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Xin Zhao General Guide by Martijnsmit

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Martijnsmit

AP Xin 4 the win.

Martijnsmit Last updated on July 22, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Xin Zhao with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Cho'Gath Tanks are realy easy when you are playing AP Xin, the reason I placed Cho'Gath here is because his knockupp is easy to dodge with your e and the silence can be evaded by using your q and w before using the e.
Rammus This is just humorous, someone who deals most of his damage through getting attacked. You can heal way more as his passive and thornmail deal damage, AP Xin cares just as much as Rammus does. okay...
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If you don't know why you would ever want to play AP Xin read on if you already know the introduction is not that important.
AP Xin is all about his W ability this will heal him every third basic attack and the heal has an AP scaling. If you build enough AP, AS and a bit of armor it is possible to 1v1 towers and actualy win the fight. This build has just enough of everything to sustain through the inhibitor tower. I focused more on defence as most other builds to make it more usefull in teamfights and less vulnerable to bursts.
This build is very strong in this season because of the tank meta, people build some tank items so deal less dmg so it makes it easier for an ap Xin to regenrate more health then the enemy tanks deal damage

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Pros / Cons

High jungle sustain.
Tanks are never going to kill you as long as you are basic attacking them.
You are not gonna get bursted.
Not the worst CC, 3 slows in build(his e chilling smite and Randuins Omen) and a knockupp with e.

Bad duels early game.
Relatively low dps in longer battles, it's not the worst in a short kill on an adc but solo baron takes like 40sec to a minnute.
CC kills you.

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I prefer chilling smite so I can stick to my target a bit more but if you feel like you are lacking the dmg to take someone down take the challenging smite instead.

Devourer: is realy gonna help you in damage throughout the entire game, as Xin does not have a lot of AP damage scalings he needs it(and it's obviously attack speed is gonna help you).
The moment you get sated devourer you heal every second basic attack instead of every third, this massively increses his dueling capability.

Nashors tooth: This one is obvious, larger more frequent heals and a damage boost on your basic attacks.

I chose the order of the next 3 items in the game, whatever suits me better atm.

Rabadons Deathcap: This massively increses the size of your heals and since it got buffed a while ago it is my item of choice for the raw AP part of the build. The item I used to build here was Zhonia's Hourglass because it used to give a good amount of AP and the active can be used to make outplays and other stuff.

Spirit visage: 20% heal increse is going to aid you well while you get some magic resist, this is by far the best mr items to take for ap Xin.

Randuins Omen: It is the best choice for armor because the passive reduces an auto-attackers damage a lot so you can heal through them and the active is a nice slow that will make it easier to stick to your enemies or aid in a teamfight.

If the enemy team has a lot of ap champions it isn't necesary to get the Randuins Omen, this will hurt in taking towers but that isn't necesary to win the game. Instead you can get a Rylai's if you want to stick to the enemies some more and slowing them to make it easier for the team to kill them or get an Abysal Scepter to reduce the enemies mr if your team has high ap damage output.

Putting away the spirit visage is something you only have to do if the enemy team doesn't have anny major ap damage output. In this case Zhonias or rylai's seem like the most viable options, although in the case of an enemy champion that deals massive phisical damage with autoattacks and is on a large killing spree thornmail would be a viable pick if you want to fight that enemy.

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The nerf stated here got reverted but I will leave this part in because it explains some of the things that make AP Xin Zhau zo strong.

Yes, ap Xin recently got nerfed. This was due to him being to overpowered with the new Sated Devourer. The ap ratio on his w got reduced from 0,7 to 0,5 but does this make him anny less viable. In short the answer is no. I'll explain why Sated Devourer makes him heal 0,5 times more often and the nerf makes the scaling part heal 5/7 of what is was before the nerf.
This means that the health/second recieved from the scaling part of the heal is incresed by ~7,14%, and the flat health/second is incresed by 50%

Ontop of that Nashors Tooth and Rabadons recently recieved an ap buff so the amout of ap you are going to have when they are complete is drasticly incresed. now 270 ap(135 hp after nerf) with items alone while before the change I used Zhonya's wich made a total of 180 ap(127 hp before nerf).

So the nerf was realy well timed by Riot to make sure he would not be to OP although it didn't realy work and he is stronger as he was before the nerf and I have seen some rumors about the nerf being reversed and if that happens ap Xin Zhau is going to be way to strong.

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That's as far as I got on the guide so far. This has been my first guide and I will try to improve it as it's only for others to read. Got anny tips or suggestions on changes just mention it I want to learn stuff.

Thank you for reading.


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