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Annie Build Guide by DildoughBaggins

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DildoughBaggins

Annie: It's This Easy

DildoughBaggins Last updated on July 20, 2011
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 21

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So you want to melt your opponent's face? So badly so that the only thing able to cool them off is their own tears as they cry about how OP you are? If that's the case then Annie is definitely the champion for you!


Big Ole Nuke
Big Ole Ability to Farm
Big Ole Stuns
Big Ole Bear


Really Annoying Voice
Other Team Will Complain

Common Insults You Will Be Subject To Playing Annie:

Stop Playing a Recommended Champion
Play a Harder Champion
You are bad Annie is OP

Proper Responses to the Opposition:

Lol Misclick


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Runes and Masteries

I'm not real big on runes. If you would rather spend your IP on a champion rather than those silly runes, Annie is perfect for you! If it was a perfect world and I had the runes I wanted they would be as follows:

x9 Greater Mark Of Insight
x9 Greater Seal Of Potency
x9 Greater Glyph Of Focus
x3 Greater Quintessence Of Fortitude (The extra health is great early, and can save you when you are taunting the other team and catch a stun in the mouth.)

The Runes I Actually Use:

x9 Greater Mark Of Insight
x9 Greater Seal Of Evasion
x9 Greater Glyph Of Focus
x3 Greater Quintessence Of Fortitude

Alternative Runes:

In all honesty I think Annie can still carry with any runes in the game.


I run the standard 9/0/21 on Annie. The reason for the point in Utility Mastery is because if you end up with golem buff, you want to keep that cdr and mana regen for as long as you can to help your stability in the lane.

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Summoner Spells

Why Clarity? Clarity allows Annie to harass and farm with little to no mana problems. I know Annie's restores its mana cost IF you land a killing blow with it. If you plan on harassing, which you should with that stun of yours, but aren't able to monitor and maintain your mana well, is the spell for you! In combination with her , Clarity allows Annie to farm AND harass all day.
Flash is the best escape mechanism in my opinion. It can also be used to get that big ole bear of yours into range. All around one of the best summoners in the game.

Alternative Summoner Spells

Ignite helps Annie out early game when she is not putting out quite enough damage. It can ensure you pick up that kill that ALMOST got away, and help feed your .

Why I Use Clarity, and Why You Should Too!

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Lane Partners


Annie is an all around lovable girl. She hits hard and has a frequent stun. The only setback in lane partners comes with her love to farm minions. Boy does Annie love to farm. With its low cooldown gives Annie free reign over the minions almost constantly, and from some range. Combined with the mana restoration of last hitting with she is a farming machine. Her makes her one of the best 2v1 lane champs in my opinion. However, If you find yourself in a duo lane some champions are better suited to lane with Annie than others. All in all you want to stick with tanky dps, and stay away from ranged carries.

Who to Lane With

Annie needs a partner who doesn't need many minion kills, but can still put up a fight. A champion who can save her from death, and deal out damage of their own. Champions such as: Blitzcrank,Rammus,and Shen work well with Annie. All in all though essentially any champion can prove an adequate partner for her.

Annie also lanes well with heavy hitting dps, such as: Master Yi and Jax.

Who Not to Lane With

Annie needs those minions kills, and you as Annie are going to take them as your own. Using to last hit minions can unfortunately cause your lane partner to be starved. Annie should stay away from characters who thrive on minion kills such as: Gangplank, Sion, Nasus, and Veigar.

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Skill Sequence

I pick up first with Annie because of its usefulness for farming. Right out of the gate you are picking up minion kills and can charge your stun quickly. I've seen some Annie's choose first. You cast it in the spawn pool until you have your stun, and then head out for first blood. I have to disagree with this method because most players use and will escape after the stun. Its cooldown also renders you useless for a bit. On the other hand comes back up quickly and allows you to continue your chase for first blood, and begin farming at level 1. I alternate between and until level 6 where I get At level 7 I get . I wait until level 7 to get because honestly before now you don't need it, and frequently I just use it to bump up my stacks for my stun. After level 7 I max out followed by of course picking up that Big Ole Bear along the way, Saving for last.

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Item Sequence

How to Do it Right:

So right out of the gate you pick up and a . The provides some AP to pick up those pesky minion last hits and I choose a over a because you already have the mana restoration from as well as your .

I get the before I get to aid in my stack acquiring as well as aiding in my stack preserving. The goal is to get both at the same time, but if you must you should always get the boots first, because most likely your opponents will at least have their by this point.

I get the over a because I want to get AP quickly to help secure kills and build up my . If you are able to afford a at this point go for it! The more AP the better.

