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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lusosou

Ashe, the Cunning Crystal Gatling Gun

Lusosou Last updated on February 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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The idea of this build is to take the glass cannon and turn it into a Crystal Gatling Gun.
By stacking +Attack Speed, +Damage, and +Armor Pen / Remove Armor, Ashe becomes a late-game badass. Frequently I will lead team in assists (as Ashe should) but also in kills due to late-game dominance. (Example: Just finished a game 17-5-12, leading both teams in kills and assists.)

Many guides focus on raising Ashe's survivability, via all sorts of means (Doran's, multiple Bloodthirster's, etc.). If you want someone to survive while banging with the bad guys, play Jax. Embrace the lethal potential of Ashe's bow and build to dominate. And you will.

I am relatively new to all this--this is my first build--so constructive feedback is appreciated. Especially on cleaning up the look / inserting tooltips into the text? Have fun!
(Updated 2/19/11)

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I do not have a great grasp on the rune system, and I'm not sure how to find out ahead of time which runes are primary/secondary. I know there are good guides to help with that though.

Currently, I'm stacking:

Mark: Alacrity for the attack speed.
The idea of this is to be a damage spewing gatling gun. Armor penetration is frequently advocated (especially in opposition to +crit). I don't deny that is good--maybe better? I don't know how the math behind the game works. But I do know that when Ashe is hitting for 290 x 1.89 attack speed...she can clean anyone's clock.

Seal: Furor for the +crit dmg (which, when combined with Lethality mastery and Infinity Edge, you can really put out the DPS late game). The great thing about Ashe is, by the time you attack a champion, you can be guaranteed 100% crit on the first attack. What a way to start, eh?
Madmack wrote a great build thread that argued stacking +crit is unreliable. I agree. I don't depend on any crits for this build. However, stacking +crit dmg is another thing I believe, especially considering Ashe's 1st hit crit guarantee. I know many put this one into mana and mana regen, but I think that is unnecessary. Be wise about when you spend mana, and you'll be fine. I do not find myself oom during games. And if you do...go back to shop then teleport to where you just were. Piece of cake.

Glyph/Quintessence: Celerity (glyph & quintessence) for the cool downs. This allows you to spam volley, but even better, to be able to use Crystal Arrow much more frequently. That is a game changer.

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The idea of this is build is to be a Crystal Gatling Gun. As such, I go 25-1-4.

I put 1 in defense for the heal cooldown.

I put 4 in utility for the teleport cooldown and the +mana regen (health too!)

The rest is in offense. The idea is to be an offensive machine. Safely behind the line of your tank, you fire away. More on that in the Items section...
Some of the highlights are
+Atk Spd
+Crit Dmg
+Magic Pen
+Crit %
Reduce Cooldown Time
Ignore Armor
+5% to all damage

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Skill Sequence

This is really hard to say what to do early.

I always get Volley first, followed by Frost Shot. Everytime.
After that though, it depends on the opponent at mid.

If they're laid back, and/or letting minions do the work, I load up on HawkShot early for the cash bonus. (Even more fun when playing with Twisted Fate...+7 gold per minion!)

If they're overly aggressive, I load up on volley and frostshot evenly.

If they're very good, I tend to go frost shot more and earlier, because that's the get out of jail card. Because Volley applies the Frost Shot's slowing, when they get too close hit them once and run. So if you need some gank protection, go for Frost Shot.

Late game, Frost Shot is incredible. Once Ashe locks onto an opponent (and you have the +dmg for it to matter), there's not many Champions she can't solo. If they get close, keep moving back. If they try to run, just hammer them with frost shot and they die tired. Very very effective. (Getting jumped from behind is another matter though. Crystal Arrow and RUN!)

Oh, and of course you get Crystal Arrow whenever it's available. Duh. That can be used VERY effectively to get kills, help your team get kills, get out of a gank, help team out of a gank, take one enemy out of a fight to focus the other, to catch an over-extended enemy to give your team time to get them... benefits go on and on. CA is probably a bit overpowered, but it's not near as bad as Requiem or Lux's Cyclop's Blast. I hate those two. :)

Lastly, the real key to Ashe is learning to hit Q & W at the right times. Only use Frost Arrows when they are needed (enemy champions). Usually only use Volley if it will hit an enemy champion(s) (and just individually target minions).Learn to do that well, don't waste mana with unnecessary Volleys/Frost Arrows, and you'll be fine on mana, ready to let loose with a crystal arrow when needed!

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Regarding items, I try to start inexpensive and slowly build up. It's frustrating when you don't match the other champions because you're busy saving up! So I try to scale my purchases the following way...

My goal is to stay in the game early so I can get the funds to become a killer mid and late game.

To that end, I first pick up the Vampiric Scepter, and then upgrade it to the Executioner's Calling. This allows me to stay at full health for the early game, plus get a gank or two (with the help of Heal, which allows me to play opossum a bit). This is a relatively cheap item that still has value at the end of the game. Good start and it will keep you at full health early.

Next I pick up the boots into Beserker's Greaves, for the bonus to attack speed.
Many people prefer other boots that give +3 speed. I think that is superfluous with Ashe's slowing Frost Arrows. Use her ability to outrun/rundown enemies, and get the boots for the +atk spd!

Now it's back to grinding it out for 2250 to pick up the Last Whisper, for its damage and armor penetration.

