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League of Legends Build Guide Author shadows fiji

Ashe the Perfect Build's

shadows fiji Last updated on December 8, 2010
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Working on this build to make it perfect .... BEst ashe build ever..

Hi all…. Lets get straight to it shall we. People say Ashe is a very bad champion but infact she is a very easy character but she hard to master.

This is my guide(s) for Ashe in three styles of playing. Choose any u like.

Build one: Farmer Ashe
The idea is that you maximize your farming capabilities through your Plentiful Bounty passive, taking advantage of Volley on creep waves while being able to kill people. You dn’t do much slowing so you will still want to lean towards the continuous farming in this build, but hopefully you end leveling quickly due to the creep- and possibly tower- killing.
•Wouldn’t get much kill’s
•Squishy champion
•Gets ganked easily if player not paying attention
Good things :
•Get your items faster than anyone else
•Ashe can help with gank and probably get a kill
•Killing creep gives faster exp
•Destroying tower quicker
•Would be the faster character on the map
•She would carry like crazy after her items
•You should use this build when the opposing team has a lot of ranged caster DPS.
•Ashe would the one of the target in the whole game as she is a squishy champion and mostly she mid alone. So if u are a good player you would also pay attention to the map. Not everytime your friends will say mia mia mia. Coz they sometimes forget or stuff. So pay attention to plan
•Whatever u do never feed the other team especially when they have ap characters.

Build two: Tank Killer
Is when your have a fairly competitive lane opponent(s) who end up harassing your and interrupting your farming. You’ll want to act quick and become active in harassing them back as well as potentially killing them. This build takes advantage of your slow and nute, which easily allows for ganks and escapes.
•Squishy champion
•Would get ganked at early level’s
•Not enough exp coz u would be fighting most of the time
Good things:
•More kills and assist
•Ashe can gank at a low level
•You should use this build when the opposing team has a lot of melee champions and physical DPS.
•Pay attention to the map

Build three: Defender Ashe
This is when u would lane with someone or alone. This build is for a Ashe where she would mostly get more assist rather than kills. As she would have to stick with her teammate three quarter of the game. As she would get ganked easily.
•Squishy Champion
•Would get many kills or any mostly
•Have to share exp with a teammate
Good things:
•Would have someone to protect Ashe from ganks
•Would get many assist
•Would help out in gank a lot
•Use this build when you think they isn't enough tank in your team.
•Pay attention to the map if more mid n top missing back off
•Don’t get greed

Table of Contents:

*Note* - To find specific content, press CTRL+F and type in the name of each section.
Ex: IV - Strategy

I - Background Story

II - Introduction

III - Building Ashe
.....A – Skills
.....B – Summoner Spells
.....C - Item Build
.....D - Talent Tree
.....E - Rune Book

IV - Strategy
.....A - Farming & Early Game
.....B – Carrying
.....C – Hints on to play

V- Last Words

I – Background Story

As a direct descendant of Avarosa, one of the three legendary sisters who each claimed dominion over the scattered tribes dwelling in icy tundra known as Freljord, Ashe mirrors her ancestor’s unparalleled mastery with the bow. Ashe has come to the Institute of War in service to the Institute’s summoners, seeking enough influence and favor to finally bring peace to her realm – a realm that has endured civil strife since the Time of the Three Sisters. With enough victories under her belt, she hopes to have the means to finally claim the throne that had long eluded Avarosa.

Ashe is one of but a few hearty souls from Freljord who can claim the title of Frost Archer. Along with mastery of the bow, Ashe is renowned for her resourcefulness even in the most dire of environments. She has mastered the ability to channel the frigid climate of the tundra into her arrows, slowing her foes with but a single flick of her wrist. She can even deliver a vicious shot from hundreds of yards away that freezes even the strongest of foes in their tracks. As tenacious as she is beautiful, she has earned the respect of ally and foe alike in the Fields of Justice.

II – Introduction

Ashe: The Frost Archer is possibly the most deadly champion in League of Legends. Being capable of multiple tasks, such as stunning, slowing, and hitting like a truck is what truly makes her a murderous cookie. With the ability to fling arrows made of ice, release a volley of arrows among many opponents.
One of the best champions in league of legends. She can stun, farm, assassinate, ranged, slows, carry, quick.

