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Anivia Build Guide by Rage97531

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rage97531

Anivia - When Birds Attack(NOT_A_SPAM)

Rage97531 Last updated on March 5, 2012
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Chapter 1

Guide is currently undergoing a rebuild. The current guide is still somewhat relevant but I will post a revamped guide when I am done. Sorry (:

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Chapter 1

Update 12/12/2011: Added Guardian Angel to build. Added optimum starting item paths and Banshee's veil to situational.

this build breaks down anivia into easy to understand parts. This build is a prototype and im open to any suggestions you may have.


21/0/9 for maximum damage. 9 points in utility to gain the extra mana regen that she desperately needs.



Boots with 3 health potions
Boots with 2 health potions and 1 mana potion
Sapphire crystal with 2 health potions
Sapphire crystal with 1 of each potion
Meki pendant with 2 health potions

Depending on what you are up against, I would recommend any one of these five starts. Just think logically about what you should start and you will be fine.


Rod of Ages
Sorcerer Shoe's
Rabadon's deathcap


Mejai's (if you feel froggy)
Moonflair (if you need the tenacity)
Void staff (should they stack Magic Resist)
Zhonya's Hourglass (extra armor added to her already high natural armor)
Deathfire Grasp (if lots of health)
Abyssal Scepter (for defensive stats as well as dropping their Magic Resist)
Guardian Angel (What's more annoying than killing anivia twice? 3 times)
Banshee's veil (Add some extra tankiness)

Early Game:

By all means, TAKE MID, i cant stress that enough so ill say again, TAKE MID!
get a sapphire crystal and 2 health potions and take lane. i usually stay near my tower and wait for the creep waves to come along, but if you feel bold enough to check you opponent in lane you more than welcome to, but always be aware of early ganks. get flash frost first and harass enemies with it unless your facing a melee champ in which you would only need to use you auto-attack to harass. Should you see an opening and you are level 2 with enough mana, you can go for fb unless it has already been taken by someone else before the minions come along. ALWAYS CONSERVE YOUR MANA you never know when you going to get an opportunity for a kill
Laning can be a pain for some people as anivia, but if you happen to have a bad matchup you might wanna consider someone else having mid

Champions to lane against (some of these may not be very good matchups, but ive had some success against them):
most melee
kog' maw

Not to lane against:
Soraka (She OP *hinthint*)

Oh forgot to mention, GET WARDS!

Mid Game:

ok you should be ready to blue pill back and get some items. get catalyst ASAP since having it will help you gain mana and health back on level and usually helps alot. Go around and call your team for ganks in the side lanes. Get you boots after catalyst but before anything else. the boots are needed since anivia has poor movement anyway and the extra pen in the sorcerer shoes helps with your nuke. Dont forget to use your wall to see into bushes where a gank might be coming. IT CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE. it has for me dozens of times and im sure it could do the same for you

End Game:

Ok now is the fun stuff. Get the rest of your items and if your having a great KDR game then go ahead and get mejai's and if your being the little buffet feeding your opponents then you probably dont have many items anyway. dont forget to stay back when a teamfight breaks out and place your ult in the middle of the crowd, fire your flash frost into them and detonate it, and finally hit the lowest HP champion with your frostbite.

My Quints are not listed but i did get some of the Halloween +24 flat health x 3

HAVE FUN playing anivia