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Ashe Build Guide by darkxblazer

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author darkxblazer

Ashe Beast-Mode Dominion

darkxblazer Last updated on January 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello Fans!

This is my First Guide in MobaFire!!!
I hope you guys enjoy this. In case you want to know, my usernames are darkxblazer5567, dakness989 and darkxblazer14025. Unfortunately for Ashe fans, Ashe was not my first champion. Master Yi was... Nor my second champion. (Morgana)... nor my third champion (Karthus)... LOL!!! But when i bought Ashe, I immediately knew she would be pretty OP in Dominion with a good team.

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For #1 thank you League of Legends staff for creating this awesome game!
#2 thank you MobaFire for thinking about a guide website. I'm sure lots of people appreciate this.
#3 Thank You everyone who has read and commented on my guide. I will probably answer all of your questions and fix things as needed.
#4 For those with suggestions thank you!
Here are the people who i think made any effort to help my guide:
Crazy Jenkins

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Introduction-Please Read (For Noobs)

Ashe is extremely squishy.
I can not stress this enough for those noobs out there. She is not meant to tank, so don't even try. Ashe is a ranged carry. (For the noobs, she improves throughout the game as she levels up.) She is a solid DPS (Damage Per Second) and will get multiple kills, assists, and unfortunately, deaths (at least in the beginning). Play her safe. Avoid tanks (until around level 16-18), and always go for the mages.
Here is my Ashe Dominion Games. Unfortunately I lost one because 2 players went AFK and the other two teamates sucked. As you can see, I placed in all of these games so I believe my guide works. Initially.

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Pros / Cons

Solid DPS
High Crit Chance -->
Long Ranged Stun - Enchanted Crystal Arrow
Line-of-Sight Wards - Hawkshot

- Squishy
- Needs items!
- Slow initial attack speed
- Low initial damage
- Slow initial movement speed
- No true escapes. (Can use Volley to slow and run away using ghost like a mofo)

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I chose this because we all know Ashe needs the attack, armor pen, crit strike, etc...
ANYTHING SHE NEEDS TO GET THE KILL!!...or assist... but who wants assists? :D
Rather than putting it all on Defense or Utility, I decided she needs a bit of both. She needs the armor and magic resistance, but the 10% less time dead vs extra 9 health every 5 sec. Either one is ok, but i believe most people like to get in the action quicker.
You could get cooldowns but in dominion ashe's ult Enchanted Crystal Arrow (r) is rarely used in the situation in the Skills page.

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This is my favorite item chain. I used to go Berserker's Greaves 1st and a dagger, but i would have no crit chance after my 1st hit. (unless you have runes). When you recall (or die), Get the Greaves Berserker's Greaves and BF Sword B.F. Sword. Then Push Infinity Edge Infinity Edge and you maybe have a chance to buy Zeal Zeal with it too. Buy Phantom Dancer. By then it's GG with ashe. (It is likely that it's game over by then but if somehow it goes longer then get BloodThirster.)

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Now I'm not a pro with choosing runes (so feedback is needed). I suggest this because marks are the most helpful so defense for Ashe. Seals and Glyphs in this guide are used to increase her attack speed and crit chance (even more) The Quintessences are just to increase her AD especially at the beginning because you want to get top first! (As is the rule for most Dominion games)

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Summoner Spells

I chose heal and ghost because you can use ur volley(w) and sprint like a mofo when you get ganked and heal if ur being chase low health. (or if someone's using their ult like caitlyn or karthus)
You can also use exhaust to run or to attack
Another great one is flash, but if ur not at level 12 yet, then just use ghost.
Revive is an option, but with the time being dead already so low, I feel the need almost useless
Cleanse is a very helpful spell for CC (crowd control) to run too, but i think heal is a tad more useful.

