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Diana Build Guide by CyberPrimus

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CyberPrimus


CyberPrimus Last updated on August 9, 2012
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Diana Build

Creeping / Jungling


Another way to play Diana is jungling. So I thaught I make a little Jungle Section for them who are jungling this Champion.

First I will show you the Runes to take on your Jungling Trip.

You need to take Ability Power Runes cause you need to make damage on Jungle. If you don't take them it will be very difficult to kill the mobs without going back to base.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration as Marks are very important, because if you gank and the Enemy build some Magic Resistance you are dependent on Magic Penetration.

As Seals you need to take Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration cause you will have mana problems at the time when the mid takes the second blue until you have Rod of Ages. Then you will have less mana problems.

Another important Runes are Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power, because I said you are used to take a normal Ability Power page with you. This will help you to make the Jungle faster.

For a little bit more damage in early game you take Greater Quintessence of Ability Power. This is useful, because you start with Boots of Speed and Health Potion, so you need a bit Ability Power.


The Masteries are the same as if you play mid with Diana.

So click HERE for detailed informations.


Important for jungling Diana is, starting with Pale Cascade, to have a shield andextra damage when you kill the Wolves and Ancient Golem .

When you reach level 2, you skill Crescent Strike and after it Moonfall.

Now you have this three Abilites and the first skill you max is Crescent Strike following Pale Cascade.

When you reach level 6, it will be easier to jungle because of your ulti ( Lunar Rush), which you can use without cooldown if you hit the enemy with Crescent Strike and you can jump through walls reducing the time running through the Jungle.

When you have maxed Crescent Strike and Pale Cascade you max the other two Skills ( Moonfall and Lunar Rush)


I use the same items in Jungle as on mid lane so if you want a detailed information why to take the items clickHERE

Jungling Route

1. You can start jungling by killing the Wolves but you can also start by killing the Ancient Golem (use Smite.

2. If you killed Wolves go to kill the Ancient Golem (use Smite. If you killed the Ancient Golem go to kill the Wolves .

3. Now you cross the mid lane and kill the Wraiths .

4. If you have enough life you can kill the Lizard Elder otherwise you kill the Double Golems and then the Lizard Elder .

IMPORTANT: Use your Health Potion if you have low life.

5. Go back to Wraiths and kill them. Now go through Jungle and kill the mobs who are spawning.

Here a Picture where you can see the Jungle Route.