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League of Legends Build Guide Author Geckle

AP Rumble - It's getting hot in here

Geckle Last updated on April 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello all and welcome to my very first build for the new champion Rumble! At the time of me making this rumble has only been out for two days and I only have about 10 games down with him, out of which I have won 8. I've tried a couple very different builds and most worked great , which is wonderful because it goes do show what a versatile champion Rumble really is. But I believe I have narrowed it down to a personal favorite , which I believe will work well for anyone who tries it and plays smart.

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For masteries I always go with a generic 9/21/0 build which works well with Rumble. 9 Points into offence to get the magic pen since his abilities are AP and then down to the 21 point in Defense. This works well for Rumble because he winds up feeling fairly tanky and having plenty of survivability while still being able to dish out tons of damage.

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Summoner Spells


This works great for Rumble giving you that boost to stay in range of an enemy running away and to keep them within your Flamespitter which will be a large portion of your damage.


Rumble's sustained damage is amazing however he is far from a burst damage champion. With his short cooldowns and high damage over time ultimate you can take down most champions 1v1 very quickly however you will never nuke them as fast as say Leblanc or Brand. This extra little damage comes in handy often and not having it would have cost me many kills I know for sure.

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Skill Sequence

I start out maxing Flamespitter since I feel its much easier to harass with early game rather than early game over Electro-Harpoon. At level 2 I put 1 point into my shield mainly for the short speed boost which makes its not problem to get in and out to harass with Flamespitter. Second to get maxed is Electro-Harpoon. This ability is a decent source of damage, being even better late game however the best part about it is its slow. This allows you to close the gap between retreating enemies for Flamespitter or let you get away when running with your shields speed boost. The reason I prefer Flamespitter over the Harpoon is as I said its much easier to harass with and has better uptime to continuously keep the enemy on their toes.

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-Doran's Shield-
The health and armor are great for early game survivability and the added health regen lets you stay in lane for a while. I usually don't b my first time until between 1500-2000 gold and sometimes more.

-Mercury's Treads-
The magic resist is great especially if your in a lane or a game with more AP champs, not to mention the passive on reduced CC is useful in almost any game.

-Rylai's Crystal Scepter-
A fantastic item for any Rumble build, which is probably why you see it in so many. AP/HP and a passive the once again helps close that game with your enemy to stay in range for Flamespitter.

-Void Staff-
A fairly cheap item that gives you some more AP and of course Magic penetration which paired with the the next item will help to keep your spells closer to 100%.

-Abyssal Scepter-
More AP and some more magic resist which helps keep Rumble feeling a little tanky against AP. Also like I said above the reduced magic resist is great.

-Rabadon's Deathcap-
A must have for any late game AP champ. Bumps your AP to up around 530ish at this point in the game.

Now here you could personalize it a little bit but I really feel this is the best choice. I have only had 1 game that lasted long enough to get this but boy when I did it was GG. At this point your almost 600 AP and that extra damage really pushes you over the thin line of OP or not. Like I said by now you should be melting faces anyways to its really your choice here on what to go with but I really felt this worked great with my build.

Note that with this build you are not invincible. You're harder to kill than the average AP champ and should have more than enough survivability to get in close with team fights and dish out some serious damage with Flamspitter while still being able to escape however your not going to be able to 3v1 or in most cases 2v1 (Unless your lucky) and get out alive. Basically just play smart.

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Mid to late game farming is easy enough with rumble. Start off with Flamespitter and use it each time its up along with the rest of your abilities to try and overheat, once you do any single minion pack is down in a few seconds. Late game your Flamespitter will do most of the work and you should mow through minion packs quickly.

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Team Work

When it comes to team fights your ulti is your bread and butter. It works great once the fight has just started or even to initiate because it also slows and can lock a group of enemies in and stop them from running. Proper placement of this spell is crucial to being a good Rumble. If you happen to be in the jungle and your enemys are trying to escape, place it in their path to ruin their exit strategy and dish out a ton of damage. The unique thing about this ability is that its a drag and drop meaning you click where you want to place it, hold down the mouse, then release in the direction you want it to go. First time Rumbles will need some getting use to with this ability but once you have it down pat you will be a beast. Also, don't be afraid to use it when its up, it has a very short cooldown and you don't wanna hold out on using it.

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Pros / Cons

Amazing sustained damage
A skill shot slow that can be fired twice
A speed boost shield for getting in and out
An amazing ulti that give a great advantage in team fights
Good at diving towers

Not the best farmer
Less survivability the a dedicated tank build
Not very much burst damage

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When it comes down to it Rumble is an extremely fun champion to play and doesn't take too much getting used to before your wrecking anything in your path, or well your ultimates path for the most part >.> . I hope this guide was useful. Please forgive me if I missed out on anything big this is my first guide. If you have any questions or comments or notice anything missing feel free to leave it down below and I'll try to answer right away. Please vote!