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Skill Sequence

I believe that is the right skill sequence. If you want the hawk(e) earlier, be my guest but i find the cooldown(w) for volley to be reduced as much as possible. You aren't supposed to be attacking minions in Dominion (unless ur trying to bid ur time which is not what dominion is all about!) so the passive is pretty useless in dominion. (Since it's only 15-20 min)

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Use ur Enchanted Crystal Arrow (r) wisely. Only use it if one person is trying to take a turret. Run towards them. Aim. Fire. Stun. 2-3 turret shots, and ur there and its a kill on point (+30) which really help ur score overall. You can also use it to escape, to stun champs far away, and to get some kills. Make sure your aim goes to the future because it doesn't stop until it hits a champ or misses. Use ur volley(w) for harassing people trying to take a turret.

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How to start out Dominion-Path

If you start out with blue, do this. Go to three if you get number 2(top) I always start out mid because since in dominion in the beginning you want top, you have to have 1 person (usually a tank) 1 mid (any one relatively slow early game) who fits the bill? ASHE! Plus you get an extra +40 at the beginning. the other three go top and you run up there to use ur volley and toggle ur q. If you are low on health, then use heal. If you dont have top then run back to base or help bot. You can also harass them. But if you do get top, go try to get the opponents mid (3) and then recall for ur BF Sword and maybe Infinity Edge.

Read above for Purple. Same Thing.

You may not see the image. just right click and look at a new tab.

You may be low on speed, AD, and AS at the beginning, be cautious when you are around 50% health.

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Escape Routes

Here are the best possible escape routes (best would be to recall if not seen but if you're running)
This is for the Purple Team.
Stall the enemy team and get ur team to take 1-2 points while on the run. So if you can use ur Volley to slow them down and run with ghost Ghost. try not to use ur Enchanted Crystal Arrow(r).

For the 1st one, if you are on low health and heal is on cool down, take route one. If you're baiting them to follow you but you can't 1v3 them (which hardly anyone can), then take route 2
For the 2nd one, if you are on low health and you don't have heal, take route one. If you're baiting them to follow you but you can't 1v3 them (which hardly anyone can), then take route 2. Take route 2A if you haven't had CC or damage taken and you are above 50% health and if someone else is there or around there. Ping them if you need them there. If you had and you are below 50% health, then take route 2B.
If you need desperately need health, then take route 2A. If you are pretty high on health above 50% health, then take route 2B if someone is there or around there. Ping someone to come over. Take route 1 if you are extremely low on health.
If you want it for the blue team, just imagine it backwards or get a mirror :D.

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Ashe is all about Teamwork!! The problem about her in Dominion is that without a good team, she gets killed in 1 second. If you have a good team, she usually carries (or helps to carry) the team. Try to find people reliable and try and stay in the back so when someone pops in you can help ur team by spamming Volley(w)

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Brushes-Mid to Late Game

Ashe should hide in the brushes before a team fight or a mini team fight. After it starts, go right in and start toggling Frost Shot and spamming Volley like a mofo. She will usually help the team and give your team the edge.

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Ashe's Ultimate

Ashe's Ultimate Enchanted Crystal Arrow...(sigh)
I may have repeated this before, but i can't stress this enough.
Ashe is only OP in Dominion for one reason. It stuns a target and deals damage and slows everyone around it.
The problem is... she needs aim and it can miss.
The enemy is standing there just waiting for you to fire Enchanted Crystal Arrow. He/she doesn't want to move because they think no one is around them.
Use this pretty much when there is one champion trying to steal a turret.
Aim... Fire! And the person is pretty much screwed from 2-3 turret hits.
Then you get close by then chase them and then kill. Don't you love OP champs?

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Draft Mode

Draft Mode is tough. You have competitive level 30's trying to win and this guide I have only used for my level 10 account. I may try it on my level 30 account and see how that goes, but as of now, Ashe is not my priority for champions. :(
(I got other accounts to use the cheaper champions :D)

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1/8/12 - Guide Created.
1/9/12 - Edits on runes, pics, and new dedication for those who helped.