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Sona Build Guide by GrimoireofAlice

AP Carry Ap Sona Build, the Master at Poking

By GrimoireofAlice | Updated on August 11, 2014

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Well, Hi
WELCOME to Grimoire's AP sona BURSTY guide.
As you can see, I have a lot of typos, so excuse me for that>.<!!!
Ap sona can not burst people like Leblanc, but she can poke a lot at early, and late game as well.
Try it and enjoy~
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So..... Of course, Dorans ring and 2 pots at lv 1....
Then, you should begin to build into sheen...
Then lich bane(HIGH BURST!)
You just q-auto, done, 1/2 hp gone (Galio is not included!)
Morrel is for high ap, cd and mana regen, but can be switched with dfg....
Boots, need I say more?
Rabadons and void, need I say more? Two MUST ITEMS for ap casters(My hybrid ryze build does not include that, hue! then I would need last whisper as well, but watevas~)
Zhonyas, it is an okay item, it is just for the cd for your q and your lichbane, and some ap/armor for not being extremely squishy.
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Q is your main damage, + your damage for lichbane~.
W is for some sustain in early game to get that farm.(Beware of melee champs like zed, akali, kass)
R, need I say more? 1000 range with multi-stun
E is for escape from ganks early lv. (MUST RUN FROM DEM JUNGLERS) okay... voli is just plain stupid....
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I add lifesteal and spell vamp just for the troll
This is actually not bad for ap casters like Sona, I apply this on Akali too, even though I hate melee from the depth from my heart.
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Just some proper runes for Ap casters
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Ranked Play

First of all, Sona has the best 1v1 in lv 1 as ap casters due to dem auto attacks. After farming for a bit, the sheen will start to get some advantages as well.
Try to get 160 cs at 20min(That my high score for ap trist, my cs for sona is 120, Trist is very easy to cs once you learn how to use your q)
Do not worry about the pokes, you have your heal and your w, but still, try to dodge deh pokes.
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Pros / Cons

Pros: Strong pokes, Q-Auto with lichbane, then run with E
HI sustain
HI doge skill is you use e to escape, but don't spam that much due to your limited mana regen
Once you team fight, they are done if you can lane your ult on at least 2 people(tanks are not people, wat i meant is the adc or the aoe/mage)
Cons: Extremly squishy, like, Teemo-level squishy.
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Once you get the hang of Ap Sona, farming and juking are not that hard anyways. Use your passive to poke with q-auto, it hurts a lot with lich bane. At mid-late game, once you get your morrel, then you can spam your heals and e a lot more for your passive.
Have fun with my build~~~Due to circumstances, I can not play league for a year, such sad,
But, I would really happy if you can comment on how you do for my build.
Try my build~ and don't criticize me>.<
Can't handle that much negativity, but if you have any suggestions, I would be pleased to see it~
League of Legends Build Guide Author GrimoireofAlice
GrimoireofAlice Sona Guide

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Ap Sona Build, the Master at Poking
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