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Ezreal Build Guide by Reycom

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Reycom

AP EZ Dont Disrespect!

Reycom Last updated on July 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ok i am putting this build up out of sheer agravation of people always saying AP EZ is for noobs! That **** pisses me off so ****ing much and i have thought about puting a build up for a while and geuss what? i did. Your probobly thinking oh why waste my time reading this build its the same as the rest. well its not. AP EZ if the true way to play ez The way he was intended to be.

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Pros and Cons

PROS: good at harasing if you can land skill shots early on.
can last hit well with Q for very low mana
Q shortens cd even on ulti
global ulti to get those pesky runners or initiate.
his skills NUKE!
good escape or chase with e
Epic friggen dance

can be focused
if your bad with skillshots you will suck

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Reds: magic penetration there a must
Blues: i need work on these so any tips would be wonderful
Yellows: hp per lvl i always take yellows i find the extra health really helps. feel free to change them
Quints: ah yes the almight quint. i like to take magic pen. for them but i have taken flat hp as well. mix and match between the two to see which fits your play style.

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these are your standard 9:0:21 very helpful for casters. this is ap ez remember not dps you just want magic pen. so use your standard 9/0/21 but also remember you will be taking clairvoyance so make sure you put the point in upgraded clairvoyance.

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Meki pendant> doran ring: i love the doran items but i feel on ez you spend alot of your mana pool on a single spell combo. with this in mind i like to rush a tear of the goddess. why? with a very spammable Q ability you will be able to pump it up very fast.

sorcerers shoes: magic penetration DUH

mejijas soulstealer: this item is amazing for so many reasons on ez. the main one being he has an increadable potential to pump it up. why? in teamfights your W hits a ton of people anowing easy stacks. also your ulti the one two combo of your ulti ans w devestates.

rabandons: this gives that nice boost to your ap nat is needed it isnt untill after this your actualy noticed in teamfights

Litch bane: this item is your best friend. by now you will have atleast 300 ap maybe even 400 and now your q skill that was used just for cdr becomes your spamable op nuke move. AKA **** you lazer.

archangels: more AP WOOT!

your last item, what to do what to do. i usualy build pure ap so it depends what i gt here i normaly choose either a rylies or an hourglass but its really up to you. they are both very viable options.

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skill combo

i like to start by using E to get into a comfterble position and imidiatly shoot my w followed by my ulti and then poke the last ones with Q and W again. rwmember use your q when your ulti is on cd for the cdr. its very important to do this.

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summoner spells

I like to take clairvoyance just so i can see whats going on and also to be abble to assure my ulti hits. its very important to use this to your advantage, its on low cd so spam it

also ghost: i feel like ghost is beter than flash. why? he has a built in flash, the second one is not needed. now with the combonation of ghost and your built in flash its hard for you to get caught. use this to your advantage

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Early game

Take mid this is very important. take your meki pendent and a health pot. use your clairvoyance a little past there spawn pool and see where everyone is going. now i like to just stand by my tower and dance until i see the minions. harass a bit with your Q and only put the one point on it at lvl 1 this is the only time you want to level it up untill you have no other choice. make sure for your first few levels you harass with your Q and get your last hits in to. there very important. if you harass enough you should be able to get fb by level 3, hit your Q AA (auto atack) once E to chase and do damage then AA more Q and ghost. if executed correctly this will make geting fb very will want to go back as soon as you can afford you tear. the faster you get it the more damage you will do later on. as soon as you get it use your q to last hit alot. build up the tear asap and then when you can go back buy your soul stealer and lvl 1 shoes. now your gona realize you are weak as balls but ap ez is not an early gamer, thats just life for you.

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mid game

keep last hitting this is very important. your build is expencive and the money is a must if you want some damage. as soon as you get your shoes start ganking. flash in with E hit your W then AA and hit with Q using E and W when there up. to assure the kill if you need to pop your ulti. get gold and build up stacks this way. remember early on your E is where your damage comes from.
at the end of any team fights there may be pop your ulti and wrap up some kills and get some stacks. right now geting stacks is your #1 priority. by the time mid game is up you should have a rabandons 10 stacks and a sheen working on your litch bane

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late game

By now your damage should be very noticable. this is when you start picking up. Work on geting your litch bane. this is your big middle finger to the enemy team because now your Q will do its granted damage 20% of your ap plus your ap plus your AA worth of damage. basicly its a ***** to be up against. now you will want to pick up kills. its gona be easy now with your powerful skill set and guess what now you get your archangels. with this i usualy have around 600 or 700 ap a nice chunk. and remember you still have your one last item. you will rarely get it but when you do its a very situational item. it can be magic resist, more ap more health or even a guardian angel works so you dont loose your stacks.

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comment and rate please

i do appreciate your thoughts and i will update this build. throw in some ideas for me and i may take them into account. this build works for me and i usualy get arount 15 kills with it and 2 or 3 deaths. i find it nukes alot but you have to be patient with it. enjoy =)