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Annie Build Guide by Wyby45

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wyby45

Annie: Burning Snow - An Indepth guide

Wyby45 Last updated on November 16, 2011
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I would like to welcome you guys to my annie guide. I have played enough ranked games in to know what im doing with annie and if u guys follow this guide then you might be able to do better in your games. However, this guide won't guarantee success because it is how the user plays the champs and not the item builds that makes whether you win or not. The pictures are from season 1 and season 2 and annie was the champ that got me from 1400 elo to 1520 in 1 DAY! which made me buy her frostfire skin rite after

Note that the losses were when I started out with annie and just bought her which I did pretty damn bad that time.

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Pros / Cons

Burst from full to none potential
AOE stun
AOE nuke
Passive is crazy good
AOE nuke
Tibbers is great to ward off enemies when your blue pilling and can be used as a scout
Tibbers can tank
Tibbers can stun everyone

Easily dies if caught
Will most likely be focused and die in teamfights
E skill is basically a useless skill

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Summoner Spells

I use the spells Flash and Ignite to help her net early kills and is basically the best summoners for annie's extreme burst. Annie is a good champ overall game and if she can get a good early game she will no doubt be feared in lategame with her enormous 1hitko nuke.

Best Summoner Spells

can be used offensively and defensively to flash through walls or to get that last autoattack or disintegrate or ignite for the kill.

can net alot of early game kills because u will have nothing left to hit the enemies with when u have used up all ur spells and they run away. Trust me this happens alot.

Optional Summoner Spells: (replace Ignite with one of these)

- I used to get this alot on Annie but realized whats the point in using it, ignite can help my early game into lategame soo much that u wud be getting much moar kills in lategame. Ghost is basically to help u get away when ur out of position, but flash can do that much better

great when you need to buy something and come back to farm, really good if your going solo top lane

Not Viable Summoner Spells:

Everything else

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I won't go indepth here, this is just standard ap caster runes

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration are required nuff said

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration are good for farming and harrassing the enemy in lane

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power are what I prefer, anything else you want might work too

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power are what I prefer and what I think is best if u want to have that dominant lane potential

Optional Runes:

Greater Quintessence of Health - if you feel like you get beat in lane too easily

Greater Glyph of Ability Power - really helps with your early game burst

Greater Seal of Replenishment - this combined with flat ap runes gives u destructable early game power
Note: At least have the flat ap quints

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed - eh on annie iunno but the speed can help a little, but i don't recommend it over like flat ap

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Standard 9/0/21 runes
as long as you follow the offense part correctly and have the experience, flash, movement speed, and buff masteries, it doesn't matter where you put the others as long as its not useless.

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Skill Sequence

This passive is what makes annie, ANNIE. This skill can give you a stun eround every 10-20 seconds in lane and is what makes annie feared. Abuse this passive

Annie's bread and butter farming skill. This allows Annie to farm efficiently in lane as one of the easiest last hitters to use due to the returning mana cost from its ability.
Annie's AOE cone damage skill. Generally this skill is great after buying 2 dorans and a blasting wand, you can instakill the caster minions using this and with 2 dorans only you can burst them and auto attack them each once. This deals more damage and her Q and can be used as an AOE stun
Useless only to charge up your stun and don't even bother getting it early to charge up.
Your WTF asdjdsajbd bsajbsadjas skill. Nukes like against enemies and tibbers passive and damage are extreme that it makes up your huge aoe stun and burst. Always start your combos off with tibbers when you have your stun.

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Starting items:
Early Game Build:
Bad Early Game:
Late Game Build:

Prepare for alot of text

I use the start because I believe it to be the best start for Annie and currently is basically the best start for most champions out there right now. My proof is that all the competitive players are using it too. This is to answer alot of people questioning me in my Anivia guide with this start. It allows you to have high mobility with the safety of 3 pots against harrass, If your opponents don't start the same way too then he would be at a slight disadvantage when he uses up all his pots and you still have yours.

If i can last my lane and assume im winning or in a stalemate with my lane opponent. I would farm until 950 gold or a little moar if u don't have any pots left and blue pill back for double doran rings. The double gives you a mini rod of ages at a very cheap price and after buying this, you can officially start bursting people down from here.
If your somehow losing however and used up all your pots, don't risk it and just recall back and buy one doran and alot of pots. Buy 3 doran rings if you still have alot of trouble with your lane opponent.

From here I build which is a 100% core item then proceed to buy void staff 98% of the time because any decent player will start building mr even if its one person or 2% of the time i'll get then .

I build as my 5th item because late game is where team fights will start making the difference whether you win or lose and a big mistake can cost you a win.

Lastly I build because that extra life can change a losing teamfight to a win and basically same as the banshee description

Generally the order is build ap early and start going tanky late game.

Viable Items:

This is an old school annie's build, building this means ur sacraficing your early game damage for late game damage. I don't build this at all but it is viable and it feels like a rly slow down on my damage becuz of its cost

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This summoner spell is soo overpowered on Annie thats its basically a must to get this or your bad. This summoner allows Annie to do her huge burst from out of nowhere and gives annie her unpredictable bursting potential when fighting your lane opponenet and even when ganking people.
The distance for flash is actually a little further than what the circle predicts if you aim your mouse outside of the circle. It also gives a little more distance if your flashing over your wall with the perfect timing and distance, you will not crash but instead jump even further.

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Combo #1

Great harrassing combo early game because the Stun will land through the Q which will setup for your W. You can use this combo with or without your stun when your harrassing in lane when you have the chance.