BASE STATS (Level 1)

Health: 438 (+79/lvl)
Mana: 200(+27/lvl)
Attack Damage: 46 (+3/lvl)
Attack Speed: 0.66(+.02/lvl)
Armor: 12(+4/lvl)
Dogde: 0
Range: 600
Movement Speed: 300
Crit chance: 4%( +6/lvl)

III - Building Ashe

A – Skills:

FROST SHOT- This ability toggles on and off by pressing “Q”. When you activate it, your normal attacks will shoot frost arrows which cost mana but slow the target by certain percentage, increasing as you level
The skill up( Capping at 38% slow at level 5). Wise to use on champ only not on creeps as it drains way to much mana

VOLLEY - Volley simply sprays 5 arrows in a cone shape wherever you target it. The range is decently long, and the cooldown is very short at level 5. One very important thing about this spell is that it adds your Frost Shot effect to whichever level it is, so when chasing people it's an easy way to slow them if they get out of your line of sight. Early on in the game when laning, you want to make sure that you hit a champion as well. Keeping your lane opponents low on HP with volley from level 1-5 is a must if you want to kill them (Which is a great idea), because once you hit six your ultimate makes that part easy.

PLENTIFUL BOUNTY - This ability follows the description easy enough. Whenever you last hit a creep, you gain extra gold. The ability caps at 7 extra gold at level 5. Honestly, you want to build into this ability very cautiously. Wait until you see who you're facing in your lane before choosing between the two valid combinations: Volley + Frost Shot, or Volley + Plentiful Bounty. Using your own judgment, if the lane seems like you'll need to play very aggressively, don't get this ability. It is purely a farming passive and if you're too busy harassing your lane opponents, there's simply no point

ENCHANTED CRYSTAL ARROW - Possibly being Ashe's most fun spell, it comes with a few perks. This spell shoots an arrow with infinite range across the entire map until it hits an enemy champion. It avoids creeps and neutrals, so don't worry about it hitting them and ruining your shot. Upon impact it deals AoE damage to nearby champions and stuns the target for an amount of seconds. This spell can be difficult to get used, but is similar to aiming Priestess of the Moon's arrow in DotA, so if you're familiar with that, have fun. Aiming this monster of an arrow requires some logical thinking. Where is your target going to be by the time the arrow hits? Will hitting your target allow for his death? Do you have the mana to follow up with a kill? Think about all of these before shooting. A lot of first-timers underestimate this puppy's speed. The arrow moves very fast, and will probably take some getting-used-to before you can make a proper hit from a long range.

CHARACTER PASSIVE: FOCUS - This is Ashe's default passive ability. You don't have to build into it, you don't have to select it, it's always there. It increases her chance to critically strike when not shooting by 3%/6%/9%/12%/15%/18% for every 3 seconds out of combat. This spell complies with basic strategy. You can pretty much do two things with it; sit idle until a creep is low to increase your chance at getting the last hit with a critical strike, or harass your lane opponent with a higher chance of a critical strike.

B – Summoner Spells

*Ghost- improves your ability to escape and chase and good for the times you know you can tower dive.
*Teleport- Great spell which would help destroy and save your own towers which in the long run has a great deal.
*Exhaust-Great for the tank killer as she would chase down and kill her prey and leave as quick as she can.
*Flash- hell to the yeah … best spell yet.. down dive kill enemy with critical n back off. Great spell to escape ganks.

C - Item Build

For build one start with Regrowth Pendant and you would work towards Philosopher’s Stone. Then get the boots of Swiftness for your fast movement speed with the help of your masteries you should e moving fast and farming more. Then work towards the black Cleaver, followed by a Infinity Edge to give Ashe some damage. Phantom Dance would even more increase Ashe’s speed and finally if the game continues you could buy any other item you need. You should use this build when the opposing team has a lot of ranged caster DPS.

Build one: Farmer Ashe

1. Philosopher’s Stone
2. Boots of Swiftness [1050g]
3. The Black Cleaver [3065g]
4. Infinity Edge [4080g
5. Phantom Dancer [3395g
6. The Bloodthirster [3200g]]
7. Phantom Dancer [3395g]

Build two: Tank Killer

For build two start with Vampiric Scepter and next get Boots of Swiftness as soon as possible. After get a Bf sword followed by a blood thrister as you would need to stay in a lane as much as possible so life steal to get health and not running back and forward to game. If your blood thrister is stacked you would even solo the dragon at lvl 9 alone. It would be safe for you to invest in a Banshee’s Vail but you may also dodge this item if you pay attention to the map. (PLAY IT SMART) then you wouldn’t need the vail. Get a Zeal and work towards the infinity Edge. Later in game upgrade Zeal to Phantom Dancer. You should use this build when the opposing team has a lot of melee champions and physical DPS.

1. Vampiric Scepter
2. Boots of Swiftness [1050g]
3. The Bloodthirster [3200g
4. The Black Cleaver [3065g]
5. Banshee’s Vail
6. Zeal
7. Infinity Edge [4080g]
8. Phantom Dancer [3395g]

Build three: Defender Ashe

For build three start with a Doran’s Blade which would help your life steal and with damage. You may get another Doran’s Blade if your team gets first kill and you help with the gank. Work towards the boots of Swiftness. Get a infinity Edge then work to get a Youmuu’s Ghostblade. If game keep on going get yourself a black cleaver followed by a bloodthrister. Use this build if you think you don't have enough tank in your team so that you can keep your towers from beening destroyed.