After you get your , you should be melting face. Next you want to pick up a in progress toward your

Provides you with tons of AP as well as armor. If you're doing it right they should start coming after you, at which point you just use the active effect of and let your team handle the rest.

Next up is a as you head on your way to an . I choose to pick up a because it provides you with AP and MR to nuke the other team and give you a little more protection in a team fight.

More than likely at this point the other team is focusing you, if not it's GG. Pick up a to protect yourself from getting initiated upon or stunned.

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Alternative Items

If things aren't going your way early I would suggest picking up a instead of a . On the other hand if you have made it to late game and the other team is not focusing you but has built some MR I would buy a for the AP and Magic Pen.

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Early, Middle, and Late Game

Early Game:

Early game you want to try and get pick up as many minion kills as you can, should be pretty easy with your . I see a lot of other Annie's keep their stun as soon as they get it, and wait to use when they have a chance to stun the enemy. DON'T DO THAT! Early game you need to farm the minions. If you have pretty good health, the other team is playing defensive, and your lane partner is with you there is no need to save your stun. Use to get another minion kill. If you do have your stun up, and the other team is being aggressive, wait for the enemy to mess up and get out of position. A quick stun and then a will put them back in their place. Use this tactic to slowly wear your opponents down as you prepare for level 6. Hopefully by level 6 you have worn down one of the enemy champions enough to end their life. There are different ways you can go about this:

My Favorite

Save your stun for them to walk into range of your . Hit them with a quick and then unleash the wrath of Tibbers on their head with . Now scream into /all chat with a nice "HAVE YOU SEE MUH BEAR TIBBUH!?"

Remember you can control Tibbers by holding ALT and right clicking! If someone survives have him chase them down and feast on their charred flesh!

Another Possibility

If your health is low, and your opponent is sticking with his lane partner instead of using your stun, open up on them with a stun, followed by and .

Once you have killed or wounded your opponent with your bear maul, forcing them to teleport back to the spawn pool, you should head home as well. Pick up your and . For some reason frequently the other team doesn't realize how deadly your flaming bear is, and feeds you some stacks. Once your bear's appetite is satiated and your pockets are full of gold head back for your . Its time to snowball out of control.

Mid Game:

Mid game you should have your turret down, If not, anytime you sick your bear on them and they don't die, have Tibbers chase them around the tower while you destroy it. Be careful! If Tibbers does damage to them the tower will target you. Once your tower is down it is time to roam. Look for the lane under pressure and have confidence in the AOE stun that Tibbers brings with his arrival. in from the side if needed. Give them the good ole and then sick Tibbers on the survivor.

Late Game

At this point you should be laughing as you one combo everyone who gets in your way. Take a stroll through the enemy jungle for kicks, wait in the river grass, sit outside their base, whatever you do have confidence your small frame will strike fear into them. In teamfights drop a stun onto the grouped up enemies, then use your ...All the squishes are dead. Use your to pick off the one who ALMOST got away.

What If I'm Not a Face Melting She Demon?

Well my friend then use your common sense, stick to the back of fights, never move alone, and keep your stun up at all times. Even if you are not fed out of your mind you should be able to one combo champions like Ashe and Vayne. If the other team starts focusing you in a team fight remember to use . Your stun can also be used as an escape mechanism. If you goof and walk into a 3v1, and you are not a face melting she demon who can get a triple kill, drop a in their mouths and run. Let the bear do his job and chase them around the jungle.

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Tricks and Tips

Over the many games I've played as Annie I've learned a couple of things.

Escape Mechanisms

Your stun is your best friend, second to Tibbers of course, if you get in a tight spot don't be afraid to turn around and stun them.

Tibbers can make a great deterrent! If they are chasing you through the jungle sick the bear on them! If he doesn't scare them away, send him in a different direction than yourself, and lead them astray.

Ways to Break your Opponent's Spirit! Yay!

Once you are sufficiently fed hide in the grass! When they walk in greet them with Tibbers and the rest of your combo! It will have them raging every time. I've found the best grass to be right outside the middle lane of the enemy base. They never expect it!

If they are killing dragon, baron or any buff really, flash in and kill them all! Make sure to ask if they have seen your bear Tibbers!

If your team is on the retreat, but for whatever reason you are still good to go, come in from the side and nuke them! Pick up some kills then go back to the jungle.

You don't always have to have your stun up! If you think the other team is going to dive on you, get your stun 1 ability from ready. When they come in pop and stun them in the turret! Make sure to let them know what Tibbers has to say about them diving on you!

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Patches & The Problems They Cause

Honestly I doubt any patch is going to cause a problem for Annie. I will try to keep this section updated with the latest patch information, and how it will effect her play.