Combo #2

Use this when you don't have your ultimate and have your stun up for an aoe stun.

Combo #3

Yep your full blown teamfight combo and 1 hit ko burst combo. This is what makes annie feared soo much. Your disintegrate and incinerate can be used in any order after tibbers.

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This is where the greatness of annie's skills comes in
She is one of the easiest champs to farm as.

Your is basically a stronger autoattack due to the fact you get mana back and charge up your stun. Try to either last hit with it or autoattack and then instantly cancel the animation by using your immediately right after. Its also a much faster than your autoattack.

When you have You can one shot the caster minions with your
Note: However it didn't one shot the minions in this picture because the game went 18 minz in my custom game but usually you would get these items before 15 minz in and should be able to one shot the caster minions

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Ranked Play

Just a small section here. When playing ranked or even normal too, generally I like to start because you can charge up my stun in your fountain so that when an enemy invades your jungle or you invade the enemy jungle, you will be setup to do an aoe stun and have the higher advantage in getting first blood.

This is why in my skill sequence I prioritized W as my first skill

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Team Work

In teamfights, Annie is best used when hitting as many champions as possible specifically the squishies. Sometimes you don't wanna just dive straight in a teamfight instead sometimes I just wait until they dive into my teammates and when they are grouped up together then I unleash my combos and completely decimate them.

Sometimes though getting a squishy or carry caught out of position can truly be worth the combo for just that one carry because they would lose one of their main source of damage and the game specifically becomes a 5v4 already.

Don't just try to run away however when you think you might die. Soemtimes its better to suicide or risk some batiing becuz of ur huge burst. Juking skillshots and returning the favor can truly show the difference between good players and GREAT players and learning on when to use your skillz correctly.

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Laning against certain champions

This section assumes your going to mid lane usually and will talk about what champs you would usually see in mid and will not talk about champs that may go mid but doesn't usually happen in this current meta.

This lane matchup should not be too hard if you started with boots because you can just dodge his skillshots. Just try to farm against him until your 6 and after this, you will have the advantage against brand.

I believe morgana is one of the few counters to annie due to the fact her black shield can stop her stun and also blocks some of annie's damage. By the time morgana can get her catalyst, annie would not be able to burst her down anymore and she can just spellvamp her hp back.

never played against him with annie, you can probably beat a bad xerath but a good xerath would probably be toe to toe with annie

After her nerfs she hasn't been seen lately in any games at all. Her nerfs made her laning from unstoppable to pretty weak early game which causes annie to be better than orianna overall now. I use to love using her before though too bad those nerfs destroyed her laning phase.

DO NOT AND I MEAN DO NOT LET THIS GUY LIVE TO LVL 6. He is a complete counter to you if he plays his early game right. Beat him down badly pre-6 or get a lane switch with top lane because this guy counter you.

Just dodge her skillshots and beat her up. Your stronger in a 1v1 compared to her

He is a current FoTM right now because of his huge early game burst against you. I believe that you still fight against a sion but just buy alot of pots when laning against him and ward. By the time he gets his double dorans is where he can start harrassing you heavily. You scale better into late game so just try to survive until then or get ganks.

Don't ask me, hes the only champ I still don't know how to counter in lane against, just try to burst him down from full to none is your only option you can't really harrass him.

His q is really easy to dodge and he is one of the squishies champs in the game. You have the advantage when fighting against him

due to all the minions blocking the way, you generally have the bigger advantage in this lane

yep. Don't let him farm, keep destroying him early game, hes a late game champ

he is just realy bad now from the nerfs and you can outharass his heal and damage. you can beat this lane.

The range nerfs has kinda made tf a little worse now but still a viable pick. You can win your lane because hes one fo the squishier champs.

Should be a tough lane but you just sit back and farm easily and burst her down. Depends who can hit each other with their skills more frequently.

wooo boy, hes a main ban currently because of his insane damage and tankiness. Him going mid is a huge freaking counter against you because of his silence and thus you should best get a lane swap here if you do see him in your lane.

You can win early game. Late game he becames super tanky and deals damage.

I have not played against him in like forever but your early game is stronger than his because hes a tanky ap and can heal everything back. Just don't get caught in his snare.

your burst combo should be able to outburst his combo faster, but it can go either way depending on the players.

Never faced against her with annie yet, you should win because shes weak against stun and your the stun bot of LoL

because hes meleee and require his barrels you should be the stronger laner. Once he gets to 6 though, be careful cuz that ultimate combined with a gank should leave you dead if you get hit by it.

Her early game burst is soo much stronger that you gotta get them pots but you can probably return the burst back. Just be careful against her and you'll be good.

wtf am I doing this for. =\ goes either way

Akali is a ****ing OP right by many people, but I believe Annie is a good counter to akali due to her stun and burst that can shutdown akali from bursting other people.

eh kinda of a stalemate if he can get his ult in on himself and he can burst you back.

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All in all Annie is a great champ and is what I consider to be one of the strongest champs out there currently. And as of this time in ranked, Annie is not considered as ban anymore because of other OP champs and thus is a great champ if you want to win games with.

Ask any questions and I'll be sure to answer back as soon as I can. Upvote does not require a comment but I would appreciate if you guys give me a comment and if you downvote please give me a real good reason as to why you downvoted or I'll consider it as a trollvote. But at least tell me whats wrong so that I can respond to you back before you downvote if you still don't like it after my comments.

Thanks for reading my long *** guide. Now go get some free wins

Btw don't just add me ingame without telling me and getting my approval cuz i don't want random invites from people if u need help