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Kog'Maw Build Guide by Dosterdost

Middle ap kog mid

By Dosterdost | Updated on July 17, 2017

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welcome to ap kogs guide in this guide i will discuss:
- why is it and how it works
- items and summoners
- phases of game
- pros and cones
- summarry
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why is it and how it works

once i decided that i want to have fun on normal so i took kog mid and built him ap then i played him more and more and i decided that ill throw this build on mobafire. this build focuses on bursting your enemies in 2 ways: abilities and atacks. abilities focuses on killing more squishy targets and your atacks for the more tanky ones beacause of your w bio-barrage and with its ap scaling u can shred those tanks without any abilities.
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Items and summoners

items: morrelonomicon and sorcerer boots are 2 times that you need to have quickly to progress
than take luden's echo and after rabadons deathcap for the end take nashors tooth and void staff but you can swap it for defensive item if ure not doing too good.

summoners: mostly youre gonna have flash with ignite but u can swap for situationally with barrier and flash for those early burst character
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game phases

early game: u want to farm and harass your enemy with your e void ooze after 3rd lvl u can start bursting enemies down and from 6 harass powerfully with your e,q,r combo after first recall u should come back to lane with boots and fiendish codex and rush for morelonomicon. Roam a lot to whenever your lane opponent is out to get gold for your items.

mid game: after your first few items you should play around your team. focus on lane and push it would be perfect. mid game is start of your one shots with help of luden's echo and thunderlords ure gonna burst people fast and if they kill they can be ready for even more damage

late game: after your nashors comes your second form of burst. bio-barrage + atacks will deal tons of dmg but you will mostly use that on tanks and bruisers here u want to be much more aggresive and bursting everyone that comes into your way if u dont do good just stick back with your team or just splitpush
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pros and cons

- high burst
- good against any class of champions
- easy harras
- easy and fun to play
- big teamfight impact
- long range oneshots
- low sustain
- no escape or hard cc
- fails to a lot to adc's
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ending this guide i'll just say that this build is purely to have fun but also a won game if your good with it tho it maybe weird if you are main of midlane mages ( like me ) u can surely go on ranked with it on high elo's this build is good cause of its variety of bursting easy laning but it also lacks the cc to stop more rampaging characters im sure you all are gonna have fun with it. i may not covered evevrything but this is just a guide how to have fun not to how to climb to master
League of Legends Build Guide Author Dosterdost
Dosterdost Kog'Maw Guide

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ap kog mid
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