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League of Legends Build Guide Author Manaowa

Ashe - A Critical Hero

Manaowa Last updated on December 10, 2010
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Introduction: Hello this is Manaowa and this is my first Ashe guide I hope you can benefit from this guide in any way possible. This is my 2nd build I've made on this site, the 1st being a Kayle build that plays as support I made for a friend who's been playing LOL about 2 weeks from today. I do want all the readers to know that Ashe is my main hero I've played throughout all of my LOL career. I wanted to make an Ashe build on this site for a while now but I liked looking up other guides and just taking advice from others. That being said a lot of the Ashe build are now being outdated (Philosophers Stone is cheaper and Meki pendant no longer applies to PS). Now it's time for me to throw in my 2 cents and see what my build can do for YOU.

Ashe is a very cool hero to play unfortunately it's hard for new players to pick her up and play DPS carry effectively. When I started LOL she was my first hero I bought and main'd however if I had a choice now for n00bs I'd say go for the tank heroes until you get your feet wet. Ashe is very frail and you will die often if you don't know how to play her effectively. She's underpowered compared to most heroes until you have an effective build to hide behind but even then you shouldn't take on a lot of heroes in a 1 vs 1 situation unless ADVANTAGE is screaming at you.

Summoner Spells: The ones I choose the most are Teleport and Flash. There are other spells that work well too.
HEAL: I never choose heal anymore at my level but if your a low level or beginner Ashe than heal will save your live a lot. Use heal effectively in team fights and get as many allies as you can with it or use it on yourself seeing how most DPS heroes will get focused, including YOU! Another way to use heal is to bait the enemy into a tower dive then heal when your HP is low while firing your FROST ARROW for the stun. This should allow you to dance around the tower as the enemy chases you with no life left or if they decide to flee slow their movement with FROST SHOT/VOLLEY to get a quick kill.
GHOST: Ghost has saved me many times in the past fleeing from enemies the only reason I stopped using it for FLASH was because before I blew my GHOST I was always hit with disables and slows and it was still hard to get away. Now GHOST can be a great way to get those last hit kills from runners as well. As a better escape if you see your enemies chasing hard while your GHOSTED shoot a VOLLEY behind you to slow them and continue running for your LIFE!
FLASH: Flash is one of my main abilities now and although it can't increase my speed when I need to flee such as GHOST can, I can still evade a lot of disables from a well placed FLASH and getting away with normal movement speed with a VOLLEY or 2 thrown in I know I'll get away especially because we'll be carrying BoS boots instead of BG.
TELEPORT: TELEPORT is one of my favorite spells because of Ashe. You know when you bait the enemy into thinking your against the ropes but you have them low enough for the kill and you both decide to have a little LAST HIT SHOWDOWN and you blue pill (blue tele) out of the fight while the enemy continues to push your tower because, ya know, you won't be back for a while. That is until a motha F'n arrow smacks him in the face from your base achieving maximum stun time and as he waits in panic because of his low hp he see's you tele'ing back in for the finishing blow. He tries to run but he can't the damn stuns too long and at that moment you can add a + to your kill count. I've killed many enemies like this and it never gets old, just make sure they are low enough that you can deliver the finish blow with a few more hits before they escape. The same concept goes for team fights, shoot your arrow in "said" direction and tele to the nearest tower or minion and join the fray. TELEPORT is also good for farming incoming minions in a massive wave or defending the tower/base. Which ever way you prefer to use it, TELEPORT is an awesome spell.

Mastery Tree: Purely OFFENSE. Leave 9 points in UTILITY, reduced time dead is always nice and an exp boost and 2 points in mana/hp regen what could go wrong.

Frost Shot (FS): I've seen many different builds that helped shape my Ashe into what it is today and it helped me decide the best play style for me and helped me create this guide. I've seen many Ashe's get Volley up 1st however were going to be focusing on FS 1st. It shouldn't be long until your FS is level 3-4 and in early to mid game a lot of heroes are still too weak to be caught in that constant slow waiting to be picked off by your team.
Volley: Now the focus of this guide is FS however we're going to get lvl 1 Volley as the very 1st skill. Volley is very mana taxing but we won't be using it a lot like other builds tell you. We will be harassing not only with volley but FS and normal attacks instead. The reason I get Volley 1st is for the start of the fight. For 1, I can use it on a bush and hit enemies hiding for an early gank, plus it hits multiple enemies which is a good starting skill. 2. I can save my very 1st hit which is a guaranteed critical, along with volley you can kiss 2 enemy hp bars goodbye :D
Hawk Shot/Plentiful Bounty (HS)/(PB): Now this skill is pretty useless so we'll get it last but I do have 2 lvls of it come lvl3&5. Now the reason I do this is because... well... I lieks munny :/ I can push lanes while using it to watch for ganks and with 2 lvls your getting 2 gold per kill. It's like having TF on your team all the time :D And the final reason is because the more you lvl it the longer the hawk range and early game I be want'n mah Arrows to seek and destroy u kn0 what Im sayin.
Enchanted Crystal Arrow/Frost Arrow (FA): All I have to say is use this as a tool not for damage, this thing's weak but it's still your best friend. Although its tempting to hit multiple enemies use it on 1 enemy that strays too far from the pack or use it last after the fight's over and pick off the runners.

