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Tristana Build Guide by Trollorafk

AP Carry AP Tris is OP Tris: 10 Steps to Manly AP Awesomeness (S4)

AP Carry AP Tris is OP Tris: 10 Steps to Manly AP Awesomeness (S4)

Updated on June 6, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Trollorafk Build Guide By Trollorafk 5 10 103,664 Views 17 Comments
5 10 103,664 Views 17 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Trollorafk Tristana Build Guide By Trollorafk Updated on June 6, 2014
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Introduction - yet another AP Tristana mid build?

It has come to my attention that many AP Tris Mid builds do not know how to build or play her. There is a regrettable and pronounced tendency to accessorise with rings, books and stupid hats, for that smart girl loli look. AP TRISTANA IS NOT A FASHION STATEMENT. REAL AP Tristana mids buy swords, and lots of them. Ain't nothing like no phallic representation to make dem poosies guna cri.

TL;DR This guide is a return to the true, manly man man's way of building Tristana.
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Take an early point in Rocket Jump, for makea a queeck getaway, and then max Explosive Shot. At this stage of the game, you should be using your main ability auto attack whenever it is off cooldown. A Doran's Blade will help you do this.

Once your lane is pushed, spam laugh (for advanced players only: open up the menu and keybind your laugh to X, then push it while you watch your helpless opponent try to lasthit). She has the most fornicatingly annoying laugh ever. Its OP. Singed players will be familiar with this tactic.
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When your lane is pushed, get your OJ on and shoot your lane opponent in the face, and keep going till a) turret aggro, or b) they wuss off home like the felines they are. If the former, walk or Rocket Jump away. If the latter, feel free to give them some gentle encouragement along the lines of "you perambulate back to base, feline!" or "None of you strumpets care to dance?!". By this point, your lane opponent should be sipping refreshing girly cocktails. Tell them to man up by using Explosive Shot on their posteriors.

No but seriously. If they start attacking you back, KEEP ON ATTACKING THEM. You will hurt them harder, and faster (as you should be doing in all things) due to your superior AD and MR, while your opponent will have most likely thought you were playing as a feline Tristana and brought MR runes against you. Plus, harassing you will cause them to lose CS to the turret, and your purple caster minions will be busy shooting them in the face also. Explosive Shot also reduces healing by 50%, and adds to your damage in the trade, whereas your healing from lifesteal quints and Doran's Blade will be unaffected as you lifesteal while pushing the next wave. Their harass costs mana; yours doesn't.
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At this point, it is likely that your lane opponent will be making rather personal comments about the enemy jungler's matrilineal ancestry. As such, it is likely that the jungler will come to your lane to remonstrate with them concerning their pedigree.

At this point, you should use Rocket Jump, so as not to interfere with the discussion. However, you should feel free to chip in with the odd auto attack and Explosive Shot, as a problem shared is a problem halved. This will encourage both parties to resolve their differences more easily, and will have the side effect of the jungler not wishing to interfere in your affairs much further.
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At this point, you may wish to (shudder) dabble with that girly past-time of shopping, and take the plunge to buy some necessities i.e. swords! Lots of swords! Going shopping will also avoid you having to spend money on girly cocktails. Feel free to pick up an early swagstick if needs be, and if the jungler feels further discussion is required, a sight ward.

After this, SHIFT TO LIGHTSPEED! ( Teleport) back to lane. Your opponent will likely miss you, if they haven't wussed out back home themselves. Remind them of good ol' times by pushing their lane again, and continuing in much the same way as before.
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Here is where you should start investing in what makes AP Tristana so special; TONS OF BURST DAMAGE! (I never aspired to originality when writing this). Purchasing an Infinity Edge will massively increase your burst in two ways:

1) Sending enemies for sleepytime quicker will mean that the passive damage from Explosive Shot will proc more often upon their deaths

2) killing mandemz quicker will reset your Rocket Jump more often, meaning EVEN MORE AP burst magic damage in a teamfight!

Come to think of it, an Infinity Edge helps with auto attacks too.
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By now, your lane will be positively tumescent, and your opponent will have either gone back to reacquaint themselves better with their family, or have gone to have intercourse (social intercourse, you pervert) with your friends and teammates.

At this point, take the time to appreciate the architecture by giving it a few friendly taps. Continue to do so until it is at ground level, for better appreciation and inspection. Congratulate yourself on being well-cultured, and communicate your findings to your opponent. I find that "hey midlaner, nice midlane LOL!!!oen!11" is generally suitable counsel.
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Step 7: - GANK TURRETS (Share the pushing love!)

Unfortunately, not all of your friends will have the same pushing power that you do. This is sad, and your should share the pushing love by coming to their lane and helping them do so. Lasthitting minions is a GREAT way to do this, as the damage from Explosive Shot' passive will cause the lane to shove harder.

Then, you should gank that lane's turret, as turrets can't run away or call you a f'ag after you kill them. Shoot until it explodes, then run away like the manly man's manly Tristana you are. Expect a few grateful "Thank you Tristana for pushing my lane!"s to come out. Be gracious; it was nothing. Rinse and repeat. Teleport is a great way to gank turrets.
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Any loser can jump right in on 5 enemy team members using Rocket Jump. Alternatively, you could try to teamfight HARDMODE, without using the extra burst from Rocket Jump. This will reassure your teammates of your masculinity, as you only use it to reposition in order to KS (Kill Secure). Your burst from your Infinity Edge will help you do this.

