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Tristana Build Guide by DutchLeague

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DutchLeague

(AP) Tristana underrated master

DutchLeague Last updated on January 2, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 22

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 5


Utility: 3

Threats to Tristana with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Fiddlesticks For this one you should be carefull but to play against him is also pretty easy just use the combo: W, E, R on him and try to damage him as much as possible. Just becareful tho for his ult cuz it will rek you :(
Katarina Alot of people think this one is hard to play against but the opposite is true! A great tip is to wait for her to use some of her abilities on minions the second after she did that you wanna jump right on top of her and make again the combo: W, E and if not dead R
Teemo If played against Teemo, poke him ofcourse alot with E and because he doesn't have alot of Health you can just jump on him with W shoot E and if not dead finish of with R
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Hello everyone! I know most of you out there know Tristana as an ADC, so with AD! But, AP Tristana CAN be BETTER Because AP Tristana has way more burst damage and will also make combos/kills way more easily.

So are you convinced yet to play AP Tristana? No? Let this guide inspire you!

I'm sorry about my English! I'm from the Netherlands so my English is not that good. But it shouldn't be a big problem becausee i think you'll understand! :)

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So now we have past all the basic stuff i think its time to focus ourselfs on the pros/cons. Because it might be that you dont have Tristana yet and that you are in consideration of buying her. Well lets gets you inspired!

  • Very good for snowballing.
  • Amazing burst damage in late game and maybe even mid game.
  • Much fun with ganking thanks to W and Ultimate (R).
  • When reached lvl 15 Tristana has the longest AA distance in the game.

  • Unfortunately a bit squishy with this builds.
  • Has long cooldown on Abilities however W's cooldown can be deleted by making an assist or kill.
  • Almost necessarry to make an kill to not die.

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After we have taken care of the pros/cons we are going to the runes. Like I described already in the notes of the runes: it is an very basic rune page which is used alot among AP Tristana's. I'm just here to explain why and how this rune page will help you winning your lane.

Greater Mark Of Magic Penetration: This one is simply because this does the most damage with AP champions.

Greater Seal Of Armor: This one is pretty obvious because these days there are alot of AD champions in the mid lane. And because Tristana is mostly played on mid lane, this helps you protect yourself against those heavy AD champions

Greater Glyph Of Scaling Ability Power: This one is not used alot among low elo players because they think flat ability power glyph's have more effect on their damage. Yes, this is kinda true but only until you reach lvl 6 because after lvl 6 you are scaling more ability power with this runes.

Greater Quintessence Of Ability Power: Ofcourse an pretty neutral chose because you want to play AP, and these Quintessences will help you particulary in early game to get that extra damage on minions or enemy champions!

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I know, I know 22/5/3 isn't an normal mastery page. But if i talk from expierence with AP Tristana, I think that this one is the most effective. Let me explain:

22 Offense:

Ofcourse you'll need the Ability Power masteries and i think that speaks for itself. Because you will NEED dem damage for getting fed! :)

5 Defense:

First of all because Tristana is a bit vonerable you'll need some mastery points being spend on Block and Recovery and I think Unyielding is a great extra for protecting yourself in battle.

3 Ultility:

Fleet of Foot i think this one also speaks for itself because when in a chase this one will help you OUT especially in Early Game. This will grant you extra Movement Speed and that way you'll reach further distance with your W and yeah, lets make dem kills.

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So Farming, maybe you used to play AD Tristana or just other AD champions and if you play those you are probably used to farming with these. Well let me tell you: FARMING WITH AP TRISTANA IN EARLY GAME SUCKS, all you have to do is practice, practice and practice. If you do this enough you will master farming with AP Tristana and ofcourse become instantly better in lane. First of all you have to consider the damage you do on minions before you try to last hit them. The trick is that you only want to hit them when they are ALMOST dead because if they have 1 hp extra then you expected, your farm will be nothing! So consider practising in custom games or with bots to max your skills in farming.

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Now, that we have come along to the items for AP Tristana. So why would you follow my build and does this build have something extra to offer to your game?

Starting Items:

Doran's Ring: Pretty basic choice but also a very effective one, since it helps you in early game becoming more powerful and also granting you more mana regen.

Health Potions: Ofcourse for many among us, a popular choice to start with. Health Potions helps you when you are being poked by enemy champions and for that reason an must have starting item!

As shown in the beginning of this guide I recommend buying 2 Doran's Rings in the beginning. So that means that you want to buy an second Doran's Ring when you recall for the first time. This will help you in winning lane, because you will get more Ability Power.

Early Game:

Second Doran's Ring: Like I just said: I recommend buying an second Doran's Ring for building more Ability Power.

Boots of Speed: These basic boots will help you in laning. For example: for an Chase/Escape. To make an long story short this item IS necessary but ofcourse everyone knew this already..

