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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author battlejan

[Ashe] Arrow rampage!

battlejan Last updated on April 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Helly everybody,

Here is a LoL-player, that LOVES ranged units, with crowd control. By the way, im Dutch, so you know :-)

For contact:
Ingame name = BolleBorsten
xFire = zakenmanhenk1

I made this build because i like to let people know how to play like a really DPS Ashe, and this build I use for myself, very often.

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It complains herself a bit.

Greater Mark of desolation = Ashe needs Armor Penetration, because that will be the only defence to survive an outbuilded Ashe.

Why did i choose for 18, YES EIGHTEEN, Mana Runes?

Ashe is very, very Mana dependent, because she don't have a lot of Mana/Mana regen. from her own.

With this runes, you'll have far more less Mana problems.

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DPS = Damage Per Second, i bet you already know it.

So, Attack Damage and Attack Speed is what we wish.

= This is a REALLY good item for Ashe, because of its Attack Speed, Critical Strike, and Movement Speed. That's why we buy it 2 times, and if you have plenty of money, sell your Boots of Swiftness, and buy a 3th one.

= If it's upgraded, it's 100 damage + 25% lifesteal, really AMAZING. The Lifesteal makes us to last longer in lanes, last longer in teamfight's, and when your low, you kill the Golem and you have full HP! Buy it 2 times, and you'll be BEAST.

= It gives us damage and some Critical strike, but the Passive, WOOO, 250% damage instead of 200%? That will make us do 1k damage, with 1.8+ Attack Speed. Kill a tank, Solo, in 3-10 seconds!

Why did i choose ?

I like a fast moving character, so you can flee when necessery, and you can follow when necessery. When you dont want to buy this, you can get Berserker Greaves, for the attack speed.

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Skill Sequence

= This ability is very nice, when you're in a premade, you'll try to put this as your 1st ability. Get first blood at mid, and go to your lane, or stay mid if you want to.

= Nice to farm, nice to hit, nice to slow. Master this first, it will be a good ability Early game, but don't count on it late game.

= Passive is useless, but the Active is nice to see a gank coming. So, put 1 at lvl4, but master it as last. It's not a skill that you actually NEED.

= FANTASTIC ULTIMATE. Stun, slow, massive damage. Use it wisely, so dont use it on champions that have 100% hp.

When to use ult:
- To save an ally
- To hit a fleeing enemy
- To hit alot of enemy's (At least 3)
- Or when you see another nice moment to use, but be sure to hit, otherwise you can wait till the cooldown is over again.

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How to play

When mid: Play carefully, just last hit the minions. If you rush your enemy, make an ensured kill. If you die so early, you'll be underleveled and you cant play for the whole game! Watch your enemy carefully. When he is far away from his turret, and when hes beneat 50% HP, and your hp 70%+, volley him, DONT FORGET TO USE YOUR SLOW ARROW (Q), exhaust. Sure kill, if he flees, shoot your ult or fall back. DONT TOWERDIVE, you'll get lit, maybe die.

Lifesteal with your Vampiric Scepter. Go back when you have 2200 gold, for boots and a B.F. Sword.

If Sidelane: Again, play Carefully. Be wise with your mana, dont wast it on minions. Volley the enemy, stay behind your ally, and push when someone is beneat 50% HP, PUSH! Don't towerdive.

Overall play: You'll have The Bloodthirster, Boots of Swiftness, 1 Phantom Dancer, maybe even an Infinity Edge.

You hit much, but your SQUEEZY. Stay with your ally. Your FAST, so you can have slow units very easy. Use your Ult wisely, for an ensured kill.

The end
2 Bloodthirsters
2 Phantom Dancers
1 Infinity Edge

You'll hit much, like 700-1000. 450+ Movement speed. CC = Slow. Nobody will escape you.

Defend turrets, and rush with your team, the basic. Ashe is not someone that can make a tripple kill easily. But 1vs1, try it!

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Apologize for when my English is not so well, im in the Second Grade in The Netherlands.

When you have comments, add me on xFire or add me on LoL.

And vote me ;$ :-D