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Ashe Build Guide by Crossfusion

Ashe ~ She's a Carry for a reason.

Ashe ~ She's a Carry for a reason.

Updated on July 4, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Crossfusion Build Guide By Crossfusion 2,660 Views 5 Comments
2,660 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Crossfusion Ashe Build Guide By Crossfusion Updated on July 4, 2011
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A guide for only the true Ashe players.
Granted; this is my first, but I use this build often and it never disappoints.
If you use her right she can be a pain for harassment as the beginning. ;)

I hope you find this as useful as I do.
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The reason for an early B.F. Sword is because the damage bonus you're given is a huge leap from what you were at and will take your opponents by surprise dealing more damage.

Boots of Swiftness are probably your best bet, as it'll give you the most efficient speed to give off another quick arrow. You may get away with Beserker's Grieves, but that's your funeral.

A Phantom Dancer after the Edge will give you the sufficient speed and crit* to efficiently farm minions for that extra money and exp and ward off any close combaters. (Works great against Tryndamere)

Black Cleaver. Well.. What's better than rubbing salt in an open wound? So if it gets to the point where you're owning face grab the good 'ol Black Cleaver. :D

Guardian Angel This would be the most effective armor for a revive just in case you didn't quit kill him the first time, or if you need to get away.

Now these next two items can be inter-changed; depending on your situation.

Frozen Heart - This provides the great defense and ability cooldowns to help out with the kill.

Force of Nature is great when needing some magic resist, as not only does it give great, but it also provides you with health regen which will make you more sustainable in battle.
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Summoner Spells

Flash and Ghost are essential as they are the squishy characters haven, but if you play her right you'd only need Flash, and your second spell could be anything you might think useful.

Options for the #2 spell

Ignite - I never normally choose ignite, because I usually play with a Teemo who's darts are poisoned 24/7 anyway. But this could be useful to stop Gankers from getting away, or the dreaded Undying Rage.

Cleanse - This can be a life saver. Literally. If you're in the heat of a team battle and they focus you and your exhausted/stunned/slowed; Cleanse will be the perfect spell to ensure your safety.

Revive - This spell would only be good if there's a possibility your team may not do that great. Because it kind of sucks when you think you're going to win, but they somehow pull an ace and you're dead for 55 seconds. Yeah not pretty hm?

Heal - Only cool kids use heal. Need I say more? It does exactly what it says... Heal. :D

Clarity - I tend to pick this sometimes when I'm playing as Ashe can be very mana dependent at the beginning. And it also sucks when you're half way through a game and a Malphite is running to base with 100 health and you have no mana for Enchanted Arrow. -_-
Those would be the only "appropriate" 2nd spells to use.
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Just a quickie. Farming can be a pain for Ashe early game as to play her right, she's very mana dependent. if you're against melee you should be fine. Keep them pressed back, but don't push too far. And when you reach level 2 make sure you have frost shot on when you do volley, to slow them down. BUT DON'T FOLLOW UP WITH ANOTHER ATTACK. This is just to scare them.
Now hopefully when you reach your Phantom Dancer you'll be able to effectively use Volley to snare those multiple minion kills. :)
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Team Work

Ashe doesn't have to be an attacker. If a team mate is dying use Enchanted Arrow to snare their pursuers.

But if you feel like taking someone on. Surprise them with a snipe. ;)

Feeling really bold? Wait until they're running until you fire into the darkness.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Crossfusion
Crossfusion Ashe Guide
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Ashe ~ She's a Carry for a reason.

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