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Ashe General Guide by Tiranss

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tiranss

Ashe the quick crit

Tiranss Last updated on July 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is a build that i have come up with from combining others i have tried over my time with LOL hope you enjoy and try this out.

Any feedback would be brilliant and all questions are welcome.

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9 x Greater mark of desolation = these runes speak for themselves at early/mid game they will give you the advantage in any lane specially in mid

9 x Greater seal of clarity = i have chosen mana regen per level seals to help maintain the ability to spam volley at your enemies to harras and farm

9 x Greater glyph of celerity = the cooldown reduction runes work brilliantly with mana regen runes in combination with volley this gives you brilliant ability to spam and dominate in team fights and also gives you a great cooldown with your ultimate to help team (gives you a 60 sec cooldown at lvl 18 and with blue buff around 48 sec)

3 x Greater quintessence of swiftness = with these runes you can harras alot easier at early game and it allows you to be alot more usefull in chases and be able to escape from hard situations alot easier

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For masteries on this build i have chosen close to standard 9/0/21 build

> Deadliness 3/3 = for the extra crit chance at early game
> Archmage's savvy 1/3 = this is just due to the fact that other masteries would not be benefitial and this does help your ultimate just that tiny little bit instead of doing nothing
> Sorcery 4/4 = standard cooldown reduction for obvious rasons
> Archaic knowledge 1/1 = now this is for your spammable ulti to do that little bit extra and finish enemies off when it counts


> Spatial accuracy 1/1 = This will help your cooldown on teleport so that you can map control easier and be able to split push when needed or get close to your team if they are in trouble
> Good hands 3/3 = Obvious reasons even though with this build you should not be dying at all its still better to be dead for less time if it happens
> Awareness 4/4 = The extra experience helps greatly in any lane
> Expanded mind 1/3 = Increased mana pool is just there since the other skills would not benefit you as much as this one
> Greed 1/1 = Even though it is just a little bit of extra gold it is still usefull at times
> Meditation 3/3 = Having 3 points on this mastery gives you the freedom to spam volley a bit more since with your runes your mana regen will allow you to do so
> Quickness 3/3 = Having the extra move speed together with runes will allow you to harras more effectively and be quicker on the field in general when chasing or escaping
> Blink of an eye 1/1 = This skill is just for the cooldown on flash since it usually is just ready in the knick of time
> Intelligence 3/3 = Yet again the extra cooldowns allow you to spam volley very often if not even every 2/3 seconds at lvl 18 and makes your ultimate quite spammable so its always ready for every team fight at mid/late game
> Presence of the master 1/1 = This is very important for your summoner abilities since flash is always usefull and the lower your cooldown on teleport the better you can farm and control lanes

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> Doran's Blade = this item will give you the survivability and extra damage at start to survive in lane and do your part against the enemy it will also make last hitting easier due to increased damage and even though the lifesteal is small it still helps if your laning against a defensive opponent
> BF sword = once you have this item you become quite the powerhouse since no matter where you lane this should be in your list at around lvl 5 or sooner (dependent on how well you can last hit)
> Berserker's grieves = Boots are essential and i understand that some people would prefer (boots of swiftness) but i dont see any point to this due to runes and masteries being on your side + the increased attack speed from these boots will be vital at this point
> Phantom dancer x 2 = With the extra attack speed and crit chance you can easily farm creeps for quick cash and if the enemy tries to attack you they have no chance due to you having alot of power and nearly always critical hitting and if anything you always have quite high stacked movement speed by now to run away from any encounter
> Infinity edge = At this point you should be upgrading your BF sword to an infinity edge and doing alot of harrasment (if not already carrying your team with either most kills or most assists if not both in the team and barely any deaths or none at all) also due to having nearly 100% critical chance you should be amazing at damage thanks to the 250% critical damage this will give you
> Recurve bow = Since the next item on your list is Madred's bloodrazor this is the essential part of it i always choose others may choose pickaxe but i prefer having 2.1 attack speed since even though your damage might be less than others your attack speed is double theirs or more and you always critical so you will do more damage overall
> Madred's bloodrazor = By now it is close to or is late game and you should see everyone having quite alot of hp but not to worry your already prepared for that with this perfect weapon since this will make all your arrows go though them as if the enemy was made of butter
> The black cleaver = I find this item is more important than any lifesteal item since it gives you yet even more attack speed but most importantly the ability to eat anyone that has armor in just a few shots
> Bloodthirster = Finally for the last item you will be selling your boots and bying this lovely piece of equipment for your own survival and for the amazing damage capability since you will never die with this build you will always have the max minion kills and use full potential of the extra +40 damage and +10% lifesteal

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Skill Sequence

The sequence that i have chosen should be pretty self explanatory since your main point is to max volley for most harrasment and then frost shot for the extra slow for chasing or escaping purposes. putting 1 point into hawk shot is just there for the extra gold at beginning so you can afford this build with ease as long as you can last hit and remembering to take your ultimate every chance you get.

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Summoner Spells

I have personally chosen the following two summoner spells

> Teleport = due to the fact that this will allow you to return to your lanes quickly, be there for team fights when your needed, do sneak ganks by utilising your ultimate and then teleporting whilst it flies across the map and hits its target so your there to destroy them whilst they are stunned
> Flash = this skill is always welcome in any game since it is just the most usefull thing in the whole game (nuff said)

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So as stated at the start i just thought this up and have been using it for a week or two and games that i am in are 90% won and if lost i always end up being positive by quite a few kills. The build itself can be hard to achieve if you cant last hit minions or harrass the enemy enough so that you have the freedom to last hit since i usually have my opponent(s) at half health or less from spamming volley at them non stop. and when an oppertunity comes then your ultimate will always be ready for a strike either a gank or just you knowing you can do it when your ready.

All questions are welcome and any criticism will be taken into account but please before stating that i don't need double phantom dancers or anything like that just try the build out for a couple of games and see how it does its magic

Also any help on how to make this article more functional or anything that i need to add would be greatly appreciated since this is my first build/guide ever made for LoL


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