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Ashe Build Guide by M4G3R

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author M4G3R

Ashe - how to faceroll!

M4G3R Last updated on June 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Introduction to Ashe, one of the best champions in the game.

Yes, she is indeed one of the best champions ingame - if you know how to play her. She has everything, AoE slow that damages, Single target slow, free clairvoyance + extra gold pr. kill, and finally her trademark, a big arrow that stuns a target, and slows nearby enemies. Ashe is capable of turning a 5v5 into 4v5 with her ultimate, if the arrow lands where it should, there is an east free kill. She can also assist her allies from a long distance, aslong as she knows how to. I am gonna show you how I play Ashe, my builds are always different from what people would expect.

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Pros / Cons

Lots of CC, single target and AoE
Great farmer
Free clairvoyance
Extremely hard to run from, tons of damage and slow

If you get too powerful, they will stack armor :( (this will ofc allow some of your teammates to shine more)
You need a tank or babysitter with a brain for 100% potential.
dont miss with the arrow!

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Skill explanations

Ashe has a nice set of skills, allowing her to crowd control very well.

Ashe's Passive is NOT entirely useless, a guaranteed first hit crit is never useless.

A single target slow. Great for pursuing enemies, it slows incredibly much, and you can use it all the time. Just remember to turn it off, when attacking minions! :)

Ashe's good old volley. An AoE slow that damages,(not that much in lategame), what more could we possibly want? max it!

An underestimated spell. It is a free clairvoyance, and can counter enemy ganks very well. It also gives you 5 gold, which is a lot too. Imagine if you had a TF on your team!

An awesome spell! This truly is Ashe's trademark. It can pick up kills from recalling champions far, far away, and gives a 3.5 stun if it is fired from a long distance. This allows you to assist your teammates by firing a very damaging stun at unexpecting enemies, and ofcourse your teammates should pick up the kill.

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summoner spells

This is what i prefer:

Flash, a very important spell for positioning, chasing and escaping. This is a must imo.

I prefer ignite cause of the extra damage early game, and late game ofc. Never understimate true damage. This is great to finish off enemies, and can easily give you a kill, even after you're dead.

Theese is also in consideration:

Ghost is a great spell too, however with 2 phantom dancers and your slow, move movement is not really needed. But you can take this one instead of ignite, if you find it more suitable into your playstyle.

This works very will with different tactics. Ask you mates to place a ward in their brush. You can now teleport to that ward, and ensure an easy kill. You might have seen the Pr0s in action during dreamhack, this is an awesome strategy for all stunners/supressors. It will also allow you to farm more.

Theese are the only ones i would reccomend.

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Standard AD carry masteries. This is the most common AD setup

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Runes - why theese?

Simple, Armor penetration is very handy for mostly all AD's, and so is it with Ashe. She ignores almost 25 of the enemy's armor + 6 from her masteries. That is a total of almost 31 armor penetration - most champions has around 30, so your attacks meets no resistance.

I choose MP5 runes because she needs to have her spells ready AT ANY COST, in early game she is too easy to counter, if she does not have the ability to slow down pursuers.
this also gives you better opportunities to LH, as you volley should be able to clear out a few.

If you decide NOT to take MP5, please note that a situation where a volley is needed occurs, but you do not have the mana, you are gonna rage so much.

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I usually start of with boots and 2 health pots. This allows me to get boots quicker - therefore Infinity edge faster. Now you can choose Doran's blade too, but that should only be cause of the damage. If you take this item because you dont wanna be squishy, then you're wrong. This item adds some max hp yea, but that is easily lost when you're harrased. 10 damage is great, 3 lifesteal is nothing, you will not attack all the time, only last hit. Therefore - you dont want to be squishy? Doran's shield, 120 hp, armor and HP regen. But boots and pots is what i prefer.

After boots, rush into infinity edge, followed up by a phantom dancer. This gives you plenty of movement, aspeed and crit. Your damage now is very nice, and people are now starting to feel your wrath. After phantom dancer, take Last whisper, or banshees veil if you feel too squishy. After theese 2 items, should take a bloodthirster. Lifesteal is always good, i actually buy the vampiric scepter after phantom dancer, cause you can easily recover your strength between battles by farming. After Bloodthirster, i reccomend to sell your boots, and bet another phantom dancer. You will still move fast, and you are gonna completely facerool. I will put up a video later, where i show a lategame ashe, with 2 phantom dancers.

THE ORDER OF THE ITEMS DEPENDS ON YOUR GOLD INCOME (no gold at all? go for phantom dancer to farm quicker. Medium gold income? take infinity edge.

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Ashe playstyle

Ashe is not epic early game, she really is not. Ofc she can pull some kills, but not in the same way, as if you were pro with vayne or noctourne. I am not saying that Ashe is bad at all, but if you placed Noctourne and Ashe in front of eachother at lvl 1, and told them to fight, Noctourne would win, no doubt. BUT if you play Ashe right, you might aswell be a threatening factor. Ashe is a nice farmer, and THAT is what you should take advantage off.

I usually go mid with Ashe, as that is the best place to farm, and you are responsible for everything, theres no teammate to **** it up - or save you. Ashe is great for picking down for an example Veigar in lvl 1, simply use your passive (this works in normal game, usually not in high ELO) volley and 1-2 auto attacks. This will lower their hp insanely much, and eventually so much that they will have to go back. However, if they do not go back, you simply volley, auto attack and ignite, might use flash to either chase or escape. I have got FB after 29 secs against a lux not so long time ago, cause she underestimated me. I simply avoided her Light binding, and off she goes. Now ashe should last hit, and last hit, and last hit. Farm, Farm, Farm! Minion kills are VERY, VERY, VERY important, and that is why we level up hawkshot before frost shot. However if there is alot of ganking, and fights in river etc. i recommend to just take frost shot instead. You get additional gold per kill with hawkshot, and you get a clairvoyance, so you can easy conter ganks. Ashe is not a dominatior early or mid game, she is not the one pulling off triple and quadra kills, ofcourse if you get fed like hell, you are gonna pwn. But your task is to farm minions, and set up kills for your teammates. Your teammates are very important for you, if they do not get powerful, but you do, you are gonna be focused down easily, very easily. Later on, you have got tons of minion kills, i dont remember exactly, but 16-18 minion kills is one champion kill. You have got alot of assist, and you might aswell have got some kills. And all of a sudden, when you have finished Phantom Dancer, last whisper and infinity edge, you are gonna be imba. You can stun, and kill squishies, and you can slow and pwn tanks when they try to run from you.

I usually stay mid until i am lvl 11, unless theres a teamfight nearby, and i just farm and farm, and i get tons of gold and experience. This is the safest way to become OP, aiming for kills is risky, and in high elos you aren't gonna get that many, because people know how to play. I usually die 3-4 times in a 5v5, sometimes more, sometimes less, depending of the strength of my opponents. I do not always win as Ashe, my win ratio in normal games 5v5 as ashe is 75%, (i've played exactly 100 normal games with her ;)) and in ranked it is around 80% on my US account, this one is like 60%.

Knowing how to play Ashe is very good, and might come in handy sometime, besides she is very fun to play.

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Don't kill me :(

this is my first build ever, that means it is probably filled with tons of mistakes!
English is not my main language, any spelling mistakes are forgiven ofc.

Have fun! ;)

Before you decide to criticize, please read the whole guide, so you won't end up looking like a douchebag :) And please think of your votes, dont vote up for nothing, and dont vote down for nothing.