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Varus Build Guide by MrMoonsin

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrMoonsin

AP Varus - 1 stack, 2 stack, 3 stack, Boom.

MrMoonsin Last updated on March 22, 2013
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Table of Contents
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Hey guys, I have been away from LoL for like. . . 7+ months.
But I am back, and I am on it.
I will be updating this guide to S3 and finishing it off as soon as I can.
So stay tuned!

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Act 1 - The guilty will know agony

Act 2 - They will know regret

↓↓↓ WIP ↓↓↓

Act 3 - When you dance with death, lead

Howdy there Summoners. This is my second guide up here on Mobafire.

But I wanted to bring you my thoughts, idea's and a guide to a successful AP Varus.
Now I know what you're thinking; New guy? AP Varus? WTF?! Noob! Trollololol.
But I urge you to read on, and give it try before you judge it.

I get this response, a lot. Understandably so, I guess.
Why would anyone want to play a character, who is very well designed for a AD carry, as an AP based champion?

Well. Here's why.
While, yes. AD Varus does perform extremely well, and Piercing Arrow does scale amazingly well with it, and taking into consideration his passive steroid it does seem like the logical way to play him. However. People often overlook his Blighted Quiver and his Chain of Corruption.

First, his Ulti.

Chain of Corruption - Mostly, IMO, a utility skill. But it does come with a 1:1 AP Ratio. That is to say, that for every 1 AP you have, it will deal 1 more damage. With my build, you will have between 355 and 419 AP (Rageblade stack depending). I usually open with this skill, so I normally fire it off with 355 AP. That's a total damage of 705 (not factoring MR).

Now, let's take a look at his other amazing AP based skill.

Blighted Quiver - This is what makes AP Varus viable. Combined with other damage on hit effects, you will be doing 193(151 if no Wit's End) + 4% of their Max HP per hit.
To give these numbers more weight, let's say you are against a Nunu, who has the highest Base HP of all champs (2381 with no modifiers, 3619 effective HP when taking in to account his natural 52MR). You will hit him for 288 EXTRA Magic damage per hit, that's on top of your normal attack. Oh, and this is just the passive effective of the skill. What makes it truly terrifying, is the other effect. When you hit a player with 3 stacks of Blighted Quiver with a skill, they detonate dealing 5%(+1% per 50 AP). So that's 5+7%/8% of their Max HP, per stack. Giving it a massive 36%/39% of their Max HP on detonation.

Considering you would have already hit them at least 3 times with your damage on hit Auto Attacks, dealing at least 12% of their HP through Madred's Bloodrazor. To then deal another 36/39% of their HP to them, is pretty much GG. If you don't take Wit's End, and go for DFG instead, that's another 25% of their HP gone, AT LEAST. As DFG deals an additional 4% Per 100 AP. If you open the fight with DFG, that's a total of 76% of their HP. Just through DFG -> 3 Attacks -> Blight Detonation.

Hopefully now you can understand why I like AP Varus.


+ 2 Crowd Control Skills
+ 1 Multi-target snare
+ Reduce enemy healing
+ HP Based damage
+ No one will expect you to go AP

- Low HP
- No natural escape skill
- Shines in Mid - End game
- Mid ranged
- Your looses its damage

Hover your mouse over the Skill Icons to get a description of them, all the info you need is there. I will however add

what the skills are usefull for and how to use them effectively in this build to the notes along side them

SPACE Living Vengeance SPACE
    Great attack speed boost
    Good for farming
    Good for quickly getting your Blight stacks, kill a random nearby minion first
SPACE Piercing Arrow SPACE
    Great range
    High damage with a AD build if you get a clean hit
    Half the mana cost refunded if you don't fire
SPACE Blighted Quiver SPACE
    HP based damage
    Hard to counter against
    Extra Magic Damage makes up for the lack of AD
    Makes last hitting easier at early levels
SPACE Hail of Arrows SPACE
    Decent size AoE
    Slows the enemy allowing easier Blight chargers to be applied and detonated
    Reduces healing effects by 50% while in the AoE
SPACE Chain of Corruption SPACE
    Good duration snare
    Allows you to catch fleeing foes or save low hp team mates
    Great use in team fights


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Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Ability Power

Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

This set up will give you 15% Attack Speed, and 31 AP. Giving Varus a little more AP and attack speed at the start of the

game, which will allow you to last hit better and farm as well as allowing your Blighted Quiver to deal a little more

damage per hit and allowing you to add those important stacks on quicker.

For Summoner Spells, I usually take Surge and Flash.
A lot of people really dislike Surge, however it has great synergy with AP Varus. With a point in the Summoner's Wrath
mastery, Surge will give us 40% Attack Speed and 85.5AP (At level 18). Nicely boosting our DPS and Blight Detonation damage that little bit more.

We take Flash, because Varus lacks a natural escape. And he is squishy. This gives us a little more survivability and allows us to Flash after those trying to escape a Blight Detonation.