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League of Legends Build Guide Author .Evelynn.1

**** AP Evelynn - Try this out

.Evelynn.1 Last updated on February 22, 2011
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Basically, this is just a variation of the AP Evelynn build which almost every single guide is about - and I disagree with the AP Evelynn build. I find that it's hard to actually be of any worth before level 15+, so I decided to write this guide.

Also, this guide is simply scraped completely off somebody whom I had already played with. We were on opposite teams, of course, and she played this build (the one I'm featuring now) and I played the AP build. Simply put, I got raped. Badly. As such, I took note of her build and tried it out myself: my next score ended up as 27:1:9. Big improvement from 5:4:2.

And, with the introduction sorted, let's move on to the actual guide...

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Even though I've said that AP Evelynn IS a worse option, AP gives evelynn a big advantage early game, and so I advise taking raw AP runes for Glyphs, Seals and Quintessences - yes, I do know that, actually, AP per level exceeds the raw AP at close to level 6 or so... but that's just my point: they give her an advantage EARLY GAME, which is all these runes are for. Mid-late game I find that Evelynn is very non-reliant on runes, so that's just how I play.

As for Marks, I just get raw magic penetration because, again, it works for the better between levels 1-6.

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Here I wasn't so sure what to actually propose - but I went with the masteries which go hand-in-hand with magic penetration, CDR and attack speed. Constructive criticism would be very welcome here.

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Start: One cloth armor and 3-5 health pots, depending on how safe you feel.

First recall: You should be looking to get both a Madred's razors and your first boots.

Second recall: Either an Amplifying Tome and your Boots of Mobility, or if you have extra money and you haven't needed to recall earlier for health/mana, then get a sheen with the Boots of Mobility, too.

Third recall: You're looking for your Sheen by now and start building into your Zeal with maybe a dagger or something.

Fourth recall: Definitely got your zeal by now and maybe, if you've been doing well, fit in a few ganks, then a Trinity Force.

Fifth recall: Definitely your Trinity force.

Sixth recall: your Zeal and a little extra, maybe a dagger or the cloak.

Seventh recall: Definitely your Phantom Dancer

Eigth recall: Your Guinsoo's Rageblade straight away because by now you're gonna be going straight rape and completely trashing the other team. You should even really be looking at having that Void Staff aswell.

Ninth Recall: Finish off your half-build of Madred's razor into a Wriggle's Lantern you haven't completed.

If you're needing any more recalls, it should be to get an items of your choice. A Rabadon's Deathcap is a good choice, or, if you want to go REALLY overkill, a Lichbane: 180% of base damage every time an ability is activated, you'll be hitting 1200s with your Ravage, and 500s with your Hatespike.

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Skill Sequence

Hate spike gives you HUGE Dps: it's spammable and basically gives you the advantage of a second auto-attack. You're like 2-in-1.

Ravage is essential for last-hitting and plays a huge role in your ganking. It can hit up to 700s with the AP and Sheen buff which comes out of your Trinity Force.

Malice and Spite makes for easy turret-diving, and hugely increased survivability in team fights, and lets you run around longer without having to recall. It's also a great escape tool.

Shadow Walk is probably your most effective skill: you could play without any other ability but this and still rape completely and utterly. ALWAYS open a gank with this.

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Summoner Spells

Flash: It's an AMAZING escape tool, and I can't stress that enough. It has a large range which enables you to get away efficiently: through walls and even over flat ground it gives you amazing escaping abilities, especially early game when Eve is most vulnerable.

Ignite: Early game it's perfect for getting noobs who try to flee from you. These situations happen VERY frequently during the laning-phase: you simply pop Ignite as the prey gets too close to their turret, where they will be on low health, and it does all the work for you.

Late game it's great for getting long-range last-hits if you can't make it to a battle in time with your Ravage. Also, if you get a situation where you're on low health and you're fleeing from somebody, and you get a lovely team mate to come along and help you out, pop Ignite on them, and as your team-mate finishes them off, you get the last hit, even though you're not even there.

Other alternatives are:
- Teleport: perfect for quick shop trips and health/mana regens early game when Eve is most vulnerable.
- Revive: to get an advantage in team fights and recover from deaths quickly: lets you get the element of surprise on your enemy. They kill you, go 'phew', whiping their brows and thinking you're done with, then push too far ahead of their team mates. You appear, nuke them, run off.

I personally don't think there are any other alternatives to this, but constructive criticism is always accepted here.

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Clever turret-diving: instead of charging in with your ravage and end up dying after you kill the nub behind the turret, pop Malice and Spite and you shouldn't have to worry about the turret: as soon as you kill them in time you'll heal up and skip away at full health.

Double stunning: if you position yourself and, while having Shadow Walk enabled, hit Hate Spike it'll stun two opponents who are standing close to each other.

Invisible recalling: simply hit Shadow Walk and recall - it's like being able to carry a brush about with you everywhere.

Beating Oracles: oracles can't see through the brush - SO MAKE GOOD USE OF IT.

Last-hitting with Ravage: if you're caught up in a fight where your whole team is 5v1-ing an enemy, or even 5v2-ing them, save your Ravage and don't blow it in aid to them, just sit about invisible and when they're on relatively low health hit them with Ravage. It's hard to mess this up since Ravage does so much damage - even if they're on a quarter or even slightly more of their health - you'll still get them.

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What NOT to do

Firstly, tanky characters who focus on armor and magic resistance like Amumu or Malphite are going to be your worst enemy and NEVER try and 1v1 them, even when ganking and opening with Shadow Walk - their armor and magic resistance means you hit about 20s with your auto-attack, and your ravage hits about 200, your Hate Spike hitting about 50s... you're worthless against these guys, so just... don't.

Secondly, NEVER initiate team fights, simply because you're too fast for your team mates. By the time they catch up with you after you've initiated, you're dead. You'll be instakilled as you're pretty squishy.

Thirdly, do NOT play agressively early game - you will get butraped, because Eve is very squishy early game and CANNOT 1v1 ANYBODY yet. This goes for a rule until about level 6 when you'll be able to set up a few ganks on people who are on half or below health. Don't initiate if they have more than that until about levels 14 and over, or at least until you have a Trinity Force.