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Ezreal Build Guide by Zarathustrah

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zarathustrah

AP Ezreal - fixing the q-spell lack!

Zarathustrah Last updated on November 24, 2011
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Hey Guys.

First of all i want to clear issues like " English is not my native language, please forgive grammatical mistakes etc."
Indeed English is not my native language, though I would personally concider it as decent.
The other fact is: This is my first guide: positive/negatice critique is appreciated, i will try to make changes to this guide, according to possible advices.
Also i will do my best to keep this guide up to date, concerning balance changes or anything going that way.

Anyway, let's come to the thing you are here for: The Guide.
I have been playing Ezreal for quite some time now ( ca. 120 games) and tried a variety of builds.
I will however only explain AP Ezreal, which I personally beleive is most fun to play and also viable. So let's get started..

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I will kick it off with a list of pro's and con's which might allready scare some of you, but don't despair, if you play him the first time, this guy can be ridiciously fun.


- good AP ratio on most spells.
- Awesome chasing/escape potential with Arcane Shift
- Solid burst with low cooldowns
- Global ultimate
- Great harrasement potential with Essence Flux


- Relies heavily on Skillshots
- Ulti should not be used randomly and might be hard to aim properly
- very controversional build preferences among players
- Essence Flux doesn't heal anymore =(

Allright, for those of you, who are still reading this: I mentioned the controversial build preferences among players, especially AP Ez is often considered as bad. Fact: He is not!
The reason why AP didnt convince me either in the beginning was the fact, that you couldn't use Mystic shot in a viable way, since it does only scale on AP in a minor way, wich lead to many people not u sing it, when playing AP Ez. However it is absolutely crucial to use it, since it provides -1 second CD on all your spells which means on Lvl 18: ~ 40 q spells = 1 CD of Trueshot Barrage. Pretty cool isn't it?
My answer to this problem is: Lich Bane!
Why? Read the description of the q spell more careful!
It applies on hit effects! That basically results into the following sheme:

You cast Mystic shot -> Lich Bane proccs -> 100% of your AP as bonus damage on the next hit -> Mystic shot hits the opponent and the on-hit-effect is applied -> 150 ( avergae dmg of Mystic shot) + 100% of your AP into the opponents face.

That makes Mystic shot pretty good on AP Ezreal, doesn't it?

So far so well...

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Now let's face the interesting part: You are entering your lane (which should be the mid one btw).
Your Mystic shot wont do considerable damage to the enemy champion, so use it to compensate your missing AD when last hitting minions.
About level 4 it's getting really interesting. Essence Flux should have hit lvl 2 now so u can start harrasing your opponent. Note that Essence Flux only hits champions so you can shot it through minions. Everytime you come into a situation, where both creepwaves anihialate each other and you and your opponent stand face face to face, use E to approach and damage him and then fire Q and W. If at least two of those hit, the damage should make up the mana cost.
The next interesting phase begins with lvl 6.
Remind your teammmates to call for ultimates, but since you probably cant rely on them (if its no premade team), you should always consider to take look at the minimap. I personayll got more kills out of situation i saw myself, then the ones my mates told me to send my ult (even in premade teams). If you handle it decently, this can bring you 1-2 kills in the mid game.
Once you purchased Sheen, your q-spell becomes stronger but still wont do that much dmg to champions. But it solves two problems you will have till then.
a.) it gives you mana
b.) it brings ap -> more dmg on W and E and of course R ;-)

I menationed the importance of Lich Bane in the chapter above and though im not rushing straight towards it. The reason for this is. If you dont have enough Ap Lich Bane won't solve your q-spell problem. So I purchase a Needlessly large Rod before completing Lich Bane
Note: If you experience heavy burst ( Annie, Brand etc. ) or Harrasment (Kassadin, Karthus) you might consider getting Lich Bane straight up, since it will provide you magic resistance.
Also change your build if you realite that you will own in the early-mid game. get Mejia's Soulstealer and then Lich Bane. The additional AP will make it viable even that early in the game.
After Lich Bane is complete We aim for Rabdons Death Cap, which will improve all our spells, even Mystic Shot, for the explained reasons.
With Ionian Boots of lucidity, which you should buy somewhere between sheen and needlessly large rod, your core is finished now.
the order if items you should get now are situational.

Void Staff is in my opinion the most common item to get. It provides a reasonable amount of Ap and solves problems with chmapions only getting a rather small amount of MR.

Abyssal Scepter also provides a good amount of Ap and should be considered usefull if the enemy team is collectively buying MR and/or has an extraordinary number of AP champs.

Morellos Evil Tome is mainly relevant for CdR, although the AP are not to neglect of course.

If you dont experience any of the situations mentioned, get the items in the order given above.

Gimmicky items:

Rylais Crstal Scepter: You dont need the slow, since you will have flash and Arcane shift, Hp might be nice though.

Will of the Ancients: It's fun to blink away from an enemy and gaining health while doing so, apart from that I'm not convinced of this item...

Zonya's Hourglass: With flash and Arcane shift you should not get into a situation in which you would have to use this one...

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I hope I was able to wake interest into my approach of playing AP Ez.
Note however that there are definetly better AP carries in most situations, so this Guide is probably not appropriate for ranked games. (admittably i played this more then once in ranked games, it's just too much fun to not do so...)
I also want to state, that Ap Ez doesnt necessarily need to be the best way to play this champion, though it's definitly one of the most fun ways to play him.