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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jinx


Jinx Last updated on October 5, 2010
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My Ashey is a team destroyer she obliterates tanks, any other dps hero 1v1 and cleans up 5v5s and creep waves :D


*Generally I solo mid, but do not mind having a lane partner who is also aggressive, such as Xin. I don't believe Ashe needs mana regen as its never been a problem of mine you just gotta micro and learn how to spend a few normal attack sneak shots through creeps then life steal when you need.

I start with life steal, I harass hard and this is enough with summoner heal to bait and keep mid opponents down. I will AA creeps to get life when safe to do so baring in mind mid opponents have trouble last hitting when their own tower is attacking creeps.

I usually finish malady with boots or get a boot then finish of malady and go back to buy upgraded boots.

Last I sell my boots for another phantom due to the MS and IAS CC :D Sexay

**Note** I never waste lane time unless I have teleport so I can get back to lane, make sure you have spammed your volleys and crystal arrows so when you teleport back your at full mana from fountain.

The next item of sequence is Cloak for critical as part as Edge. At this stage look for teleporting kills and wondering from your lane.

~SUMMONER SPELLS~ I don't need flash *****es, I already got slow... I've been in numerous occasions when chasing and escaping volley saves my *** by slowing opponents letting me escape of catch up them they to single shot them or crystal arrow. Heal allows me to bait people in to me every one see Ashe as a squishy let them come with Malady my attack speed just destroys them. I teleport back to my lane so I miss hardly any exp or lane time, sometimes I teleport to push lanes, help allies of clean up a running opponent. I do find I need Ignite or Exhaust reason being my heal makes up for people attacking me as appose to misses and I've never seen a kill run off on low life
**remember to use volley wherever possible when fighting for an extra double hit**

My rune page I chose armour penetration self explanatory and IAS because when doing the math it's more effective than damage, I get almost another hit in which at base damage is 52... I believe I don't need critical chance my items give me 82% completed build and before this I find I'm shooting fast enough and have phantom and edge mid game if not earlier due to pwnage.

**My build is for aggressive play (From a lot of DotA Traxex), I do not allow myself to be dominated I know who to pick and when and if I can take them at full life. As I've played a lot of Ashey I find this easily to predict. **

I don't believe in volley over frost shot for these reasons. My normal damage is higher than volleys and from what I can get with volley lvl 1 I can get with volley lvl 5 that being a second attack in at attackers. I level one volley sufficient at harassing and dealing great damage by itself. My main killer being about 80% of my kills is normal attack frost shot it really is impossible to escape at higher level. I find a lvl 5 volley does the same as lvl 1 just tad more damage i don't need when I have high base damage and/or chance to crit.