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Ekko Build Guide by Trodelor

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Trodelor

AP Bruiser Ekko Top Lane

Trodelor Last updated on June 11, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Ekko with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Trundle Easily kited and the %health damage you deal will let you easily win trades or pick up kills.
Volibear Easily kited and taken down. You cant kill him if he has his passive but you can pop it with ease.
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Hi, I am Trodelor, a gold ranked player who plays with much higher elo players on several occasions. I have found this build for top lane Ekko to work incredibly well at dealing with the tank meta at hand because you can shred and kite the tanks while still being able to burst the damage dealers in the back if need be.

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I like the magic penetration marks for more early damage, helps against the tanks you see every lane. Flat AP quints again are for damage output. Armor seals are a bit of a saving grace, they prevent a lot of damage you would take otherwise. For the glyphs you can utilize CDR for kiting, MR for dealing with things such as Kennen, Lulu, and Vlad, and scaling AP for easier lanes because they help you scale into late game without much worry.

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I choose to go 21/9 to maximize the early damage potential Ekko has in the top lane. The extra attack speed from Fury is extremely helpful for auto attack trades and getting your passive proc. Arcane blade is the other must have in the build as it immensely increases your auto attack damage, more than most people expect.

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Almost always start flask, you need the extra mana, and with no innate sustain in his kit the mini health pots are welcomed.
Rushing RoA is an every game thing. It not only gives you damage output but also grants a basis to start your tank foundation on with health and more mana to use your spells more frequently.
Next you go iceborn, it grants armor for extra tank stats, the sheen proc is incredibly important to your damage output as well as the slow field helping waveclear and kiting potential, CDR is what makes this build work for the most part, and more mana for the spells is always a bonus.
Following Iceborn i like to pick up an abyssal scepter. Lowering an enemies MR while bolstering your own is a great bonus as well as granting you additional AP. Note: Against and ap top laner like Kennen get the abyssal second because unless massively ahead you need the magic resist.
Follow that with a randuin's omen or banshee's veil depending on the enemy team composition. Fairly self explanatory.
Follow that with 1 of 3 items, Liandry's Torment, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, or a Will of the Ancients. All 3 items grant more survivability. Liandry's is for tank shred and more damage, Rylai's is for extra kiting if they have a heavy engage team, and Will grants you more sutain against a poke comp as well as max CDR.
For boots you have 3 choices in the top lane Ionian Boots (my favored) Mercury treads for the cc heavy lanes and Ninja Tabi for people like Irelia and the like.

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Skill Sequence

Fairly self explanatory. Use the q for harass and max it first. Then the e for quick burst and more engage/disengage. Max w last as it is your least useful skill in most occasions. Put points in the ult whenever possible.

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In lane your q provides amazing harass as well as the best way to proc your passive. if you hit someone with the q wait until it is about to come back, then quickly dash to them when it does netting you 3 procs and a free won trade with your passive. If you need to use your w make sure to time it correctly leading into the path you are forcing your enemy to take or in the path you are going down for the shield. Chronobreak is generally used for mobility in this build but is great for surviving fights or throwing out some heavy burst during one.

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Ranked Play

People in ranked play do not expect the strength of ekko top. They will generally underestimate you and it will hurt them in lane. If someone knows how to play against you and how much damage you deal though, the lanes can be a bit harder to win and a lot more dependant on skill.

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Pros / Cons

- Good Sustained Damage
- Great kiting
- Easy lane phase most of the time
- Strong roaming and teleport ganks or teamfighting
- Can be countered by heavy harass
- Needs time to scale and be its most effective
- Hard to solo carry, needs a team behind him to put in the most work

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Team Work

To work with your team you can very easily synchronize roams tp ganks strong engages and several other things. This build makes Ekko an incredibly strong team fight force with all his AOE. Use communication to get a lead and snowball it for your team.

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Unique Skills

Ekko has incredibly unique engage and disengage potential because of his passive e and w abilities. The passive grants an incredibly powerful slow to create picks or help destroy a backline while giving you a way to get out or keep going. The dash gives you the ability to land your other skills and proc your passive earlier while giving you your iceborn proc for more damage and slow, the blink can also be extremely useful for engaging over walls or popping your w stun/shield. The extreme range of the w can be great for catching people off guard with long range engages, following those up with your stun and slow as you have your shield all charged up while your team gets a lot of free damage on the board.

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Farming is incredibly easy just dont eat a lot of harass and if you do utilize your q and passive procs to farm.

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Ekko top is a very strong build that grants a lot of utility as well as damage to a team composition. He fits in best with a heavy engage or pick oriented team where he can really shine. He also has great turret pushing potential if you need to split push down some objectives. Never underestimate this pick, it can be a force to be reckoned with.