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Teemo Build Guide by taycamps

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author taycamps

AP TEEMO [burst and dot]

taycamps Last updated on July 28, 2011
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Welcome to my build on Teemo I realize this build may seen odd and Im sure it will catch hell but its well worth a try trust me. Teemo is very odd to play ap at first but once you get it down you will be trolololing at the rage that you are going to ensue. Also this is my first build and I realize it isnt super fancy and has long explanations but please read it and try it out.

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Pros / Cons


    Tons of burst damage

    Those devilish little mushrooms

    Good farming

    Dot Dot Dot

    Escapes nicely with move quick

    Can go invisible quickly

A little tiny squishball

Not the best pusher

Everybody hates you and targets you

Invisibility and mushrooms can be countered with an oracle

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I choose these runes because early game they give you a pretty decent harass going with ap per level glyphs may not be a bad idea but the early game harass may be a little off. The mana regens are very important, they will keep you in lane a lot longer and will help for the spamming of those little ragetastic shrooms.

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This is a classic 9-0-21 spell caster set up.

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Rushing a deathcap in my opinion is one of the smartest ideas for ap Teemo. It will change your harass in lane from a little poke to holy **** he just half healthed me with one blinding dart then dotted with an auto attack, well time to b. This will also make your shrooms even more annoying. Usually if I have a deathcap I will put a shroom or 2 in a bush and wait for someone to walk into, flash to them, blinding dart, auto attack a few times and bam they are dead and you took little to no damage. The rest of the build mostly focuses on high ap items with some survivability, but I find it easy to stay alive with some well placed mushrooms and my old freind the blinding dart. Banshees veil can be exchanged with other survivability items such a force of nature for heavy magic teams a thornmail just to piss yi off a little more than you already are, or any item that you find will help protect you from the opposing team.

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Skill Sequence

Now I realize most ap teemo players choose toxic shot to max out first, but honestly a level or two early game is plenty. You mostly want to focus on using blinding as it will cause a massive amount of damage then follow up with toxic shot to dot them. One level in move quick is more than enough for mostly the entire game. Move quick will get you out of a lot of tough spots and is basically a free ghost with a 30 second cooldown. Just trust me on the blinding dart it will get you tons of harass and it make people like yi, tryn gp and etc. very very mad as they arent hitting you or anybody else at all with auto attacks. Its really quite funny to use late game when yi is relying on his lifesteal to keep himself alive in team fights but he is hitting nothing so he isnt healing and bam the carry is dead now. Dont forget the mushrooms, this is one of the funnest ultimates in the game. Free wards that people run into and lose half health. Experiment with them and lets the ragers type.

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Summoner Spells

Ok as Teemo you should always I mean always rock flash. Everybody hates you more than they can type to you as they run into a mushroom. Flash has saved me from so many ganks. Also flash can be a tactical move. Often times I will auto attack someone and let them hit me a few times Ill get about half way flash right by a shroom they will follow bam hit the shroom, at this point you turn around blinding dart, auto attack toxic shot them and they will die. Flash is also great for getting that last little hit on someone who you just cant catch, flash blinding dart lol.

I usually always rock teleport with Teemo. Tele works great with because you can tele right to a shroom anywhere on the map undetected. Ive used this to basically pull a twisted fate move and tele right in front of a low health enemy and get the kill!

Other spells I see useful would be exhaust for that occasional first blood and the oh **** the carry is on me I gotta gtfo. Cleanse isnt a bad idea as it will get you out of any cc.

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Team Work

Ok so in team fights you really gotta be careful. Usually I just pop in and out blinding dart anyone that is ad and poses a threat to my team and toxic shot a few people. This isnt the character to be right in the middle of a team fight you will die quickly this way. Just continue to pop in and out and when it looks like the are retreating try to run around them using move quick and finish off anyone that is low health, or even better they run into a mushroom and you just got free gold. Also if your team is losing the fight try to get ahead of them and place shrooms on the path back so if the enemys chase they will hit them and be slowed which will help your allies out a lot. If your team is smart they will use your shrooms to their advantage whether it be escaping or as a sight ward or as some extra damage so they can 1v1 faster. Teemo really is great in team fights but not in the sense of running in and auto attacking everyone think of him more as a support/pesky little assassin. Just always keep in mind how squishy you really are.

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Mushroom placement

Ok this is crucial. Mushrooms are what makes people truely truely hate you. As we all know running from a fight low health only to turn a corner and POOF you hit a mushroom, going for a gank and POOF you hit a mushroom is very frustrating but when you play teemo is just all fun. When in top or bottom lane put one in the river bushes and no one will be able to gank you. I always put mushrooms just outside the paths of minions too, because someone will eventually run into them. Put mushrooms in bushes in your lane and put one in between. The key is spacing. Whys is spacing key you ask? because if someone hits one and then antoher one it will only take the effect of the first one. Three second spacing is key to inflict max damage. Also put one at dragon and at baron at all times. But them at blue buff and red buff, this will allow your team to know exactly where the enemys are. If you are mid put them right on the corners where the river extends out and put them in the bushes on both sides. Normally I always put them behind the turret as well just so when someone turret dives and they are low health they will run right into it. Grab blue buff after laning phase and put shrooms everywhere, anytime you have one saved up put it down. The more mushrooms the better.

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Ok so in closing, remember ap Teemo is awkward at first but with some practice you will destroy people and your team will thank you. Your map awareness will be amazing and you can even pick up some free kills off of just shrooms. Remember to just stay on the outside of teem fights so you wont get focused and die instantly. Use shrooms to your advantage to stop a push on a lane that is being threatened, shroom everywhere to get kills and watch the enemy and even to assist on helping low health team mates from being caught. Focus the ad carries with your blinding dart to shut them down. Flash to get away from people or to finish them off with ease. Teleport to mushrooms undetected. Have fun and enjoy people raging. Please try this out before you down vote it who knows maybe you will find a new favorite character.