1. Doran’s Blade
2. Boots of Swiftness [1050g]
3. Infinity Edge [4080g]
4. Youmuu’s Ghostblade
5. The Black Cleaver [3065g]
6. The Bloodthirster [3200g]]
7. Get any item if you make it this far

D - Talent Tree

Build one: Farmer Ashe
The masteries on this build is strictly on utility so ashe may move fast and get to do more farming which will help her get the items faster than another one else. IF played smart she should have 10k in less than 15mins better if you have a twisted on your team.


Build two: Tank Killer
The masteries on this build is strictly on offensive as she would be a killer not a lover :P. Using this build she should be annoying her enemy's alot but at the same time she should play smart. In the end of the game she should be one of the champions with the most kills on her team.


Build three: Defender Ashe
In this build she should be carrying everyone around because most of your allies would be support or ap champions not tank. sounds stupid rite ashe carrying a ap champion y? Using this build ashe would be able to get her item before time and feed some of her teammates. Keeping fort on ashe the most stupid thing i ever saw? no way its your job to keep the towers save. In the end if your team plays smart most of your towers should stay standing.


E - Rune Book
I got some of the rune which are every much usefull in my build but if you think you have better idea on the rune plz share.

IV - Strategy
Ashe requires some clutch play, critical thinking, rambo maneuvers, and farming all in one to successfully carry a game with her. This next section, labeled strategy, will provide tips in all aspects of the game to help your Ashe performance.

A - Farming & Early Game
Early game is a critical time window for Ashe. Between levels 1-9 you should primarily focus on farming up gold. From levels 1-5, try to harass your lane opponents as often as possible yet not enough to where you get harassed back and possibly have to return to base. You want to try to maximize your experience gain by staying in the lane as long as you can, so reduce the damage you take in any way early on. Remember, you can always ask your teammates to gank your lane. Keeping them moderately around 40-50% would be fine, but much better if you could keep them lower. Once you hit level 6, you're going to kill one. Depending on the lane your facing, this may or may not be an easy task. If you're against two tanks or a healer, don't even worry about harassing; just farm and try to push the lane up a bit. Remember to take advantage of your passive Focus ability. If you're finding it hard to attack the lane creeps, simply save up your critical strike chance and last hit with that. A good way to kill them is to try to bait them into your tower's range. If this happens, you can shoot them with an arrow in tower range so the tower hits them, too. It's not bad to sacrifice some health to draw them into the tower. Simply hit them with your ultimate, volley, and attack. Stay close to them so that when they run you have leeway in getting your attacks off without the chance of them running out of range. Remember you can have some fun with your ultimate, too. Try helping other lanes from a distance while maintaining your farm in your own by shooting your Enchanted Crystal Arrow at them. If you hit, it initiates the possibility of a kill while you're on the other side of the map.

B – Carrying
Woot. Ashe's main role, right here. Being me, I get carried away repeating stuff. But for the sake of my personal tradition, i'll say it again: Ashe is one of the most devastating carry heroes in the League of Legends. Once you get farmed up through your early levels, you want to focus on pushing towers. For Ashe, pushing towers helps in many ways, but the main was in experience for the team to enable greater chances of winning team fights.. And Ashe is good at pushing because she hits so hard. Also, it opens up a larger playing field for ganking and chasing enemy champions. You want to try to gank as much as possible at this point. Work hard on establishing control of the map so that your team can push the base. In team fights, you should try to stick back a bit, placing your team in between you and the enemy, because they will focus fire you. Your judgment is very important in team fights, if things are looking bad and you're probably going to lose the team fight, get out. Ashe dieing opens up the opportunity to push as a team, and this will cause you to lose. Saving yourself in most situations is more important than saving your teammate if it will result in you dieing. When you're inside your opponents' base, always have an escape route. Don't get caught along the walls unless you have flash, etc. Remember to use your Volley behind you when running because (As of patch 0.21.52) it slows what it hits by 50%. Remember not to chase people too far into the depths of their base. Focus on killing the buildings there whenever you can, because killing buildings wins games.

C – Hints on to play
THe most inportant part of this description. Plz play smart whenever you seen more than 2 champions mia on the other team back off. Thing before you charge in to get a kill even if the enemy champion has 100 health. Always have a escape route. Keep always from bush's to avoid gank. Sent your eagle to scout which mostly helps ashe avoid gank a whole lot.

V- Last Words
I would like to thank my friends in helping me with my build. Hours of practise match's. wasting their time inorder to make this build which is one of the best build of ashe. Hope it get good vote's.

AshE the cRitical demoN

BY: Shadows fiji (game tag)