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Annie Build Guide by Blackbirds1217

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blackbirds1217

Annie- The Secret Tank

Blackbirds1217 Last updated on June 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Blackbird's Tanking guide

"You smell like.... Burning haha"- Annie
Hi, Im Blackbirds, and this is my first guide and hope to hear all the feedback from you guys and hope you like it!

Annie Tank is never seen, never heard of, and worst of all, Never used. Today Ill be telling you the fun, and amazing way to build Annie.My build is about how to tank as Annie, while being able to still pull fairly amount of damage to help out your team even more.She is very useful when it comes to Team fights tanking, her abilities allow her passive, Pyromania, to charge and what leads to all of her initiations.

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The runes I take for this build are primarily Ability power, For little more damage push and molten shield increase,Health, So you can have a bit more survivability and a head start in the beginning, and Armor and Magic resist for well, yeah Magic and armor XD.An optional would to have some Cd reduction for being able to throw out more Disintegrate to build for pyromania.

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The masteries I take personally for Annie is with just a classic Tanking set (Shen Build for me);however, She is also viable if you use a Caster tree taking All ap boosts in attack tree and heading into defense for Hp increase and Magic or armor increase.

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Items and their Alternatives

Ill Be talking about Item choices and the alternatives for them depending on the enemy team.
Ninja Tabi is picked up early on to help reduce damage taken and to give you that extra armor and push in speed, It can easily be swapped over for Mercury's Treads if you need the Magic resist instead of the armor.In the middle of the build you purchase a Blasting Wand that would later(very last) turn into a Rod of Ages, this iis easily put off until the end if you want to just pick up banshees first then go down the line from there. In the guide is yet another change that can occur, The chalice is picked up early on for the magic resist and the mana regen, but can be swapped for a Spirit Visage ultimately letting you complete your build faster but negating the AP boost in the end and mana regen.

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Passive. After casting 5 spells, Annie's next spell cast will stun the target for 1.75 seconds. Build these charges up before entering a team fight for this is Annie's most valuable initia ion tactic. AoE abilites such as your W and your R will cause stuns on impact as well.

Q. Annie hurls a mana-infused fireball,dealing damage and refunding mana if it kills the target. This ability is great for early on as is helps build charges with its low cool down and is a great minion farm tool. This will also help with harassment in lane until they are low enough for a stun and to move in.I like to pick this up at level one and max it first for intiation, charging passive, damage, and minion farm.

W. Annie casts a blazing cone of fire, dealing damage to all targets in the area. This is a great ability to start off team fights with if you are saving tibbers for later in the fight, it will allow you to stun most of the targets and let your team come in and start damaging away. This is not usually the best minion farm since it does not refund mana, but is great if you want to clear a minion wave and/or charge your Passive.I like to pick this up at level 4 but could be picked up at level 2 instead of Molten Shield since you really shouldnt be taking heavy hits that early, and max it last.

E. Shields Annie from harm, reducing damage taken and returns damage back to the attacker. This is a wonderful ability when they start to focus you. I usually use this along time before fight starts to add my charges up, but if you feel like a fight is about to erupt avoid using it because you WILL need it in the fight. This goes well with thornmail against Physicial dps for both apply to them and deal massive damage over the course of time. What is amazing about this is it also boosts your armor and magic resist so it is vital to use if they are focusing you or AOE ults or moves.I like to pick this move up at level 2 unless you picked up incinerate then pick it up at level 4 and max it second.

R. Annie wills her bear Tibbers to life, dealing damage to units in the area. Tibbers can attack and also burns enemies that stand around him. This is a great initiating tool with pyromania stun available. As you see in the description he burns all enemies standing near him so the longer he stays in the fight the more AOE pressure he applies to the enemy team trying to fight back. Not only does he burn enemies around him but his cast is somewhat like ziggs ult just not as far ranged, but a circle to where to summon him. Where he is summoned applies instant damage and applies the stun(if available). I like to pick this up at 6,11,and 16 like all ults.
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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells and Their Alternatives

Now the Summoner spells will always be your choice and there are some alternatives to the ones above.
I love flash, it gives you the ability to distance yourself from a failing team fight (yeah right!), to escape a gank, or to chase down a target that is trying to flee.
For Flash you can always exchange for Ghost since it allows just increased speed and may be better for chasing enemies or hurrying to rescue an ally.

is a decent summoner spell that most tanks get because it can help you secure a kill, heal your falling ally, tricking the enemy into thinking they have you then healing to kill them :P. But it does have it alternate, If you like to be more offensive I would go with Ignite since it does give you an AP boost if specced into that mastery when it's on cool down and applies a dot that will secure kills if the enemy is escaping at low health, and reduces the enemies health regen (even from abilites like Volibear's passive)

is not a bad choice either because you slow them, allowing you to catch up and stun, reduce their damage to you or an ally, which in the log run will help alot on a fed target.

is a great tanking spell because it allows mobility. If one of your lanes are being pushed you can go ahead and port there and stop it. Or if your team has set up wards you can tele to a ward and sneak attack the enemy to help your team. Basically it allows you to protect your team even more than you would be able to without it.

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Lane, Position and Objective

Laning,Positioning, and Objective!

Whenever building Annie as a tank NEVER take middle, unless you are the only one that is able. In mid it is just you and the other person and being tank you do not pull off enough early game damage to successfully push the tower and will just have to play D and hope for ganks. When i play this build i shoot for bottom in the role of the tank and have a very high dps with me. Your position should be in top or bot lane but never solo,and you should be out with the range minions scoping CS with Disintegrate or with the melee getting CS and harassing the enemy champs. Above all make sure they cannot kill your DPS so try to stun them whenever they try to pull off an assault. Your main objective out of everything else is to harass the team as much as possible while making sure you have enough charges and mana to stun the lowest champion and secure a kill with your DPS (most likely Carry).

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How I play

My Playstyle

When I pick up tank Annie i like to harass and be the bully in a lane. I also like to fully support my dps my signaling when i can stun and when we can head out to destroy the enemies.This will be better seen in a Video I will upload later and edit it.

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Your Role in Fights

Updating soon

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All Things Must Come to An End- The Summary of The Secret Tank

Well, There you have it, my first guide on how to play Annie, The real way. This is a fun build and really shocks people on how well it works. Most people will think Annie is squishy and like to target her because of her burst, this time it is not the case :). In all this build is Tanky with some AP to allow you to not be totally useless while tanking hits.I have never seen a guide to tank Annie so i hope this one gets up there to show everyone that she is viable!Now bear with me since I most likely failed at linking, but you should get the overall idea.

That is pretty much all I hope you guys like it. I wish to see your criticsm, Feedback, and anything to help improve my Annie Tank build. Thanks for taking the time and go have fun!

Ingame (Hoacds)
And if you ever want to play just add me, I'm always up for some fun :D.