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League of Legends Build Guide Author Keep It Dirty

Ashe As and Crit!

Keep It Dirty Last updated on October 2, 2010
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Start off with meki. why? so you can spam your volley and keep the edge in your middle lane. After buying meki grab two health potions which allow you to live for quite some type in your lane as long as you dont make stupid decisions...

After you accumulate 800 gold or die, go back and get philosophers stone which add heals and mana this way you can survive longer and wont have togoback when you get put down to 150.

Berserkers are next one for the nice as bonus and two movement (obviously). Ive tried multiple times with diffrent boots and i find these are the best for ashe unless faceing a strong spell team then i grab mercurys.

Nows the tricky part you have toget 4000 for infinity edge so try to not die and farmalso itd be smart to gank with one or two teamates to get some money fast after you get enough moneys grab your sword and fight the horde!

Now the next item i chose was sword of divine, you can go 3 diffrent ways here. you can choose to get phantom dance, sword of divine, or blood thirster right away. i find its better to get as after getting infinity edge so i went with sword of divine for the 55% as and the nice little bonus on every fourth attack ^_^

Depending on what you picked last item this should influence your decision on this item. if you went with as then get the blood thirster but if you got blood thirster last tiem then id go with two as inarow because once you get that 2nd as item your gona start pulling out the crits fast!

The end item i chose was the black cleaver for the 75 damage and the nice armor reduction that stacks up to 4 to solidify your awesome critness!

The playstyle i use with ashe is to stay back on ganks and hit and run, because ashe is extremely squishy for my build so u have to be careful into watching the minimap and being aware of mia's because most people dont call mia's so you have to rely on yourself for watching out for ganks. Now the mastery that i picked was 21/0/9 im only a level 14 so i dont have all the talents so i just kinda went with what iwould go with for ashe. now if you dont like the mastery tree its fine cause you can mix yours up. Dont give me a thumbs down if you dont like my mastery tree, cause thats just mean :(.

One more thing before you go rushing off intent on pwning with ashe dont just be careless and jump in trying to go head on with atank. then cry because you think its my build. The build can only go so far but its how the player plays and utilize's the build which makes or breaks the final score. I find this build works fantastic for me and my playstyle with about 75% wins in 25 games with ashe ^_^. Now get your butt out there and kick some *** with this build! and dont forget to thumbs up ^_^!