Armor Pen
Dodge Chance
Critical Damage

CORE: Philosopher's Stone, Dorans Blade, Boots of Swiftness (BoS), Infinity Edge (IE), and Phantom Dancers (I always catch myself calling them shadow dancers SD), Ninja Tabi.

Early Game: Start out with REGROWTH PENDANT and an HP POT and take mid if possible, if not it's no big deal but lane with someone who is tough. Let's assume your mid for now and no matter what lane your in we are playing aggressive. Start off the first hit (being a critical) on your enemy champion along with a VOLLEY (make sure the volley will hit). This will let your opponent know you mean business and they will not be farming here. Focus on last hitting during all laning phases, remember we lieks teh munny :D After you hit level 2 get your 1st lvl FS. If your opponent seems to not mind punishment keep hitting him with normal attacks but if they flee apply some FS in your attacks to get extra hits in. Keep last hitting, it's important, and keep harassing when you can and keep the enemy low. Some enemies eat Ashe alive later in the game such as Vlad (ugh I hate mid lanes with him) Ashe is not the ultimate champion and sometimes you will be harassed instead just do the best you can and keep last hitting. On the other hand if your doing extremely well and can get a kill by lvl6 than ease up on the pain or else you will make them back out before you get a chance to get a lvl6 kill.
NOTE: The reason we're not focusing on Volley is because you may not have the mana to use your (FA) if you've been using Volley too much. (FA) is 150 mana.
After you get your 1st kill its your choice to keep pushing or to back and buy items for ganking. Attack speed is very expensive right now so lets finish getting Philosopher's Stone, which is now cheaper thank goodness, plus 5 gold per 10sec. along with your 2 gold per kill... NICE :D
Get lvl 1 boots and get Dorans Blade if you can (+120hp, +6dmg, 4% life steal) it's a good deal. Attack speed helps but Zeal is pretty expensive right now so your pretty set for ganking as it is, you have mana/hp regen, some boots, and HP, lifesteal and some little extra damage that can make ALL the difference. Keep farming mid and killing the enemy or look for possible opportunities to gank top or bot you can even use TELEPORT for early mobility. I personally like to farm until I can get BoS. BG is nice for the attack speed and I used to get it all the time but sometimes my kills still got away but with BoS I'm faster than all MOV2 heroes and I have (FS), try getting away now >:)

Mid Game:
Have your team call for ganking opportunities and control the map like a madman. You have BoS u should be scaling that MOFO up and down with arrows flying. Keep ganking and keep pushing towers and by mid game the 1st layer of towers should be gone top, bot, and mid and team fights should be starting. At this point you should have farmed Zeal by now and working on BFS or Pick Axe only if you need +damage RIGHT AWAY because Pick Axe is 1/2 as much. (Personally I save for BFS) That's right it's time to start working on that IE and you should be making a name for yourself while your at it).

Late Game: Always help in team fights when you can and help kill dragon and help your team grab buffs. Stay in control of the map. I say help your team grab buffs because we do enough damage right now to help the team so we should share the love. The Lizard gives increased damage and slows but we don't need slows we're Ashe! Also give Golem to the castors, we're pretty good on cooldowns and mana regen Ashe doesn't need much. Remember LOL is a team game and we're team players. As I stated earlier help in team fights and focus the squishys down. Tanks are always last and you'll still be doing damage thanks to Armor Pen runes. If you decide to farm instead that's fine because you make a lot of money with (PB) and Philo Stone. Also you have your (FA) if a team fight breaks out and your not around and you have TELEPORT, assuming its active. Focus on making your last items. It shouldn't take you long to get Phantom Dancers and the game should be GG very very soon. Now sell your BoS for Ninja Tabi for the extra dodge chance and armor, we already have 15% movement speed increase with (PD) we no longer need BoS... Enjoy the rape :D

A lot of guides have Black Cleaver and Bloodthirster thrown in the mix but these are clearly optional for me like I said the game should be almost GG. If you find yourself getting focused a lot go for Guardian Angel (GA) or grab a 2nd PD for sum L0Lz XD
30% crit x2, 20% dodge x2 + Ninja Tabi, +45 Attack speed x2 = GG
with IE attached your doing +80 damage with a 60%+20% crit = 80% chance with 250% crit damage along with your Quint runes. Yeh optional items are nice but that's still pretty GG, lets hope the rest of your team is doing their job eh!?
For Tanks: You already have Armor Pen runes,get Black Clever or Last Whisper.
For Survival: Bloodthirster or any lifesteal items and a GA PD for dodging like the matrix. Against castors get Banshee's Veil.
Against other high dodgers like Jax: Sword of Divine 100 Magic damage on 4th hit and an active that makes your attacks unavoidable.
Against Healers: Get Executioner's Calling, 18% lifesteal, 15% crit, and on hit effects plus an active that reduces healing and regeneration by 50%.

Well this is my Ashe guide and that's how I roll with her let me know how things work out for you if you like it leave me some positive feedback so it can make top charts that way more people can see an updated Ashe build. If you have ideas or constructive criticism for me I don't mind, lemme know what idea's you have. Oh and I almost forgot my in-game name is Manaowa feel free to play some matches with me.