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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zarise

Ashe - Ultimate Carry

Zarise Last updated on October 24, 2010
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Ashe is a pretty simple champ to play, but is often played wrong anyway. One thing I feel is a waste that I see most ashe builds get is a philosophers stone. I see no need for it and it is a waste of goodd early game dmg. Ashe is very mana hungry early game, but oonly if you spam volley, which there is no reason to. You should only be last hitting minions with your auto attack and using volley early game for large wave situations or on champions. Using your passive crit shot to its full potential is very essential to doing well, especially in early game. If you're mid, which most of the time you should be, your first auto attack should crit for close to 1/2 of most of the carries healths with your volley hitting right after and then an auto attack, either killing them or causing them to recall and miss some early kills. SO yeah take advantage of her passive. The 25 armor pen might seem a little useless towards end game, but it isnt, however it is mostly for early game. With this 25 armor pen early game, you will hit a lot harder than people expect and often get a lot of early kills which will feed you, and cause you to demolish the other team, thus making it very worth it.

Early game:
Ashe is a great mid. You want to make sure you take advantage of her crit shot to get first blood early in the game, but DONT dive for it, play safe and harass and it should be pretty simple unless youre laning against a good heimer. Also, make sure you only last hit mobs as to keep the waves towards the center of the lane or even towards your end so you can harass your opponent and cut them off from XP. I usually force the enemy mid to fall behind in lvl and swap with another player, or rage quit by doing this. You should always do your best to use your crit shot from your passive on the enemy champion. Make sure you're also very conservative with your mana using your volley only on champs and if waves are stacking too much. Otherwise theres no need to use it, so save your mana.
Mid game:
you should be traveling around using your ult to gank, and just start building up your sword of the occult. Make sure you keep watchin for enemies pushing a little too far because with your ult, a volley and one or two shots they should be dead unless they're a tank, just don't go into any fights you might not survive in order to preserve your stacks on sword of the occult.
Late game:
you should be able to just about 3 shot anyone that isnt a tank very easily. Almost all your shots should crit for ridiculous numbers. Also make sure if you're playing against a jax that is giving you trouble that you pick up a sword of the divine for its active in place of the madreds if your enemy team isnt tank heavy or in place of bloodthirster if it is tank heavy. Otherwise just keep playing it safe. Initiate with your ult and you should be able to demolish enemy teams. Youll also be very very quick with your sword of the occult maxed and your phantom dancer and your boots. SO take advantage of this movement speed to quickly finish off escaping opponents.