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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author slazi

AP Critplank aka KSplank

slazi Last updated on April 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
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Utility: 8

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I decided to change few things since Raise Morale is way more powerfull and usefull than before. It gives your team a nice burst, and advantage to chase or run away.
1st I changed skill sequence. I want raise morale on lvl 3 in mid game, lowered parley lvl by one, and curvy by one.
Also I changed items.

2nd Ghost is still atractive but just in early game, raise morale gives you a lot of speed. So I changed it on Exaust.

Hello! Its my 1st build so far, I decided to create one coz I created my own way to how to play GP (its not very orginal!) and wanted to share it.

So here it is!

Why "aka KSplank"? Check at "how to play" chapter

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Standard AD carry build. I just want to add two things.
Why no offensive mastery? Well actually for what you need it? Just last hit creeps, in jungle you will hande buffs on level 6-7.

Why 22 points in Offense tree? I see a lot of builds with Greed from Utility tree. In 30 minutes game its 180g.
Imo its way better to put 4 points in Alcarity, attack speed is always welcome. If you dont see that you can always boost your armor or magic resist a bit.

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You will have a lot of critical strike from items, so dont boost it too much by runes.

Personally I`m using Malice and Furor as Marks. It gives some extra crit on start, and crit dmg is important in late game. You can replace them with Desolations, ARP is always cool for AD champ.

Clarity. It regens your mana uber fast in early game, its important, nothing else to add.

CDR is awesome, especially for your parley. Get it dont ask.

I`m using Furor, but Desolation is good aswell. Like in MARKS point.

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Summoner spells

Ghost is needed.
You might replace Ignite with Flash if you like.
Also Exaust is good for team but remember you have slow from your ulti and you are just like Kubica in F1.

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Gangplank is redesinged, so aswell I changed items.
The main stat is critical strike, thats the real power of GP, you need at least 80% for shure.

Sooooo lets go!
1st you always want to start with 2 potions and Brawler's Gloves.
You want to get 2x Avarice Blades as next items. Then choose boots, I preferee Swiftness but Lucidity is good aswell.
Next thing you want is Zeal (if enemies harras you a lot you might get Executioner's 1st), then Infinite Edge (starting with Cloak).
After that it depense. If you dont have Executioner's yet, and enemy is focusing you, go get Executioner's, in other case just upgrade Zeal to Phantom Dancer.

And now theres a big change in my build. I used to get trinity and Last Whisper as next two items, replace blades with it (or Warmog if I need more survability).
But now! You dont need as much movement speed as before since Raise Morale is changed. So I`m goin for anthoner Infinite Edge. In that case I have over 100% critical strike, so I replace Executioner's with Stark's (its recommended if you have few melee/range nukers in team).
You are still missing one item but you are very powerfull allready.
So you might go for Warmog for extra survability, Trinity for more movement and attack speed, or Cleaver(or Last Whisper) for ARP. It depense on match!

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How to play

Well what can I say. In first words remember, Your scurvy removes any type of slow, stun or fear. Its a huge advantage over your enemies. Use it smart, dont just heal youself before team fight coz you might die when it is on cd.

You have to read no1. ITS VERY IMPORTANT!

1. GP its a champ whos dealing insane AD. Remember, dont be greedy on kills! You dont want your team mates to call you KSer, so if you see your mate chasing and enemy, dont dare to use Parley! if he needs help just help him with melee, if you will kill enemy "by mistake" then say sorry, you didnt want it. If you dont have to, then dont help your partners, just run around to help in case its needed. Why? Its just too easy to KS by mistake.

2. Early game.
Depense whos your lane partner. You might harras your enemies, but do that with Parley at least lvl 2(lvl 3 would be better, if you dont have to, then dont boost 2nd skill, you will not need it if you lane partner is good or enemies are lame).
Remember to tap E before you shoot(now you dont have to kill your own creep).

If enemies arent easy to harras, just last hit mobs, from time to time shoot an enemy, and remember to kill mobs with parley, it gives you extra gold ;]

If enemies are harrasing you (also, solo lane).
Dont boost parley. Boost your insane fruits Scurvy. You will not solo two enemies on early game and you have to know that. Dont try to kill an enemy unless theres someone to help you with that or enemy is very lame.

3. Mid game.
Dont run too much alone. GP isnt high survability hero, and enemies likes to focus him. If you can and noone of your team mates need it more than you (its good to just ask) then get both of buffs.
Remember you have to get a gold. Go jungle if you cant farm creeps on lanes.

4. Late game.
In most of fights enemy should fear you, and unless... focus you :< Dont run in 1st lane, let the tank (or unless theres no tank, someone harder than you) to start a fight. Dont let enemies to taunt you, you are fast so run away a bit, squish some heads with parley and join fight again.
Remember to focus same target as your team, UNLESS theres some ninja champ whos dealing insane dmg and going down fast under your sword (for example Twitch).

5. Ulti
Well now its redesinged - its good. Now you just slow all enemies in range of ulti, no matter did it hit them or not. Use your ulti smart. If your team is chasing an enemy, block hes way and slow him down. If you or your team mate is chased, also use ulti to slow enemies.
In TF you might use it to get some additional aoe dmg, but still remember. It gets from AP, you dont like AP, so dont count on ulti too much. You will not kill a lot of enemies by it.