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Ashe Build Guide by GraveOfBlood

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GraveOfBlood

Ashe solution to mana problems

GraveOfBlood Last updated on March 13, 2012
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Well I know people normally say that she does not need mana but one of the main reason that I noticed I die from is because that I cannot use any of my moves since of mana shortage. I played different Item and found this built seem to work really well in the end game for one your are tough to kill with the Warmog Armor that gives you a ton of health Points which takes you from squishy to a annoying range character.

The main item that you need from this guide to limit your chances of mana shortage is the Manamune. I am still in shock that I did not see one guide with this item I know the strength might not be as good as some of the other items but this one I like the way it works. This is the reason I decided to make this guide is the face that no one ever placed it on the site. The weapon grants you power and if you use it enough and boost it up you can get one thousand extras mana on your character which is useful.

The other thing that I noticed and this is from the FAQ'S a lot is when you transform your Tear of the goddess to one of the other two does it lose its stacks and the answer is no it does not.

A lot of people does not know why we use Ashe and better yet why we want to go middle. The main reason that Ashe is good as the mid character even high level is cause the damage out put it can have and sometimes will surprise the opponents team in the sense most middle characters are Ability users which makes Ashes Magic Resistance rune that I suggested really useful.

One thing I want to say is that I not always go in this order built wise in game which I know I should make one that its always the same but it is impossible to do it always the same way when it depends a lot on what your enemy will be using. An example can be pretty much if you face something that does not have a lot of life then you may be able to get manamune sooner then the bloodthirster. If your enemy that you face the most during the game has a lot of hp you can go and skip manamune all together until you get both infinite blade and bloodthirster. So really the way you build will depend a lot on what your opponent throws at you and what you are against.

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Pros / Cons

Pros -

1. You can be a really good mid for your team.
2. Mid game you will not be able to run out of mana ever.
3. You fit anywhere in your team if they need you bot you can go bot or top it is the same you can go anywhere with Ashe.
4. Your survivability is better then most ashe builds you will be able to find out there and also you will be giving everyone a run for there money.
5. You team are going to like the kills that you are able to get for them and how well you can carry and for how long you can carry them for.

Cons -

1. People from the opposite side will take you as a newb early game so you will be a prize target.
2. People will think that you are feeding until you start getting you kills at mid game.
3. If you are not skilled as a range character this guide will not work well for you.
4. End game other team will start aiming all they have at you since if they dont they know you will make it rain arrows.
5. Your teamates are going to say you kill steal from them when you are there since your speed and mana is so good that you can spam your Volley the whole game long.

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Quintessences of choice -

Greater Quintessence of Might - This rune is one of the few that people do not wish to get. I know people do not like this one since it takes until level 18 to get the full bonus but in my opinion it is better to wait to be more powerful then being equal the whole game being murdered t the end. Since this work on a long term style the straight one all though you get them from level one you do not get the same amount of bonus then this one in general. So if your games end faster then level 18 the other one is better but yet again this also means you do not need my guide in the first place.

Greater Quintessence of Strength - This is the pure get it fast version the other one listed above. This one is used a bit more then the one I normally use but hell there both good just one is better early game then the other who is double effect late game. I placed this one as a second option for players that want to do damage from the start that think level runes are for newbs or ****py players even do there for the pros. This one is more then usable it is the second top choice for Ashe.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation - Honestly I am placing this rune but I do not agree with my self even do I know people will use it. This rune is really good for ashe but with the Marks that you normally chose which are Greater Mark of Desolation you do not need this. So I only recommend this one if you change the Marks to something different from that. The 3.33 armor pen meaning that you deal 9.99 damage more then your attack damage minus there armor. (Example - Your enemies armor is 100, Your Attack Damage is 140 and armor penetration is at 9.99 - The formula that I am showing you is attack damage = 140 minus enemy armor = 100 plus your armor penetration = 9.99 which means you are going to deal 49.99 damage every shot that you release congratulation you just learn high school level math.) - From now on if you see Pink text its me mocking the school systems.

Greater Quintessences of Malice - This one is really good but its not worth it to take a place as an Quintessences. 1.85% out of 100 and if you take the place of all three of them with this you will only get 5.55%. So yes it does do 5.55% for your critical chance without items or anything which I may see how it can be good but It would be better to go with another one so I suggest if you think its good for Ashe go right ahead it does work really well overall.

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Updates on the Guide

Monday 12/03/2012 - The creation of the guide has begin.
Tuesday 13/03/2012 - The guide has the Pros and Cons Chapter Completed/Runes has been started.