Needlessly Large Rod: I would recommend building this item before the Blasting Wand because it deals way more damage compared to the price.

Mid/Late Game:

Deathfire Grasp: This item is very important to build in early game in my opinion. Because it deals tons of AP and works very well in combination with Doran's Ring. It might not feel comfortable for some players to buy an item like this so quick but if you want to get fed this is probably your best chance.

Sorcerer's Shoes: So to make an long story short again, due this item you get Magic Penetration this means you'll get more burst damage. So actually an must have item!

Zhonya's Hourglass: I think this one is a most have for Tristana AP, this is because she is very easy to kill when she doesnt kill her enemy first. However when you have
the Zhonya's Hourglass you can use this item to avoid being killed/hit. But ofcourse this item will grant you tons of AP to kill others first!

Rabadon's Deathcap: So, now you've reached the point where you should have some kills already and that means that you have more gold income then you had in Early Game. So now its time to build an MASSIVE AP item. Because this item will grant tons of it!

Void Staff: Now that you bought the Deathfire Grasp, Zhonya's Hourglass and Rabadon's Deathcap the enemy team is probably building some Magic Resist. To counter this choice of protecting their selfs against your great burst damage you want to buy the Void Staff simply because it has +35% magic penetration.

Nashor's Tooth: So you've build tons of AP now and you must be over lvl 15 now. So that means you will start upgrading your rapidfire abilitie. Which grants you when fully upgraded +110% Attack Speed. Since Attack Speed is very important for Tristana you want to make your Attack Speed even more with this item!

Ofcourse this item building order is for the most of the games with Tristana. But you should never, never build the same item order every game! Why? Because every game is different and it all depends on what your team does and what the enemy team does. So for example: if the enemy team starts building tons of Magic Resist you might get some other items that have more Magic Penetration.

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We've come along builds, masteries, abilities etc. But how do you use all these things together and make combos to make kills? Well let me explain..

For me the best combo with Tristana is a combination of W, E, R
So to explain it with images:

So what can you expect from this combo? Well pretty simple: an instant kill especially in early/mid game. This is because the enemy team probably hasn't build any Magic Resistance yet. If they did tho, look for enemy champions that didnt.

But ofcourse, with this combo you can kill enemy champions with Magic Resistance aswel. Just simply add some items/spells:

This is an combonation of your W, E, Ignite, Deathfire Grasp and R Always remember to put your Ignite and Deathfire Grasp on the enemy champion before using your ultimate! Why? Because your ultimate (R) has an amazing knockback so that way you can't put your Ignite or Deathfire Grasp on him

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How should you lane/play?

You know how to combo now but how should you start your lane and how should you play to make the most kills/assists to make sure that your team wins?

First of all: Laning:

So when you start of you might want to ward the jungle for your jungler to assist him, you have tons of time till minions reach the center of themid lane anyway! Now that you are in your lane and facing your enemy champion you should focus yourself on both last hitting of minions and poking your enemy with your E. So lets talk about poking, poking with your E is extremly powerfull in Early Game and you really want to make sure you poke your enemy every time you get your E up. This abilitie has an amaizing Ignite on it so that way you can get your enemy low health easily. When you did this a couple times and did it succesful the enemy is probably low on health. Around this time you want to engange an attack on him using the combo: W, E and when unlocked R. Considering your own health you CAN turret dive. Because when you killed your enemy underneath a turret you'll have you W instantly back that way you can jump out of the turret in no time.

As second: how do you wanna play?:

So you've reached Mid Game/Late Game and now? I know some people might hate you for it but actually what you wanna do is: In teamfights stay A LITTLE behind your allies and hit enemys with your AA or E it will help your teammates to kill a target. If the teamfight is your teams hand you'll want to jump in with W and hit them hard with E and R also you can put your Ignite and Deathfire Grasp in. Ofcourse you dont want to be that 'ks' dude in your team. So you can aswell just get into the full teamfight but you'll have to consider being focused and having to kill others to survive. However when losing the teamfight and when it comes on the moment that your teammates must run away you can use your ultimate (R) to push them away and bring your teammates into savety

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My expierence with AP Tristana

Maybe I have not convinced you yet of using AP Tristana.. So i'll try. My opinion about AP Tristana is crystal clear: an amazingly fun to play champion and an extremly high burst damage. I enjoy playing with friends using this champion but i want to make clear that AD Tristana and AP Tristana both good. They both use different techniques to make kills, AD Tristana needs her Attack Speed ALOT and AP Tristana needs her burst damage from AP. It's just what you enjoy, but i personally recommend AP Tristana!

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Thank you and have fun!

I'm really greatful if you red my full guide! Because I putted alot of time in it to test differend builds/masteries/abilitie orders. But eventually i came out on these. So i hope you'll carry and win your next games with AP Tristana!