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Ashe Build Guide by Crazybob

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Crazybob

Ashe (Win Ranked Games)

Crazybob Last updated on July 8, 2011
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Ashe is by far my favorite AD carry champion in League of Legends. Her damage output and her CC can help you carry ranked games far easier than most other champions. In this guide you will learn how to successfully play ashe to help your team carry ranked games.

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Runes with ashe are pretty simple. There are several ways to make use of her runes but i will show you the most effective way to make use of them from early to late game.

*Greater Mark of Desolation* This is mandatory. If you AD carry you better have these marks.
*Greater Seal of Replenishment* I know alot of people will recommend mana reg per level with ashe but this will allow you to spam volley early on more for clearing minion waves and for punishing over extended champions.
*Greater Glyph of Focus* Again people will recommend cooldown per level. But having the shortest cooldown possible on Ashes Enchanted Frost Arrow will grant you more kills and assists early game.
*Greater Quintessence of Desolation* This is very important. The damage output is incredible when you have this kind of armor pen. This is also a must in my guide.

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With Masteries I recommend 22/0/8. Alot of Ashe guides will skip over Archaic Knowledge. The reason I bring this up is because the 15% Magic Pen is very important early game with ashe's Enchanted Frost Arrow. Not only does her ult have an amazing stun but with this extra magic pen it does alot of damage ensuring a kill in lane phase if properly executed.

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Builds vary with how the game is going. But most of the time my build looks like this. It is important for you to get Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer as early as possible in game. If you can get these items before the enemy AD carry that your team is at a huge advantage. Listed above are my "core" items. the last item can be anything you want to help improve your team.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost and Flash always no matter what. The only this I cannot stress enough is that these Spells arent only for easy get aways but also used offensively. If there entire team is running away and you cant catch them, turn your frost arrow on and flash to the closest enemy. Slow him down. Before you know it Their whole team turns around and your team picks up a couple kills. Also use these spells for better positioning. Dont flash when your in trouble... Flash before trouble happens.

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*Early game*
Early game you should either take mid or Bot lane with a support. That support should let you take all of the minion kills in lane. This is because early game you need as many minion kills as possible. I try to stay in lane without recalling until I can purchase a B.F sword. A lot of people buy multiple dorans blades for the lifesteal, extra damage, and extra survivability. In other words they are wasting time. As a carry you shouldnt be in a position where you need that stuff. You need DAMAGE and lots of it as soon as possible. DO NOT buy multible dorans blades because gold is valuable. Make sure you spam volley on over extented champs in lane phase. You can get a few shots on them with auto attks when the back off.
*Mid game*
Depending on how well youve done early game will determine what you mid game. sometimes I will have my Infinity edge and zeal already at the start of mid game. This is amazing damage. Make sure when team fights break out you turn your frost shot on and you SPAM volley as much as you can. You will keep they enemy champs from comming at you and distort them in fights.
*Late game*
Late game is the same as mid game. You need to innitiate a fight with your Enchanted Frost Arrow. If possible its best to target their AD Carry or AP Carry. When one of these Champions are down then you should win these team fights. Just make sure that when you win a teamfight you PUSH. I cannot tell you how many times I see my Teammates recall and it drives me crazy. PUSH PUSH PUSH. You dont want this game going on any longer than it should because your decreasing your chances of victory. Again make sure to spam volley and turn you frost arrow on to distort the enemy champs and increase your chance to survive.

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This is my brief Ashe Guide to win Ranked games. I was in a really low elo because I started playing ranked games before I really should have. And I know that alot of people that are reading this guide is thinking the same thing. If you want to get out of Elo Hell than this is the best way. Im in the process of bringing my elo up and I have brought it up at least 500 in the last week with playing ashe.