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Veigar Build Guide by Stalker499

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stalker499

AP Veigar MId

Stalker499 Last updated on July 26, 2014
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This is my second build (my first build being Tanky Sion Jungle) and i am doing Veigar mid. I play him a lot and even when I give a few kills i always come back late game with 1050 AP and destroy. Here is what I have to say.

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I play a lot of ranked with Veigar and learned not to pick Veigar before they pick their mid. Sometimes you will get lucky and find someone who picks like a fizz or LeBlanc against you. They are normally OP but your ultimate is stronger. So wait until you know for sure they have an ap mid. I went Veigar against a yasuo and i went 0 and 5 early game. its very important you are against an AP champion. If you are not, don't be Veigar.

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SO your Baleful Strike gives you +1 AP if you kill a minion or monster with it. So you want to last hit minions with this. At level one you won't get much because the ability is on an 8 second cooldown, but once its maxed and you have some more ap, you will be one shotting minions with this.

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So here I will say what to and not to get with Veigar.

What to get.
Veigar is a very mana hungry champ. Without this, Veigar can't do anything. So get it first to do early damage and to keep doing early damage

This is your first power spike. the passive of your Baleful Strike will be at about 60+ AP and Deathcap will take 30% of that and give it to you. Make sure you get this early.

Zhonyas is just so if you get caught out without your Event Horizon up. Use this to wait for your burst to be back up when caught out.

This boosts your Magic Pen. and AP immensely. You can really just Event horizon, Dark Matter and Baleful Strike to kill the adc. You may have to pop your ult on tanks or other champs.

Not much else to say. A little bit of Spell Vamp goes a looooooooong way with Veigar.

You get more Magic Pen. and alot more speed. Perfect for Veigar.

Possible Substitutes

If you are good with using DFG go ahead and get it for your last item. I am not very good with using it so i get other items. But this could be amazing if used properly.

If your team need you to stay alive get this.

What not to get

None of these items will help you. With the build already provided to you, these items wont help you as much as the build does. For one, you are not a tank. SO health items like Rod of Ages and Rylai's Crystal Scepter will not help you dish out the burst damage you were made for. Secondly, you are not an auto attack champion. So Nashors Tooth will not help you burst.

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Team Work

In team fights you just want to throw your Event Horizon and Dark Matter combo. the AoE stun will let your team dish out tons of damage, while the enemy team cant do anything but run. You are the AP Carry so you want to go to high damage output champs like the APC or ADC. Now remember, your Primordial Burst does 80% of the enemies ability power as extra damage. So if there is someone like a Gragas with 3000 health and 300 AP you should use your ult on him, rather than wasting it on someone with 1500 Health. Also, use your ult before you use Baleful Strike on someone like the Gragas i've explained. when you kill a champion you get 5 bonus AP. If you kill A champ with your Baleful Strike, you get the 5 PLUS 2 extra AP from the passive.

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Pros / Cons

+ You can burst down the tank with one full combo
+ Have an AoE stun along with an AoE damage spell
+ Can easily turn around a game solely
+ Even if you get countered you still can come back

- He's pretty squishy
- Gets countered be any AD champions

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Veigar is a really fun bursty champion who can change any game. I remember going against an Akali and at 45 minute I had 1050 AP. She tried to burst me down from inside her shroud, but the second she popped up I only used my ultimate and she died. This is when i learned Veigar was the most OP champ against any AP champ. Hope you like this!