to keep enemys out, or to keep them in, for your team to destroy.

If your low on hp, and so is the enemy carry, and there chasing you. RUN AWAY, BUT, fire your flash frost, MAKE SURE both hit, then go all out with your ULT and frostbite, they will die if there low on hp as well, and wont expect it either. Its a great feeling doing so.

If your bud is getting ganked ping them to run towards YOU, now the will be running towards you, fire your flash frost at your teammate, the enemy probably wont have seen you yet, and will *facepalm* your flash frost, after which you can ULT, and E, and wall, and make the run or die.

Solo dragon, if your MP regen is enough , ( either 2 AA) or (1 AA and golem buff)

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Thats it, Bascially with this build, and mindset, you shouldnt die alot, 1-3 deaths. over 10 kills, tons of assists and good teamwork with the right team.

Your the one Obliterating the enemy team. Have fun, I know i do.

Thanks for reading, give me some feedback.

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