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League of Legends Build Guide Author Red Wing

Ashe - DPS Hard Hitter

Red Wing Last updated on September 16, 2010
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This is a build based on the "Ashe - The True Carry DPS", been using the starting items to it for a while because theyre pretty solid, however with the introduction of Manamune i added it in giving you more of a bite earlier and with the mana build up later there is no need to worry about rationing use of your spells, with all your mastery focus on attack the items keeps up mana and health from the very beginning which is important i see alot of ashes choosing swords or vampiric septarts straight off the bat and i feel its a mistake, ashe can play a longer smarter game. recently i changed my later build focus from speed and crit to pure damage and armour pen and have been getting much more success, with high damage and Ashes stuns it makes for a fun game, if you play it smart early and only push when its really opportunistic, watch the map and play it safe later on you can really blaze through the opposing team.

Runes: Damage per level all the way, with this Ashe build you spend most of the early game playing it safe so later you can get the kills in with all this damage coming your way later youll hit very hard

Masteries: I put most into damage with 1 in defence for the health spell cooldown reduction

Spells: Ghost and Heal great combination for chasing or baiting, I get a few kills a game by letting them think they have me enough to tower dive then you heal and either crystal arrow(very good to keep them in range of your tower if you time it right), ice arrow or ghost to chase them. i generally dont use my heal if the opposing champion is causing a steady loss of life if you run out of health potions and you still feel your opponent is gaining the upper hand recall, i save my Heal for when they are hard pushing for the kill that way you will have it when you REALLY need it

Early Game: Early is simply a waiting game, be patient try to hurt the enemies more than they hurt you, ashe cant close early so dont even bother all your doing is stacking the odds in your teams favour incase a gank comes around, so you wont be diving in and make sure they pay greater than they hurt if they dive in, play it this way until you have your manamune and philosophers stone then you can get a bit more creative but stay in your lane

Mid Game: it would take about 3 recalls with atleast over 1000gp each trip to get your starting items, and now you can get your health back relatively fast over time so if your getting some heat you can hold back kill some minions avoid the opponent which ashe is really good for, if they break away from the creeps youll have some warning to volley and back up so theyll be slowed and hurt every time they try it, so after this point your trying to hust the enemy buying time until you recall and get your Sword of Occult, then you can change lanes for an opportunistic kill to get a couple of stacks by this time the opponent will have started to pile so its very much up to your map awareness here to get the most out of it.

your in a good position to get some kills in when you have your Crystal Arrow, Manamune and your Sword of Occult maybe your Brutaliser but its not essential, you can start jumping from lane to lane, assisting in kills and getting some stacks on your Sword of Occult. keep a close eye on mid though stacks are not worth losing a tower over, if you push your creeps up to opposing mid tower in most cases youll have time to run up or down get a couple of assists in a neighbouring lane and run back hopefully catch your mid opponent all the way at your tower and ready for an *** kicking.

Late Game: At level 18 you should have a hell of alot of damage on your basic attack close to 300 and with volley and crystal arrow going into a fight youll scare of most enemies and chasing is all too easy with ashe, in team fights you can drop the opposing tanks life very quick with the stacks from the Black Cleaver and cover your teammates escape with volleys, if the opposing champions get really greedy covering an escape is a nice way to get a few kills. by now ashe can drop their health like a stone and do real damage to opposing towers but still dont push to far alone if you die it really hurts your attack potential with the loss of Stacks from the Sword of Occult.

at the end of the build and you have your Black Cleaver youve reached the end for your need of slow health regen and gold so when you get to 2800gp you can sell your philosophers stone for its 400 and buy the bloodthirster giving you your final damage boost and lifesteal to keep your health up because even late game a damaged ashe presents all too sweet a a target, now you can deal serious damage initiate teamfights with your arrow and covering retreats with your volleys coupling that with some serious damage output ashe becimes the best DPS carry in the game.