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Teemo Build Guide by vyzell

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author vyzell

AP Teemo: 3 hit anihilation.

vyzell Last updated on November 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So this is my first guide so it will be a quick and dirty explanation; you'll have to do your own exploration of the build to truly personalize it. Let me start by saying that this build is flexible in some ways; the order to build items and, to some degree, skill order is dependent upon what the individual game requires.

This build is a flat out AP teemo build. That means no attack speed, no AD, no nonsense build. It is designed to decimate in team fights, and liquify basically any carry. That all said, you need to have a basic understanding of Teemo before you start playing.

Who is Teemo and what is he good at?
- He is extremely quick and mobile. With that said, USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. I want to hear stories of people raging because they couldn't get their hands around your neck. Teemo is highly mobile for a reason; this reason is because he's designed to be a hit-and-run / guerrilla style champion.

- He is extremely squishy, that means that he is NOT a tank, and NOT meant to be leading the pack, running headlong into a fight like olaf or udyr. People like to kill teemo because he's so squishy, and because he's so mobile it makes it very easy to bait and kite enemy players.

- As with any hero, be happy with any kill. That means assists are just as good as kills. Those kills will come if you play smart. I see too many people doing extremely stupid things because they want so badly to get the killing blow.

With these small tidbits, let us move on into the meat of the guide.

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QUINTS: Greater Quintessence of Potency(

As with any AP champion, you want to give yourself an edge early game with superior firepower. Flat AP quints are a great way to beef up your laning power, and harass capabilities.

MARKS: Greater Mark of Insight

This one is really a no brainer. Magic Penetration is, without a doubt, the best way to increase your damage vs champions.

GLYPHS: Greater Glyph of Potency

Flat AP again for the reason stated above. I know some people will ask, "Why not AP per level?" The simple answer is that the AP difference you achieve at level 18 is almost negligible at that level. It is more important to buff your early game so that you can get those kills and gold for late game. If you're in desperate need for another few AP at level 18, then you didn't do good enough early game.

SEALS: Greater Seal of Celerity

CDR makes a lot more sense to try and get the most out of late game. In short, the CDR is primarily to help with your shroom production late game.

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My masteries are pretty straight forward for an AP champion. 9 into offense for the magic penetration. Why defense instead of utility? Like I stated before, Teemo is really really squishy. The items that you will be stacking for the most part aren't going to help in this department. The extra defense will help in your early game laning and harassment, and to ensure that you aren't getting hit for a quarter of your health each hit.

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From the start you should get the boots and 3 health pots. I've seen many AP Teemo and champions get the dorans ring. It just simply isn't worth it. Sure it gives you some AP and health but you want to be getting your core items ASAP and those bonuses just aren't worth it. My general build order is as follows:

boots -> 3 health pots -> deathcap -> sorcerer boots -> deathfire -> lichbane -> void staff -> zhonya's hourglass

The deathcap is a must rush item. It gives you a lot of power early game, which gives you the advantage for late game. From there you can move onto the bread and butter of this build, the deathfire/lichbane combo.

Sorcerer shoes are a must have. You won't do much damage if most of it is being blocked.

Deathfire/lichbane = a lot of pain. This combo of items basically allows you to liquify virtually any carry, and deal good damage to tankier champions. The skill combo is always deathfire -> Q -> attack. This translates into 1/3 their hp, to roughly 500-700 damage plus a blind for your Q late game, to roughly another 500-700 damage for the lichbane / AD + E damage bonus + poison. That's a lot of damage. I've literally killed a champion in under a second with this combo.

The Void Staff I get every game just for the added magic penetration. Depending on how the enemy team is building, I might push this up before the lichbane, and on the rarest of occasions, up before the deathfire.

The Zhonya's Hourglass is one of those items that are optional and really depends on how the game is playing out. I get this item basically because it provides a good chunk of AP, and gives the invulnerability that is nice for enemy encounters. Because people hate you, it allows you to basically tank and avoid death for a few seconds, which can be all that it takes to get your team an ace. That said, YOU SHOULD TRY AND AVOID HAVING TO USE THIS ITEM. You shouldn't put yourself in the position where you need to use this. Sometimes if i get ambushed I'll use my 3 hit combo, plant a mushroom beneath them then pop the zhonyas once it pops. This basically gives your shroom a few seconds to deal some damage while you're safe from harm

My final note for this chapter is just a suggestion. The item order I've outlined is not something that is rigid and set in stone. When you teleport back to base, unless you're really close to buying an item, you should just buy whatever items you need to make up your core items (while keeping the above order in mind). Stack AP components if given a choice. Sooner or later you will get those core items. There's no point in waiting for 5 minutes to get enough gold for one item over another.

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Skill Sequence

The priority order for your skills is as follows:

Noxious Trap -> Blinding Dart -> Toxic Shot -> Move Quick

Blinding Dart: this is your main harassment and damage skill. It deals a good chunk of damage. Basically, during the laning phase, tag your opponent with this whenever you can, and try and follow up with a basic attack to apply your poison. Keep playing this hit-and-run strategy until they are low enough that you can flash in, blinding dart and ignite, and basic attacks to finish for the kill. In team fights you should prioritize the carries, in particular AD carries, as the blind can deter a bunch of damage.

Toxic Shot: this is your main farming ability. Because you're stacking AP, this skill applies a pretty potent poison and gives you a good chunk of bonus damage.

Move Quick: This ability is not one that I personally prioritize. Unless you're needing greater mobility to dodge skill shots this really shouldn't be leveled until you're given no other choice. You shouldn't be in a position where you need to run away fast to get out of danger.

Noxious trap: This is an EXTREMELY potent tool of destruction. Early game during the laning phase, this skill should be used primarily as a harassment/warding/escape tool. Place it in bushes and on the sides of lanes where champions are likely to walk through, but out of the way of minion paths. Try and position yourself so that there are mushrooms between you and any enemies so that there is a greater chance they will walk through them. DON"T BE AFRAID TO USE SHROOMS FOR FARMING. They shred minion waves and give you valuable gold! I generally like to save one shroom for enemy encounters to place under their feet. In team fights you should stay on the outskirts except to run in and plant shrooms in the middle of a fight. Place your traps just behind any ally that is being targeted to give them an escape path to run over. Other than that, place these shrooms all over the map on commonly used paths. Try and prioritize areas where the action is generally taking place, and common bushes for champions to retreat to. If they start using oracles, place your shrooms on the very edges of bushes. They will need to facecheck to destroy your mushroom, but in doing so will just trigger your traps.

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Summoner Spells

Flash / ignite is hands down the best choice. The ignite pairs well with your poison and the flash can be used both defensively and offensively. Enough said.

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What can you expect from this build?

- You will be able to melt basically any carry
- Your shrooms will be dealing over 1000 damage each
- You will be able to push lanes very easily
- You will cause people to rage at you and call you a pu**y all the time for guerrilla warfare, at which you can troll them and tell them to QQ more.

If you have any suggestions or questions feel free comment or email me