Immediately after this I go for the Sword of the Divine. I vacillate on the order for these two, but Ashe does not hit very hard without that early bonus to damage, so it's better to get the LW then the SotD. At this point, you're starting to rock and roll a bit.

Here's where it starts to get fun. Black Cleaver comes next, for it's +dmg, +atk speed, AND it's debuff of 45 armor!! This and the Last Whisper help a lot in late game enemy killing, including most tanks.

At this point, all the items are synergizing together to provide lots of damage, lots of armor pen/armor debuff, and high attack speed.

Follow this with a BF Sword, followed quickly by the Infinity Edge.

If the game lasts long enough, trade in the Executioner's Calling for a Bloodthirster. ...Usually the game is over by then though!

Now, I see in a lot of Ashe builds people go for +health or +mana regen. I've tried the Chalice or the Philosopher's stone, and i find them lacking. The PS doesn't give as much health as the VScepter does, which is frustrating. The Chalice of Harmony's bonus to mana is certainly helpful, but by being wise with mana usage, I don't need the mana, and earlier the money is best spent elsewhere and using mana wisely.

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Summoner Spells

Heal and Teleport.

Teleport to fly around the map, save someone's butt, get a gank, take down a tower, whatever.

Heal to stay in the fights early, getting a gank or two. Also to help teammates/minions with some free healing. Honestly, late game heals usually won't save you. Ashe is not a tank. If a couple enemies get their hands on you, you can try to run but you're usually dead. Heal is more effective early to stay in the fight.

A bonus to these two is you can put a mastery point into them on the lowest tier. Heal comes around 30 seconds earlier, teleport comes around earlier AND takes less time to cast. Sweet.

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Game Play

Always take mid.
With her HawkShot she can see bushes around her, and if team calls MIA she shouldn't get ganked.

Early Game
Use Volley to knock down creeps and hit enemy champions, and focus on low life minions for the last hit cash.
I like to be a bit aggressive early, keeping the other mid champion pushed back and cautious. Have a friend come by for the gank if possible, or just to scare them. Frostshot will help you team gank early, and at level 6 Crystal Arrow almost guarantees it.
As I get to level 5 I start saving my mana to 150 and trying to *subtly* keep their health to 250/300 level. Once I hit level 6, I take Crystal Arrow and either one-hit kill them with it, or knock them down for 250 and finish them off with arrows (frost) and volley. I can usually get at least one gank at level 6, if not 2 by level 9 just by going 1 on 1 with the other mid. When you do knock the other champ out, you can get the tower pretty quickly.
I wait to head back to store until I have 900 for Executioner's Calling, or later to get boots too. It's not unusual for me to hit 2k early on before I head back and load up.

I try to stay mid as long as I can, getting the XP and cash. The trick is not to die stupidly. Be patient, don't be overly aggressive (a lesson I need to learn). :)
Use teleport to fly around and help defend/attack, but don't get caught alone. Survivability isn't great if you get caught from behind. At this time, pick up a couple ganks, a couple assists, some cash, and don't die. Let the Crystal Arrow fly whenever it's ready, as it will at least hurt/slow enemies, if not deter them completely.
When I'm back buying stuff, I like to shoot Crystal Arrow at enemies at a tower, then teleport to that tower. By the time I have teleported I have all my mana back from standing at the shop, and the arrow hits JUST ahead of me, giving me free shots at them and an occasional easy gank. This can also hold them at a tower to let the tower get some hits in too!

Late Game
Stay with your friends!
Let your tank go up front, maybe another buddy or two looking menacing, then you're right behind them.
Use HawkShot to keep an eye out around you for backdoor ganks, let a Crystal Arrow loose whenever an enemy champion comes close to challenge you guys, then be sure to stick a Frost Arrow on them. The combination of the Crystal Arrow hitting (and your team charging that one guy--hopefully you targeted anyone other than a tank!), the slow from the CA, and then your Frost Arrows hitting, very few get away alive.

The real strength of this build is that Ashe is meant to be a glass cannon, right? Embrace that--don't make her a tank, don't build up her lifesteal too much, just enable her to do what she's meant to do: deal tons of damage from a safe distance. Try to tag enemies with Frost Shot and then lay into them. In team fights, you can tear it up. When the enemy is focusing on Jax or Yi (or hopefully a tank!), you're decimating them with your arrows. Late game I'm hitting for about 250 damage with an attack speed of 1.89. That, combined with the armor debuff & armor penetration, and the slowing power of frost shot, I can solo just about anyone heads-up. It's pretty awesome to catch their tank and slowly but surely drop his health while he's too slowed to catch me or to run away!

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So that's how I've been playing Ashe lately and having great success.

Give this a try, and you'll love how you dominate late game! Let me know how it works for you, and if you have any suggestions to tweak it.

Like I said earlier, I'm relatively new to this game, so there may be some items I haven't used that might help me meet my goals even better. I'd appreciate that feedback as well.

This is my first build guide, so I appreciate the constructive comments. Help on the look of the guide is appreciated as well! :)

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Final Chapter: Responding to Comments

Someone asked why I had 2x Last Whispers, saying they seemed redundant. You are absolutely right. Last Whisper is right below Infinity Edge, and as I went for IE I hit LW. Good catch. I was wondering what you were talking about, lol. It is now edited.