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League of Legends Build Guide Author rave#11411

AP/AS Irelia Rape.

rave#11411 Last updated on November 18, 2010
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Hey, this is my guide to AP/AS Irelia.


These phrases may pop up and you may not know what they mean, thus a key shall be made.
AP = Ability Power
AS = Attack speed
AD = Attack Damage

First and Foremost
So, I tried AP/AS Irelia, and good god.
I've tried tanky/lifestealing, straight up AD, and straight up AS (madreds etc.) And found that while these builds are good, they don't really bring out the rape that is Irelia.

Irelia, contrary to popular belief in many forums, is not bad.
I'm not saying AP/AS is the only way she becomes rape. It's just the most fun/most burst possible. You deal so much damage in a short period of time WHILE having sustained dps its amazing. Your Q and E hit for ungodly amounts and your ultimate + auto hits with W = great sustained damage. Where most burst casters have nothing to do after the burst, Irelia is still in your face, beating you apart.

Runes: ArP for early-mid game dps, even late game
Mp5/level for mana problems, Ap/level for extra AP.

Why does it rape? Your E has a base damage of 300 max rank with a relatively (6 second or so) cooldown on a 1:1 Ratio. Also has stun/slow.

Your Q has a good base damage when you look at the passive AD you get just per level. That AD bonus + base damage is around 300 as well, with a 1:1 ratio with lichbane.

Your W is not really good tbh going straight up AD, as it does not really scale with anything besides attack speed, but the reason why AP Irelia works is because she is a melee caster that can still rip through people auto attacking because of your AS + W, with 700 damage + nukes on short CD's, and the bit of survivability from W's passive, and your ulti which can rip through people and heal yourself as well.

General Build:

Rush a Sheen, starting with Sapphire Crystal and 1 pot of each, as Sheen really boosts your early-mid game damage with your Q hitting even harder than it would at that point if you were AD, and the AP boosting your E. Get 1 or 2 ranks in your Q, but generally max your E first (main damage dealer with its crazy base damage) and W (good lane staying power and sustained dps).
Level 6 or 7, headback and get Sheen + first boots if possible.

Start to jungle on and off, with W having a cpl ranks you will easily be able to jungle + your ultimate after getting golem (get golem asap because your ultimate is why you dont need to have lifestealing to stay at full health in jungle.)

Gank whenever possible, opening up with Q, E, W and spamming with ultimate while wacking em away. Irelia's ultimate has SUCH a low cooldown for the damage it ends up doing, the only issue is when you miss, which after 1 or 2 games won't be a problem ^^. Remember to point your mouse where you want to shoot!

After jungling for a bit, get boots, which should be merc. treads if they have 3 CC+ (2 CC your passive is more than enough), or if they don't have "scary CC" as in a team of taunts/ stuns, but their CC is instead slows mainly, then get the zerker greaves whenever possible.

Work on first your Lichbane, then Nashors tooth. They key (which many people don't realize) with item builds is having a constant supply of what I call power. What I mean by this is, You don't want to finish an expensive item like Lichbane, and go into another 'expensive' item (these are items with few recipe requirements like zhonyas, which has 860G, and 1600G), unless you can afford to because of your farming and kills, instead, you want to work on an item like Nashors which is still necessary for the build, but has 2 solid items that are not expensive to work up to instead, such as the fiendish codex. After Nashors, you more than likely, also keeping in mind the exception that if you can afford zhonyas, go for it, want to get rageblade, as this boosts your W, Q and E (and R obviously). The attack speed you get from pounding on enemies between bursts just makes your second round of burst (unless they aren't already dead ^^) even stronger, while you get more hits off for your 75 true damage.

Finally, get zhonya's and if the game is not over, get items according to the enemy, such as survivability if you feel you need it, or magic pen (void staff).

Alternatives to the build:

While Malady is not included, this is also a great choice to include as it is relatively cheap and boosts the build as well, I just did not find the attack speed needed compared to nashor's and rageblade, which gave us enough already, but I may have to test it and see how malady does in the build.

Merc. Treads as stated earlier are only needed if they have alot of scary CC, as CC reduction is multiplicative, which means you don't end up with 35% from merc. treads + 40% from passive, but instead you end up with the 40%, then 35% of THAT (pretty sure that's how it works from what Phreak stated, please feel free to clarify). What i do know for sure is that merc. treads is not cost effective as the extra attack speed is unless they have 3 stuns or more, trust me.

Gunblade was not used because it gives no AS, and AD is not what this build is about. The AD from guinsoo's is just icing on the cake, as what we really want is the great attack speed + extra AP that is rewarded from doing what we would already be doing! hitting them for 75 true damage + AD naturally. While I'm sure this is a great item, realistically speaking we don't want another expensive item when we already have Zhonya's, and this item is 3k gold or so.

Rylai's should be used if the survivability is needed, but if not our E already gives a slow which is why it's not in the core build, although rylai's + ulti is so devastating I may end up using it permanently, I would have to test it.

Tips on how to play Irelia

Engage with Q, proccing lichbane/sheen dealing rape damage at all points of the game when following the item build, then E, dealing another massive hit and CC'ing them. What is very important to abuse with Irelia, and what I think was done purposely was the fact that she must think about her fights, like a real warrior would. Letting the enemy get the first hit results in you being able to engage with E instead, stunning them, while getting free hits (using W) to do great damage and recover whatever health you lost. If you can, the ideal skill order is, let them hit you, E, Q, W, R, auto hits while pointing at them and spamming R, and repeat skill order if they are alive. Remember your E stuns if they have higher % hp than you, so letting them get the first hit whenever possible is crucial, and why it is not a problem in the mid game (jungling phase) to gank people, as you Q, E (stunning and slowing with lizard as well), and finishing with hits + ultimate spam.

Team fights:
This is what is great about Irelia.
Her ultimate shoots through people, so focusing a target in the midst of chaos (just because of your passive does not mean you won't die) is crucial, and this is what she was DESIGNED to do, as stated by Ezreal, the designer who made Irelia. It is much faster to kill a person with AP, and your ultimate does crazy damage with the AP as well. The two lightning fast bursts (with 1:1 ratios and short cd's) and your strong attack speed W auto attacks = they will die. When taking some damage, you need to use your ulti wisely. In team fights, if your ulti goes through enough champs + minions, you get healed for crazy (OP even) amounts of health, while doing great dps to their entire team. The reason why her ulti does not need to be spammed and has a window of time to be used in, is because of team fights. In 1v1's go ahead and spam your ulti, it kills them very fast for a reason. In team fights, use your ultimate to make good shots, hitting as much people as possible, when some of your health starts to drop. When being focused, just flash out and spam ultimate , like a ranged carry would in a team fight, then jump onto the next target and finish them.

Early game farming:

Your Q refreshes when it kills, and gives half the mana back. Early game this is so great to last hit with its ridiculous. Its like a no CD 35 mana last hitter if used properly. Irelia can also mid/solo lane because of this, just playing safe and last hitting when available, just like a ranged carry!

In conclusion, hope you have fun and rate please!!!

I've found alot of success with this build, hitting for solid amounts of damage

Give me any advice on how to edit the build! together we will make this the best AP Irelia guide :D