Be sure to use Explosive Shot on the unfortunate while doing so. Press Q for godmode, and use dem resets well.
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At this point, you should be on a securing spree, and should have many kills under your belt. Unfortunately, this may involve your teammates having fewer than you.

Accordingly, you should give them the best possible chance of catching up with you, and leave them to fight 4v5. This statistically increases their chances of getting a kill by 25%.

Teleport to the other side of the map where a big wave is, and push like a madman to the turret. Once there, press Q, and watch its health melt away. If any inhibitors are exposed, remember; you are a manly man, and you go where you please. Front door, through the back door, wherever. Pop a ward down, and you can Teleport back to it if you get killed.

However, it is unlikely you will get killed. If any peeps try to interrupt your contemplation of their base's crenellation, either a) kill them, or b) do the manly thing by popping Buster Shot in their face, rocket jumping away, and flashing through walls. Alternatively, you could run to the nearest bush, and teleport to the other side of the map (protip: Teleport's cast time is four seconds; if you can evade the enemy's CC and survive for the four seconds of channel time, you will escape no problem). This will cause the enemy to rage; however, do not let this deter you. All you are doing is killing the pesky turrets which would otherwise take their farm, allowing them to farm better.
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By this point, unless your have run out of towers to appreciate, you should be nearly at full build. This should consist of

Infinity Edge
Phantom Dancer
Last Whisper (more like Last WhisperING EYE, amirite??)
Berserker's Greaves

You'll notice two things; that that list only has five items on it, and that one of those items is boots. Sell the boots for Zephyr, and buy one more item. REAL MEN would add another Bloodthirster, but if you are a cissy you can buy chicken wings or a Maw of Malmortius (the item which it upgrades from, Hexdrinker, is actually really OP early on against AP mids).

Chug back lots of manly ales and lagers (Red Stripe is my favourite, or better still Barrettine's Methylated Spirit), and you're good to go. If you bought that extra Bloodthirster, feel free to solo Baron Nashor . If not, just chill with your team, and gently caress your enemy with some loving crits to the facial area.

As a side note, feel free to rearrange your items into rainbow order once this step is complete, and point it out the enemy team when you do so. Respect to our bum-loving rainbow AP Tris brethren out there.
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Conclusion: AP Tris is OP Tris

Follow the above steps, and I can guarantee that Lily Cole will be calling to ask for your assistance in helping her relieve stress in her lower back through a relaxing massage. Also, be warned, as it is entirely conceivable that the Swedish beach volleyball team will invite you to their team sleepovers while on tour.

And me? I'm a pretty big dog on the ranked circuit, currently placed in Bronze I (or as I like to call it, Challenger XXVI), so I know what I'm talking about, and it GUARANTEED WORKS at my elo. Most midlaners will a) be aged 12 or under, b) be unconditioned to breaks with the metagame and c) likely to nerdrage with adequate provocation. These are ideal conditions for AP Tristana to survive (apologies, my "D" key is broken).

I also care deeply and intensely about your opinion of both me AND this guide, Mr. Random Internet Stranger! Feel free to post a comment below, and I shall reconsider my telos and self-image accordingly. Although, it's also unlikely that I will ever edit this, so don't be surprised if your concerns aren't immediately addressed. Peace out, and remember: AP Tris is OP Tris.
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Don't be a noob and stand there autoattacking. Move in between auto attacks, and your enemies will take far longer to get to you.

Orbwalking, kiting, attack-moving - all are names for the same thing, where you do one auto attack on someone chasing you, move away from them, auto attack them again, move again etc. This is extremely difficult, as it requires you to right click away, then rapidly rightclick on the champion you want to attack. A (slightly easier alternative) is to rightclick on the ground to move away, then press the "A" key and click that same patch of ground. This will cause your champion to move to that location and attack anythin it encounters (called AttackMove), and should have the same effect.

However, a far far easier way to do this is to bind your left mouse button to make it attack the nearest thing near you. This means that in order to stutter-step effectively, all you need to do is to alternate rightclicking then leftclicking in the direction in which you want to stutterstep. This is extremely easy, and allows you to orbwalk like a god. It does however require you to smartcast all your abilities.

To set up your account to do this, you must use the input.ini file in your League of Legends folder. The file is located in the Config folder. Open it up (it will open as a text file), and copy and paste the below text directly into the input file. Left clicking will cause your champion to move to a location, attacking any units it encounters on the way, and right clicking will be the same as normal. To cast spells, simply hover your cursor over the desired target, and press Q,W,E or R. This will cause the ability to smartcast on the target.

evtPlayerSelectClick=[Shift][Button 1]
evtPlayerAttackMoveClick=[Button 1]
evtPlayerMoveClick=[Button 2],[Shift][Button 2]
evtOnUIMouse1=[Shift][Button 1]
evntHudMoveableSelect=[Shift][Button 1],[Button 3]
evtOnUIMouse2=[Button 2]
evtOnUIMouse3=[Button 3]

RollerButtonSpeed = 0

evtOnUIMouse1 = [Button 1], [Button 3]
evtOnUIMouse2 = [Button 2]
evntHudMoveableSelect = [Button 3]

Good luck, and happy orbwalking! If you are having problems, please refer to Ciderhelm's video on stutter-stepping, or the Reddit page which goes into more detail.
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