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Caitlyn Build Guide by DarkMatiYoshi

AP Caitlyn - Nuking With A Fatal Combo!

By DarkMatiYoshi | Updated on July 27, 2012

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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Well the reason of why I wanted to create this build it was because I just got bored of playing with the same chars and having like cait AD , WW AD and Tristana AD , So I tryied AP Caitlyn and it does actually work!
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Pros / Cons

Pros+ If your opponent gets stuck n a trap and you are there you can use your combo to **** him up
+ You will make your enemies say "OMG WHAT?"
+ After doing your combo you can use your ult if your opponent is escaping with low health
+ I'm DarkMatiYoshi O.O Lolz xP
+ It will be fun because of trying a new "Caitlyn"
- As AP you won't have armor or magic resist so you will be like One Shoot And You Are Dead...
- If you just fail at aiming your deathfire or E you will be in trouble
- Hard To Master
- Your ult can be dodged by: Shaco , Fizz , Etc and a partner of their team
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Summoner Spells

Primary Spells: Because you don't have to be using your E everytime you have to run faster , Your E it's a spell to kill not to run in this build , and ghost helps a lot
: Because if you want to get kills you would have to get this for the combo~

Secondary Spells
PROMOTE: If you want to change this for ghost it will be a good idea it helps you to farm really good and gives you gold , cait ap it's not a good farmer if you don't have a good level or a good AP
TELEPORT: You could get a ward next to your trap and when you see someone's going to get stuck n your trap you can teleport next to it so you can get a nice gank , also it will help you to get to the base , like if you are running away from enemies , you just get a trap next to you and teleport back home
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: You will need this for magic pen.
: Some mana regen because you will need it~
: Ability Power per level is good for your Deathfire Grasp
: 1 Magic Pen
: And more Ability Power!
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Combo / Skill Sequence

If you are level 6 and you have deathfire you can do your combo:
1- Use your Yordle Snap Trap and get 4 , 2 n bush , 1 where you think someone is gonna gank you and the other one try to get it next to your enemies.
2- If you see that an enemy's got stuck n a trap throw your deathfire grasp at his face and do this combo
Combo: + DeathFire Grasp + Ignite + Yordle Snap Trap (Behind the Target) + 90 Caliber Net + Piltover Peacemaker
3- Then he will be like in 30% of health , you just auto attack it or run away , then you Calculate his health and if he is in 250 of health or low you ult Ace in the Hole him up , your Ult does 250 of DMG
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I choose cooldown masteries because i will need like 30% of cooldown to my spells and also to my ignite
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This guide only works because of cait's Cooldown , if you don't have spells don't send yourself against someone , it's like AP Tristana~
League of Legends Build Guide Author DarkMatiYoshi
DarkMatiYoshi Caitlyn Guide

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AP Caitlyn - Nuking With A Fatal Combo!