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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jedbacca

Ashe - Does damage

Jedbacca Last updated on July 5, 2010
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This guide is strictly how I play Ashe. I'm writing this for my buddies that I game with so they can give a shot at Ashe in their offtime from out team gameplay. There's another build that's posted.

I give credit to that article for helping me develop how I play Ashe.

LvL 1 - If you are setting up for a team gank take frost shot for the extra snare.

Early game - Every match I'll always make sure I can get my first normal arrow for the crit bonus from your passive followed by a volley, generally sets the tone and let's ppl know you're not a punk and you're gonna throw down. Depending on my lane I'll try to volley harass as much as I can from a side position if at all possible, since the update that lowered the amount of arrows being shot from volley from 9 to 7 you gotta have just a lil' bit better position, not as spray n pray'ish so to speak. I'll try to keep the other team as low as possible until I hit 6 and use my arrow almost right away to pop that kill. Remember if you're pugging you should probably ping your target at minimum to let em' know what's up.

If I'm laning against targets that have higher health, I'm not going to burn my arrow on it. I will recall, buy stuff, shoot an arrow down mid, teleport in and assist for the kill after the elongated stun or call a target on the side opposite of my lane. Pretty much the same, but I'll tp in so they can't see me, call target, arrow, kill.

If I'm laning center I'll just gank off of the sides unless I am beating the **** out of the person in the middle. Plus, it's easier to get someone that's probably 2-3 levels lower than you than someone your same level. I'm a lazy gamer, I prefer ease.

Also, on every trip back to base I try to get in the habit of buying a sight ward and place them in reasonable gank bushes, dragon, golem or lizard buff, or baron.

Frost shot - Get at lvl 1 if you're team ganking, the snare is appreciated.
Volley - Main harassing skill, try not to farm so you can keep the other team in the middle'ish area with you so you can set ganks easier, only last hit minions, or if you are with a pretty good pusher volley the other guys as much as possible to their turret then dive/heal your way through the kill, but don't dive like a moron, only go in if you know you can kill.
Hawk shot - Love it, free clairvoyance, since it's free I check my gank bushes as much as possible, doubled with getting vision wards throughout the game.
Crystal arrow - Stun, initiate, use defensively if need be when running from a losing fight.

Heal - It makes my green bar go up
Teleport - I like to gank as much as possible. Plus, there's those situations where you get finished with a fight on one side of the map and you can swoop in for help or kill off an undefended turrety quickly, run like a girl and base.
Cleanse - I've used it quite a few times, interchangeable with heal.
Flash - For Ashe, personally I don't play heavily offensive since I'm usually the squishiest on the team.
Ghost - I started off with this instead of teleport, but I prefer initiating and catching ppl off guard more than having to chase. Maybe I'm just lazy and I don't want to run after people.

Heal pot - Stay in lane longer
Mana pot - Stay in lane longer
Meki Pendant - I like to have mana faster
Berserker's Greaves - Up atk rate and speed (I've now swapped for Ninja Tabi)
::Ninja tabi if you wanna be defensive about it::
Last Whisper - Armor pen plus atk speed
Infinity edge - Big Dmg
Black Cleaver - Big Dmg + make armor go low
Bloodthirster - Big Dmg + steal health

With the change I now take Ninja Tabi to be less squishy and it adds to my dodge rate.
(I like taking the Berserker's Greaves over any other boots because of the added atk speed. I've seen other people get the atk speed items etc. Yet, thus far laning against even other Ashe's, due to my dmg output I've been able to out dps just on playstyle alone. Hence the heal.)

I've been developing a better knack of volley harassment, hitting the other champ and getting minion kills at the same time for more last hits. I don't use volley to farm unless we are pushing hard after wiping the other team. I like to grab golem buff whenever possible as well, if I got that, then I'll go ahead and farm since I'll have mana to blow for a lil' bit.

If I'm dealing with magic heavy champs like Karthas I'll pickup a banshee's veil, just so I don't get wtfpwnt after fighting one and being low on health. You pretty much say screw the phantom dancer, set up more effective ganks and get as much cash as possible because you're gonna set yourself behind on your dmg output. If we're doing a good job at keeping the high magic dmg target at bay then I'll just be careful on my health and base more frequently.

Depending on my situation, I just may pick up a zeal earlier game if I don't need to be defensive if our team is in a bad position and the game is either in our favor or about even. I like to make sure I got my Infinity edge first if I do decide to get a zeal earlier.

I've even gone sword of the occult instead of infinity edge to start off with if the side lanes are doing well and making for easy ganks. I think I've had one of my higher kill games by using it.

My general positioning is pretty non-offensive, I'll go in harass, tag melee when they come in, only utilize frost shots with volley or champ hits. I try to utilize my arrows as straight initiation for a team fight from further back, so I'm generally in a backline position to get a longer stun and have the team follow-up and come in for cleanup duty. Ashe is def not a get in the mess champ or you're just gonna get killed every time. Playing this way I've been able to up my kill ratio and assist ratio pulling a large chunk of wins over losses.

Again, I'm writing this for my buddies on my playstyle, but the original post deserves the +1's if you're going to rate anything.